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Racial Profiling -- Your Patriotic Duty

by suskind Wed Jul 27th, 2005 at 06:40:34 AM EST

Help the Metropolitan Police Force of the UK to locate terrorist bombers.  First:  Look for the Asians.  If they are wearing clothes that you think are inappropriate to the weather, that's a clue.  If they do not stop when chased by men with guns drawn... that's probably them.

Now... who is an Asian?  An Asian is anyone who comes from Asia, which includes China, India, Pakistan, Southeast Asia, Japan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and BRAZIL.  If you look at the map above, you will see the areas in magenta... these are the hot countries from which come the Asian terrorist bombers.

From Wikipedia, just in case you might be confused:

The term Asian can refer to something or someone from Asia Asia is the central and eastern part of the continent of Eurasia, defined by subtracting the European peninsula from Eurasia. Geologically and geographically, however, Asia is not considered a continent or a subcontinent.The exact boundaries are vaguely defined, especially between Asia and Europe:. Its precise use varies depending on who is using it.

In the United Kingdom the term "Asian", though it can be used to refer to the continent of Asia as a whole, is more usually associated specifically with people and cultures whose origin lies in South Asia South Asia is a subregion of Asia, usually taken as comprising the modern countries of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. These countries are all members of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC). Some or all of Afghanistan is sometimes considered part of South Asia., which includes modern-day India The Republic of India is a country in South Asia which comprises most of the Indian subcontinent.  

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan, or Islami Jamhooriya-e-Pakistan, in Urdu, or Pakistan, is a country located in South Asia and the Greater Middle East. The country borders India, Iran, Afghanistan, the China and the Arabian Sea. With just over 160 million inhabitants, it is the sixth most populous country in the world, the second most populous Muslim majority nation.

(see British Asian The term British Asian is used to denote a person of South Asian ancestry or origin, who was born in or is an immigrant to the United Kingdom.

In British English the word "Asian" usually refers to those of South Asian ancestry; those of East Asian origin such as Chinese or Japanese are usually not included in the term; this is reflected in the "ethnic group" section of UK census forms and other government paperwork, which treat "Asian" and "Chinese" as separate.Some Britons do not take care to distinguish between "South Asia" and "India", while others make a clear distinction between the various countries that form the region.

In the United States and Australasia "Asian" has been considered a more politically correct.term for "Oriental The term the Orient literally refers simply to the rising of the sun, being derived from the Latin word oriens. It is used to mean "the East". Similar terms are the French-derived "Levant" and "Anatolia" from the Greek anatole, which previously referred to people from China Japan and Korea and other East Asian countries. This is partially due to the fact that the term "Orientalism" can also refer to the imitation or depiction of aspects of Eastern cultures in the West by writers, designers and artists. In the former meaning the term is becoming obsolete, increasingly being used only to refer in academia has become associated with the European colonial attitude toward the Ottoman.

In the U.S., the term "Asian" can also be used to describe people from Vietnam.

To avoid the confusion that sometimes occurs, the term "East Asian" is sometimes used to distinguish people from China, Japan, and Korea, while Indians, Pakistanis and Bangaldeshis can be more specifically referred to using "South Asian" (or, more rarely, "Asian Indians" or "East Indians"). It should be noted that both these clarifications are relatively formal, and are used only when it is necessary to make a distinction between the group concerned and other Asian peoples.

The term "West Asian Southwest Asia, or West Asia, is the southwestern part of Asia. The term Western Asia is commonly used in writings about the archaeology and late prehistory of the region.

Geographers that were annoyed with the ambiguity of the term "Middle East" tried to popularize the word "Southwestis used in very rare occasions to refer to people from Iraq. The Republic of Iraq is a Middle Eastern country in southwestern Asia encompassing the ancient region of Mesopotamia at the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and also including the southern Kurdistan. It shares borders with Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to the south, Jordan to the west, Syria toIran and other Middle Eastern nations.

The term "West Asian" is often considered overly formal and may be considered by some to be overly politically correct. Although some Russians hail from the Asian continent, most are genetically closer to Europeans and therefore not usually referred to as "Asian".

