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European Dream

by DoDo Thu Dec 15th, 2005 at 10:41:28 AM EST

On Deutsche Telekom-owned Hungarian webzine [origo], currently there is an online poll about where it would be best to live. Right now the figures are:

In Hungary18.9 %
In Europe but elsewhere21.5 %
In North America7.1 %
In Latin America1.5 %
In Africa1.1 %
In Asia0.8 %
In Oceania6.7 %
In Australia9.6 %
It's equally good everywhere1.4 %
It's equally bad everywhere1.8 %
Silly question silly answer29.5 %

OK, this is not a scientific poll. But the website's target readership is just the yuppie, Westernized, cynical-centrist younger or centre-left middle-age sub-population that I would have expected to still more dream of America.

(BTW, I explain in my earlier diary on Bush and Hungary how it came that of main political groups in Hungary, it's the right-wing that is anti-Bush, and here is my intro to Hungarian politics.)


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