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by GraceReid Tue Jul 12th, 2005 at 04:19:20 PM EST

As a follow-up on yesterday's Blood On The Tracks -- London Bombings”, you might remember that the UK Independent put forth 5 theories as to who might be responsible for the Thursday, July 7th bombings of three underground trains, and one bus in London. Today it is all but confirmed that the bombings were the work of four suicide bombers.  Identification was left near the sites of all four bombs, one body on the bus has been identified as one of the bombers. A car found, houses searched, and suspected bombs exploded.  Who are these people who would do such a thing?  What kind of organized insanity was it that took the lives of between 50 and 80 innocent people?
These things are happening every day, all over the world.  And if this is insanity, the level of organization shows a degree of cold-blooded calculation that we could only call "evil genius."  And to call it genius is just not too smart.

This also happened today:
Suicide Attacker Kills Two at Israel Mall

This also happened today:
Suicide Attacker Kills Two at Israel Mall

Cheboygan Daily Tribune July 12; 20:08 GMT
JERUSALEM - A suicide bomber blew himself up among a group of teens near a shopping mall in the seaside city of Netanya on Tuesday, killing himself and two others in the second such attack since a truce was declared five months ago. ... Suicide bomber kills 3 Israelis in blow to truce Reuters

Daily Star - Lebanon
Bomb Injures Pro-Syrian Lebanese Minister

Suicide Bombers are not new.  Terrorism is not new.  Kamikaze pilots were trained in the psychology of the suicide bomber.  There are probably loads more groups and armies and militias who have been trained for this.  It occurs to me that all revolutionaries are probably trained this way.


The massive disconnect here is that as long as you call terrorists insane, you have objectified them to the extent that you will not be able to figure out what makes them tick, and in not understanding them, or trying, you diminish your chances of protecting yourself, if not preventing another attack.

That leaves us with the problem... what do they want?  What is their political agenda?  This is one of the reasons why Tony Blair cannot afford to look into the July 7 bombings... (yesterday Blair dismissed the suggestion of the Conservatives that an inquiry be started into the bombings as "a ludicrous diversion.")

Far from ludicrous diversion, this is in fact the most important kind of inquiry for our time... if we want to live in peace and to be able to enjoy the freedoms of the free world.  Because the reasons for the terrorist bombings are in retaliation for an illegal war in Iraq, and a conceptual, if not actual war on Islam.  There... I said it.  And I'll say it plain.


Terrorism is terrorizing or being terrorized, a mode of governing, or of opposing government by intimidation. The term should be used to describe individuals, groups, and governments, which are involved in terrorizing the civilian populations. Corporate media journalists use the term routinely to describe individuals and groups but never use to describe the governments which target the civilian population by killing them, destroying their homes and fields, or by subjecting them to collective punishment. For a balanced approach, both terms of terrorism and state terrorism should be used. (Source: Conflict Terminology, by Dr. Hassan El-Najjar)

War is terrorism.  War is insanity.. War is the last resort when all other courses towards living in harmony have broken down.  What we know about the build-up to war in Iraq is that the planning stages may have gone as far back as 1997.  War with Iraq was inevitable, and no matter what this administration has said through its official spokespersons, and no matter what the President said to Congress, to the UN, and to the public, it's all been a pack of lies.

George Bush is an insane serial killer.  He is the arch terrorist and Tony Blair is one too.  Wanna talk about war crimes?  Gonzales, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Wolfowitz, Bush, Abizaid, Miller, Sanchez.... (fill in the blanks)  Wanna talk about war crimes?  Go to photos of Guantanmo when it was Camp X-Ray.  Wanna talk inciting the people to violence.  Go to Qu'ran desecration.


How about we stop the insanity.  How about we hold criminals accountable.  That means GW Bush and his whole crime family administration.  That means terrorists, that means all of them.  If terrorists are conceived of as the insane other, then there will be no end. If the war criminals who are driving the US & UK policy of perpetual war in the Middle East are not brought to justice, it is because insanity that is organized to that degree of sophistication, with that much built-in profit incentives cannot be stopped because the people, in their confusion, have been taken over by fear, terror, and newspeak.

The war in Iraq is illegal.  The cost in lives is too high to count.  Bombing busses and trains in London is illegal.  The cost in lives is hard to count because they don't have bodies to work with, they have bits of bodies that must be matched through DNA analysis.  That means families are showing up at hospital morgues, police stations and "hospitality centers" with hairbrushes and other personal effects to aid in DNA analysis.

War is insane, a group or mob insanity.  Last night Big Brother was again speaking to young soldiers.  It's something he's good at.  Stay tuned for the draft.  Stay tuned for Iran.  Stay tuned for the punchline.  GWB will attempt to convince the American people, that unless they "stay the course" they will go bankrupt.  War is Big Business and that's the Bottom Line from Big Brother.


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