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the glories of le cinema dreck

by messy Sun Mar 5th, 2006 at 12:45:55 PM EST

Yesterday evening, the Razzie awards were announced. They are the anti-Oscars, given to what the people in "The Golden Raspberry award foundation" decides is the worst American film of the year. This time it went to Jenny McCarthy's "Dirty Love" which was lousy but not the worst of the year.

That one in my opinion was "A Sound of Thunder," which is so putrid that the director should be sent to Gitmo.

The worst foreign-language film was Sven Unterwaldt's "Seven Dwarves" which was a big hit in Germany in '04.

Since most of the people here live in Europe, and know losts more about the shit that comes out over there, what's the worst locally produced film of 2005?

IF there's a bomb from the last couple of months, that's okay to mention too.


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