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Poll of Swiss electorate - 4 months from election

by whataboutbob Sun Jul 1st, 2007 at 04:45:50 AM EST

In fall the Swiss nation-wide parliamentary elections occur, which will decide the composition of the parliament and the 7-headed Bundesrat for the next four years. Today in Swissinfo is an article discussing the results of the recent nationwide poll (carried out by the gfs.bern institute). The article focuses on the gains that the Greens may make, but I think the whole poll results are interesting: Greens confirm steady progress

Four months before Swiss parliamentary elections, support for Green parties has stabilised at over ten per cent - well ahead of their previous score.

This is in contrast to leftwing and rightwing parties, which continue to lose votes, signalling the end to the polarisation that has marked the Swiss political landscape since 1995.

Latest major party poll results below:

The quote continues...

There has not been a marked change in the concerns of the Swiss since the last gfs poll - with integration of foreigners and the environment still uppermost in people's minds. Social questions, such as pensions, unemployment and health, are no longer major worries, according to the survey.

But taxation remains an important issue for voters. The poll found that 73 per cent of people agreed with the recent Swiss Federal Court ruling that canton Obwalden's degressive tax system, aimed at attracting wealthy residents, was unconstitutional.

Here's the results of the poll, with the trend showing a movement to the middle, except for growth in the Greens (which ultimately helps the SP):

Main findings of the poll - current poll results vs (results in 2003):

 Swiss People's Party (far right wing): 25.1% (26.7% in 2003)

 Social Democratic Party (Left): 22.1% (23.3%)

 Radical Party (Right Pro-Business): 17% (17.3%)

 Christian Democratic Party (Center/Center-Right): 15% (14.4%)

 The Green Party (Left): 10.9% (7.4%)

 Expected turnout: 47%

One interesting stat of note: 47% turnout. So, if one of these parties figures out how to encourage a better turnout of their base, then these numbers could change. I see the Center/Right CVP trying to do just this.

And right now the far right SVP is pushing out a lot of negative emotional media messages about the evil auslanders, and blaming this on the Left. Will the Left get off their duffs and defend themselves, or more importantly, try to get more Socialists to vote? stay tuned...

An early perspective is really helpful for me to learn something and start "connecting the dots":  Thank you.

I note the disappointing part that the left parties make only about 33%, while the right wing parties make up almost 60% of the total.  Are any left groups organized enough to wake people up?

Our knowledge has surpassed our wisdom. -Charu Saxena.

by metavision on Sat Jun 30th, 2007 at 11:14:17 AM EST

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