Assyrians, Arabs, Persians, Ottomans, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, and many other ethnic and cultural groups are often referred in one category as Asian and this can cause considerable confusion. Some believe that the idea that "Asians" form a coherent cultural group is outmoded and therefore the term should be replaced by use of separate term for each Asian cultural or geographical group. For this reason, some East Asians prefer to be referred to as Orientals rather than being referred to as "Asian"

As you can see from the above map of the world, my spray paint can ran out much too soon, I should have painted the Assyrians, the Persians, and the Arabs.... I think another shade of purple might do.

The point is here that Asians are everywhere and could be anyone.  And don't forget South America when you are looking for potential Asian bombers.  Another point to consider, an Asian is not just a white guy with a suntan.  And don't be fooled by their accents.... Asian terrorist bombers in the UK have ENGLISH accents!!!  Also remember to suspect all illegal aliens, or those whose visas have expired, unless, of course, they are Irish.


Killing of Brazilian Exposes Britain's Longtime Racial Profiling

Commentary, Earl Ofari Hutchinson,

Pacific News Service, Jul 26, 2005

Editor's Note: Stops and searches by British police are disproportionately targeted at blacks and Asians and do not deter terrorism, the writer says.

LOS ANGELES--The slaying of Brazilian legal émigré Jean Charles de Menezes by the London police again cast an ugly glare on racial profiling in Britain -- police procedures that have had nothing to do with stopping terrorism.

During the past decade, London police have stopped, patted down and detained legions of black, Asian, and Muslim doctors, lawyers, athletes, business professionals and even British Home Office officials. According to a voluminous 2003 British Home Office report, "Race and the Criminal Justice System," Blacks and Asians were four times more likely to be stopped than whites. North African and Middle Easterners were seven times more likely to be stopped than whites.

The humiliation of being subjected to unwarranted stops and searches didn't end there. London police have issued scores of what's euphemistically called a "producer." That's a summons that requires the detainee to appear at a police station and produce their driver's license and car registration.

British officials claim that the unwarranted stops and searches are a regrettable but necessary tactic to fight terrorism. That's not true. Three years before the London train station bombings and the killing of Menezes, British police made more than 20,000 stops and searches under authority of the Terrorism Act, according to the 2003 Home Office report. Less than 2 percent of those stopped were arrested.

Even that figure is misleading. Only two of those arrested were charged with involvement with a terrorist group, and their arrest did not result from a street stop and search. By contrast, nearly 15 percent of those stopped as suspects in criminal activities were arrested. In London, nearly 40 percent of those stopped on suspicion either under the Terrorism Act or the Police and Criminal Evidence Act were non-whites.

The issue of racial profiling has long been a sore spot for the black and Asian communities in Britain. It exploded to the surface in 1993 when white hooligans beat Stephen Lawrence, a black London youth, to death. Police came under intense fire for their foot dragging investigation into the beating. It took five years, and a mass protest campaign, before British officials formed a commission to investigate the killing, called the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry. Scores of black and Asian Londoners told harrowing tales of harassment, verbal insults, and even physical assaults by police. In a stark admission, the commission concluded that institutional racism infected all levels of policing in Britain.


Here is the headline from the London Daily Express, July 23, 2005.  In it, I think you will find the expression of a majority of people during the current climate of fear that rules Brittania.

Little matter now that the "terrorist" that they shot dead was a 27 year old Brazilian electrician on his way to work... the point is here to "Shoot All Bombers" even if they are not bombers.... just shoot them, so we can feel safe again.  The mayor of London and Tony Blair explained this shoot to kill policy as a good one, as if the man they killed in the Stockwell Tube Station HAD been carrying explosives, hundreds of lives WOULD HAVE been saved.

Now this morning in Birmingham, England there has been an arrest of four men in connection with the failed bombing attempt on July 21... but guess what?  They did not shoot them, but brought them in for questioning... what a novel idea!!  I wait with with my spray can at the ready to find out what race and nationalitiy these bombing suspects are.... (well, I have to assume they are "Asian")


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