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Recent musings ... How about an " IDICP " ?

by proximity1 Thu Jun 15th, 2006 at 03:11:45 PM EST

 An International Directory of Internet-Based Cooperative Projects --

 Do you know of such a thing existing already?  If so please let us know more below...

 What does the above title indicate to you (as a name)?  Is it descriptive and informative?  If you were to name such a directory, what would you call it?

 Suppose there were a place to look up, find, add--in something like the Wiki format--or, indeed, using the Wiki format--a continuously evolving directory of internet-based cooperative projects of all sorts?-- social, political, "scientific" (though this is already being done in the sciences, hence the interest in developing it for other domains).

 Would you use such a directory to search for or to propose or announce the creation of internet-based cooperative projects? --undertakings which combine the joint efforts of the worldwide community of net users.

One such idea that occurred to me was for a cooperative project which seeks to identify specific problem/problem-source relations--especially in the political or social action "field".

 Choose a problematic social issue (I assume it to be a social issue of some sort)--

    what, specifically, are the various things, people, arrangements which are hindering its resolution?  Can these be identified and named?  If so, could a cooperative effort target them for joint actions seeking to resolve/remove/correct the hindering agent or agencies?

 Is this, in your view, something to which the internet can effectively be used to address?

 Your thoughts are invited....

Thanks for the invitation, but I don't have any. Will have to let this slip into the unconscious to see if my brain can come up with something...

Interesting idea, though.

P.S. Hey, I came up with something... Every piece of cooperative software out there has a home page where they like to list the projects that use it. That would be a way to go about gathering information.

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by Carrie (migeru at eurotrib dot com) on Sun Jun 18th, 2006 at 01:05:09 PM EST

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