Welcome to European Tribune. It's gone a bit quiet around here these days, but it's still going.


Macros are commands placed between double parentheses:


They can be placed ad lib in diaries and comments.

Macro names and arguments are case-sensitive. Use Preview to check that your macro is correctly typed and is producing what you wanted.



For faulty statistics:


[Bad Statistics Alert!]

To point out the system is broken:


[System.Is.Broken Alert]

Citation needed:


[citation needed]

Macho Alert:

((username macho))

[username's Macho Moment of the Day™ Technology]

Neoconservative thinking ahoy!


[Neocon Moment Alert]

Smells like propaganda:


[Propaganda™ Alert]

For unfortunate instances of Russophobia:


[Russophobia alert!]

For strong Europessimism:


[Europe.Is.Doomed™ Alert]

For "What about... ?" situations:


[Whataboutism Alert]


Media alerts

Murdoch media in general:


[Murdoch Alert]

Conservative views from the British Telegraph:


[Torygraph Alert]

Neoliberal or Atlanticist views from Der Spiegel:



Here comes NYT columnist Thomas Friedman!


[Moustache of Understanding Alert]

France 24 all too often:


FRANCE 24 is SUCH rubbish



Ironic bad:


You say that like it's a bad thing

Accompanies dire predictions of doom:

((username doom))

[username's Crystal Ball of Doom™ Technology]



For Condie Rice-style "unpredictable" events:


Who Could Have Predicted?

For likely official censorship:



Roll eyes


That was obvious!


[No Shit, Sherlock!]

Channeling Capt Renault from "Casablanca":


I'm SHOCKED, I tell you, SHOCKED

For 1789 situations:


When encountering Orwellian language:


Orwell Lives

When calling bullshit:


When CT radio waves come on too strong:


For "Well, duh" situations:


For head-scratching situations:


Occasional Series