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Election lotto: novel idea or perversion of democracy?

by gradinski chai Thu Jun 16th, 2005 at 11:38:25 PM EST

Bulgarians voting in next week's parliamentary elections will have the opportunity to participate in an election lottery. The government sponsored lottery will allow voters who have voted to register for the lottery by internet or by mobile phone. Prizes include mobile phones,  watches, computers, and a Hyundai Matrix.

The government arrived at this plan after early surveys put voter turnout at about 50% for the 25 June vote. The thing is that Bulgarians always say that they will not vote in the elections, and yet they end up voting in very respectable numbers (71% in the 2001 elections).

The Bulgarian Socialist Party and the center-right United Democratic Forces and Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria took the government to court, but the court found that no election laws have been broken.

Apparently no one thought to write a law prohibiting an election lottery...one wonders why.


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