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Schröder improving in polls

by whataboutbob Fri Sep 9th, 2005 at 04:26:10 AM EST

I'm certain we will hear later from Saturday and our German crew about the latest developments in the upcoming German election. But just wanted to post this piece for the BBC WOrld News Online:
Poll suggests Schröder fightback

A survey by Infratest for ARD television showed Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's SPD on 34%, with the CDU and its CSU ally dipping to 41%.
(...)According to the ARD survey, 54% of respondents said they would vote for Mr Schroeder if the vote were just for the main candidate, while only 35% said they preferred Mrs Merkel. (...)Mr Schroeder tried to shore up trade union support for the SPD on Thursday, amid widespread concern about his controversial economic reforms.

Merkel camp jittery as polls shift

few weeks ago, Matthias Wissmann was in a confident mood. As a leading member of Germany's opposition Christian Democratic Party, he was fairly optimistic that the party's leader, Angela Merkel, would be elected chancellor on Sept. 18.

And Wissmann, 56, was pretty sure Merkel would be able to form a coalition government with the pro-business Free Democrats and end the seven-year reign of the Social Democrats and Greens.

But Wissmann, who since 1976 has been repeatedly elected to the Bundestag, or lower house of Parliament, said Thursday that he was taking nothing for granted and admitted that things were becoming "a little difficult."

by Fran on Fri Sep 9th, 2005 at 05:00:44 AM EST
The "What candidate would you choose in case you could elect directly?" question is a tricky one. It has been continually won by Schröder in the last months, but party poll numbers were widely unaffected by that.

But fact is that in the days before last election, Schröder had a much bigger personal lead over Stoiber than now over Merkel. So, these numbers aren't really good ones.

by Saturday (geckes(at)gmx.net) on Fri Sep 9th, 2005 at 07:04:07 PM EST

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