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Download ET's own Firefox add-on: TribExt

Do you browse the web on Firefox? Then you can download TribExt, a nifty little add-on, written by ET user someone, to navigate around European Tribune easier. It can also be used on Booman Tribune and Daily Kos.

  • TribExt v0.1 was introduced in March 2007 in the diary Falling into a black hole.
  • Version 0.12 followed in September 2007 with the diary Of version numbering and convergence, which explains which number the version number will converge to.
  • TribExt v0.123 came in a self-titled diary in February 2008.
  • TribExt v0.1234, now Firefox 3 compatible, arrived in July 2008.
  • Later, the compatibility update sub-version TribExt v0.1234 for FF 3.5 was released, and the Translate feature's (Ctrl+Shift+N) keyboard shortcut (used from FF3.5 for 'undo close window') had to be re-assigned.
  • TribExt v0.1234 for FF 3.9, a sub-version extending compatibility to Firefox 3.6 and beta builds above, was released in March 2010.
  • TribExt v0.1234 for FF 6, a sub-version extending compatibility to Firefox 4, 5 and 6, was released in June 2011.
  • TribExt v0.1234 for FF 8, a sub-version extending compatibility to Firefox 7 and 8, was released in September 2011.
  • TribExt v0.1234 for FF 10, a sub-version extending compatibility to Firefox 9 and 10, was released in December 2011.
  • TribExt v0.1234 for FF 16, a sub-version extending compatibility to Firefox 11 to 16, was released in August 2012.

You can download the latest update, Tribext v0.1234 for Firefox 16, below.

For back-up, you can also download the last prior version, v0.1234 for FF 10. (Note that at least one function will not work properly under Firefox 12 or above.)

After downloading, open the file with Firefox. You can do this either (a) from your operating system, by associating the file with Firefox; (b) by starting Firefox, then choosing "File" > "Open File"; or (c) by starting Firefox, and using the Ctrl+O shortcut.

The extension installer window will open automatically. Click install. Note: the install process will close and re-start your browser windows. Also note: some features will work only after you re-start your browser a second time.

From Firefox 43 onwards, only signed extensions are permitted by default. To override this, type "about:config" in the URL space, hit Enter, hit the OK button of the warning message, type "xpinstall.signatures.required" into the search field, and set it to false by double-clicking. Note however that, unfortunately, also from Firefox 43 onwards, Firefox threatened to remove this option with the next release.

Version 0.1234 allows you to

  • easily browse to new comments in a diary, vertically as well as horizontally;
  • use intra-page comment links without reload (no comment-view vs. story-view problem) and with return links*;
  • get all threads with new replies below your comments in a new tab*;
  • quote articles and previous comments with automatic HTML formatting;
  • quote texts into one side of an editable bilingual column, Google translate or translate on your own into the right colunm, then copy it as output with automatic HTML formatting;
  • review your copy history in a sidebar;
  • use an IAE (Idiotic Acronym Expander) just by clicking on an acronym;
  • rate a comment 4 more easily with a new +4 button;
  • dynamic rating: rate comments without page reload;
  • re-map keyboard shortcuts;
  • set preferences.

* Features in italics are new in the latest version.

It's really easy once installed, but if you need detailed user instructions, check the above linked diaries - or ask a question in an Open Thread or the Klatsch section of a Salon.


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