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The Value of Alex Jones

by Lasthorseman Sat Nov 17th, 2007 at 10:28:45 PM EST

As American political lines become more absurd daily I thought I would bring up one of the lesser known minority factions of thought here, Alex Jones.
It is a name you will never hear from the mouths of either the abnormally jovial or the gravely serious anchors of American TV.

Running several websites under different names but with common themes featured stories are the ones not seen on CNN.

Now before I hear the hat line consider this.
And this

I have gotten so, so, so tired of TV telling me how Islamofacism affects my life I have shut off the TV.  And about those planes, hey, I am a peasant so I will never ever in my lifetime have any concerns about getting on airplanes.  Truth be told Islam only affects my life through far higher gas prices by destabilisation of the entire middle east.

Alex, while lacking lofty academic debate does offer a viewpoint so far removed from corporate media that embracing even some of it just might enable people to start reading between the lies.  I find it worth a check to ferret out subjects on mainstream media's blacklist!  Now that is value.


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