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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What is The European Tribune?
  2. I’m new. Is there a New User Guide?
  3. What's with the Booman Tribune link?
  4. What's a progressive? What if I am not one?
  5. What if I am not European?
  6. How do I post a comment?
  7. Are there any rules of behaviour?
  8. What's a trusted user? How do I become one?
  9. So what about cross-posting diaries from other web sites?
  10. How can I do trackbacks to other sites?


What is The European Tribune?

The European Tribune is an international online community. See a brief description of the goals of the site here.

This is a SCOOP site, and many of the questions are common to all SCOOP sites.

The best known of all SCOOP sites is Daily Kos, the American progressive community site. This site is designed to be familiar to regular visitors to Daily Kos, as it shares many features. The dKos FAQ and Community Guide web pages also provide some useful background information on how SCOOP community sites function.

This is like a blog, but with so much more. The central part is effectively a collective blog: posts by a number of contributors ("front pagers") to which you can provide your comments. But the Scoop software adds some great features:

  • the right hand side of the web site is the community section. That's where you find diaries. All site members can write diaries, and all diaries will appear, in simple chronological order. and all diaries, of course, can be commented upon. So you can contribute to the site in a very direct way, through diaries or comments.

  • the comments of any front page post or any diary can be organised in a number of ways, which allows you to react to specific comments directly and to see the responses to your own comments, and have all such comments displayed in an organised, hierarchical way.

  • all diaries can be recommended and all comments can be rated, which allows the community to self-police and to flag the most interesting or significant input, as explained below.

The diversity of the community – people from different countries, as well as educational, economic and ethnic backgrounds - is reflected in the diary entries. We value this as an opportunity to view issues from various perspectives, thus increasing our own understanding of world events.

Not that we all agree on everything; we have lively comments and debates, carried out with mutual respect, if not mutual agreement.


I’m new. Is there a New User Guide?

Yes, there is a European Tribune New User Guide, which is located here. From time to time, we also have our Welcoming Committees… “Tell us About You” diaries, and “Newbies and Lurkers” threads… where questions are always welcome and community members are always willing to offer help and advice.


What's with the Booman Tribune link?

European Tribune's history is closely linked to the Booman Tribune, which is an American community website where some of the contributors here have also been active. Some stories were shared between the two sites, but they are editorially independent and target different audiences. The European Tribune provides a European view and focuses more on domestic European issues, and it was hoped that the two sites will provide some contrasting and complementary views.


What's a progressive? What if I am not one?

"Progressive" is a political term used loosely to identify activists of the left, favorable to sound and fair economic and social policies, equality of chances, and the defense of personal rights. The European Tribune is broadly progressive, but welcomes all contributors regardless of political self-identification, provided that they be respectful of the mission of this site, provide principled disagreement and don't engage in trollish behavior. (Click to see the Daily Kos definition of a troll, and see the section on trolls in our Ed Team Tasks page.)


What if I am not European?

You are of course welcome here, and may discuss any topic of your choice about any other country or region. we will actually be glad to have you around, with different insights and information that we can all learn from. This is an international site; the initial focus on European issues is linked to the origins and backgrounds of the first contributors to the site, but is certainly not meant to limit the scope of dicussions in any way.


How do I post a comment?

If you want to post comments you have to register with the site. Right now, new users can post comments and write diaries right away. But soon we will apply a 24 hour waiting period for comments (to scare away trolls) and a longer waiting period for writing diaries. See the New User Guide for more details.

To post a comment: find the comment you wish to respond to, then click on "Post a comment" near the bottom of the comment. This will open a new comment box. There will be a default title for your comment. If you don't like it, just erase it and put your own title in there.


Are there any rules of behaviour?

There are no fixed rules of behaviour, other than try to behave in a civil way. You can however read some guidelines, following which could reduce unnecessary conflicts and increase the signal to noise ratio, in the ETiquette and ET Editorial Guidelines. Uncivil behaviour of course includes spamming, trolling, ratings abuse and creating sock-puppets. Read more on what may be done against such persistent misbehaviour in the section on Community policing on the page on Ed Team Tasks.


What should I tell about myself?

As much or as little as you want. But if your birthday is identical to that of ET, you must reveal your age or send a reasonably recent picture.


What's a trusted user? How do I become one?

A Trusted User is a user that has been around long enough and has posted enough comments deemed worthwhile by other members of the community, as determined by the ratings such comments have garnered.

The only difference between a regular user and a Trusted User is that Trusted Users can rate comments "0", and thus make them disappear faster from view (comments become "hidden" if they fall below a certain threshold rating, with a minimum number of ratings). Trusted Users can also see "Hidden Comments".

What this means is that Trusted Users have a special responsibility to the site, by having more power to make some comments disappear from the view of the general viewing public. Such responsibility should not be abused, and it also means that you will be expected to have a look at comments that have become hidden to make sure that this was legitimate (if not, you can rate them up to make them visible again).

The main use of the system is to hide comments from trolls, i.e. needlessly provocative, insulting or personal, and NOT to go into silly ego wars when commenters downrate each other. Remember, ratings should not be used to express disagreement with a comment, but only to flag aggressivity or provocative words.


So what about cross-posting diaries from other web sites?

We don't care if you cross-post, but will appreciate that you mention it (both here and on the other site).


How can I send trackback pings to other sites?

One of the ways of getting European Tribune noticed is to make sure that we use trackbacks to blogs we link to. Scoop, the software that ET runs on, doesn't support this, but you can manually add them using tools like Wizbang Technologies standalone trackback pinger or Adam Kalsey's similar tool.

Unfortunately, Scoop (the software underlying EuroTrib) doesn't support incoming trackbacks.

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