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Wind power

by Jerome a Paris Thu Nov 1st, 2012 at 03:49:30 PM EST

Below the fold is a (hopefully) complete list of ET diaries and stories related to wind power. Unless otherwise noted, the author is me (Jerome a Paris).

Full disclosure: I advise wind developers on their financing needs.

See also my series on Russian Gas

Don Quixote meets Wall Street - financing wind farms

Energy - some good news (for once)
The future of power generation
Wind power: birds, landscapes and availability (I)
My detailed dissection of Robert F. Kennedy Jr 's misguided Op-Ed on Nantucket Wind in the NYT
Something to take your mind off indictments: Windfarm blogging
Wind power now CHEAPER for US retail consumers
USA to become world leader in wind power in 2005

2005 was a great year for wind power worldwide
the real cost of electricity
Alternative energies: wind power
wind power: debunking the critics
Wind farm kills eagles in 'large numbers'
Wind power: Swedes just can't get enough of it. by someone
Energy from Wind: A Discussion of the EROI Research by Cutler Cleveland at the Oil Drum
My job
Blowin' in the Wind -- NY Times on wind power by a siegel

No technical limitation to wind power penetration
Blowin' in the Wind -- Ohio's big time energy opportunity? by a siegel
Windpower: some lessons from 2006
5MW with location picture (by PeWi)
Links on micro wind by sarahLee
Solar Photovoltaic vs Wind (by Laurent Guerby)
Blowing in the Mountains by a siegel
50% of electricity from the wind by 2025 ... A Danish Roadmap by a siegel
NIMBYism: a global obstacle to a renewable energy future by a siegel
GE CEO: nuclear uncompetitive against wind without subsidies
Offshore wind blogging

2007: record year for US wind industry
Why wind needs feed-in tariffs (and why it is not the enemy of nuclear)
Fierce pride - yes it works!
Houston, we have a solution
Gore sets goal of 100% carbon-free electricity by 2020 (how it can be done)
Let's do wind (re Pure Power by EWEA)
Making the case for wind, again (wind is Serious enough)
How to keep on financing wind farms when banks have no money left.

Advice to Pres. Obama: go for wind power, seriously (part of an Advice series on the Oil Drum)
Windpower set to decline under Obama?
Novel Offshore Deep Water Platforms by nb41
The unexpected weight of hope
NYT repeats coal talking points, try to sabotage Obama's green energy plans (on DailyKos)
E-126 (comment thread with pictures)
The cost of wind, the price of wind, the value of wind
'Real people' built it. I financed it
3 for 3 (extended version on the Oil Drum)
WindPowered Occupation by In Wales
A Big New Green Energy Act Payoff in Ontario by nb41
Wind powered factories: history (and future) of industrial windmills by Kris De Decker over at the Oil Drum
The stimulus and green jobs
Saving the world, one windfarm at a time
Re the EU Public Consultation on gas
Wind Turbines Kill Babies by crankykarsten

Offshore wind to take off!
Let's blame wind for energy disruptions!
European offshore wind industry taking off
There is (offshore wind powered) light at the end of the tunnel!
The stimulus saved the US wind industry in 2009
Energy policy for slow learners by Frank Schnittger
Another record year for the European wind industry by DoDo
Energy realism: ExxonMobil and wind
Quo vadis, German energy policy? by DoDo
Load-following and intermittency by DoDo
More wind double standards (comment about stimulus money going to imports)
New US Wind Energy Potential Update by nb41
Offshore wind farm construction - more pictures
Rhode Island PPA rejected (news discussion, 1 April 2010)
European energy policy debates
Spain: War of the Renewables by ManfromMiddletown
Wind's latest problem: it ... makes power too cheap
Some Fossil Fuel Subsidies in the Electricity Biz by nb41
Where will the "green scissors" cut? by ManfromMiddletown (re Spanish budgetary cuts)
What's cooler than an iPad? An iPad with a windmill pic on it!
A billion barrels of "oil" found offshore Europe
Now he tells us: Bush hates oil, loves wind power
Le Moulin d'Yvon by afew
Here Comes the Sun? Solar Bubbles and Sustainable FITs in Spain by ManfromMiddletown
Discussion of solar feed-in tariffs in Italy, Spain & Germany (Open Thread, 29 June 2010)
Offshore wind news becoming repetitive and boring
Wind power faulted for low prices! by DoDo
Load-following and intermittency: France by DoDo
Photoblog: Another offshore wind farm under construction
With solar against coal! by DoDo
The 3-part view of power generation by DoDo (also on The Oil Drum)
Wind Lowers Prices: New Scientist by afew
The real cost of wind - full scale evacuation plans!
The Fightback against Cutting Electric Prices with Wind Power by BruceMcF
Nebraska Official Winds Race for Stupidist on 8-11-2010 by nb41
Oh - Uh - Now offshore wind warms destroy seals!!
60% electricity from renewables? Yes we can!" by Luis de Sousa
Largest offshore wind farm stuns media
Discussion on Gaia home turbine (comment thread)
lessons from the early years of offshore wind in Europe
Marcellus Gas Pipe Dreams or Wind Turbines? by nb41
4 for 4 (and extended version on DailyKos)

Offshore wind grows
ExxonMobil says wind is cheapest form of electricity generation
More support for the merit order effect
Policy fallout: nuclear shutdowns in Germany by DoDo
A new dash for gas? Really?
New Record for German Renewable Energy in 2010 (comment linking to Paul Gipe's article and statistics)
Financing European energy infrastructure
V-164 announcement (comment thread)
Supergrid news
Wimpy Europeans and shale gas
Merkel's nuclear exit by DoDo
Germany pushing forward smart energy policy
French technocracy sez: evil wind
"the real costs of 'zero nuclear'" (comment thread)
UK bosses blackmail government against renewables policy
How to make informed energy policy decisions?
Ireland to become lead wind energy exporting country? by Frank Schnittger
Offshore wind news
Solar Power - One Year On by Luis de Sousa
Installing turbines at sea (comment thread following BBC video)
Erection of XEMC turbine (comment thread with pics)
Solar vs Solar by DoDo
Shrouded turbines (comment thread)
Chinese offshore wind data (comment thread)
Why wind power is cutting costs
discussion on industry leaders (comment thread)
Impressions from a trip to Aberdeen by Luis de Sousa
Floating Offshore/ EWEA Offshore 2011 by Crazy Horse

discussion of French nuclear policy (comment thread)
Why Feedin Tariffs are the wrong subsidy. by Thomas
Solar energy - a (German) success story
2011 Offshore wind statistics
US and German 2011 wind statistics (comment thread)
World 2011 wind statistics (comment thread)
solar in the UK (comment thread)
links to data on hourly wind production (comment thread)
German tariff cuts (comment thread)
Hidden cost of nukes: intermittency
Fusion and Solar; Society and Investment by Metatone
Mocking Donald Trump in Scotland by nb41
Bundesrat saves PV (and loses Rttgen) by DoDo
Nukes as renewable energy?
Hack job on Wind power (comment by DoDo on the le Pair/Udo/de Groot 'study' on wind power)
Japan's new Feed-in Tariff by Zwackus
Wind and solar bring power prices down
Is nuclear energy more expensive than offshore wind?
Big Fast Wind Projects - Get 'em While You Can... by nb41
The Economist's sad hack job about German energy policy
Enron's disciples in Germany? by DoDo
Offshore wind photoblogging - installation vessel edition
Atlantic Array Windfarm by In Wales
climate change and the energy system (comment thread)
Feed-in Tariffs Do More for Wind at Less Cost to Ratepayers than RPS, Says German Agency (comment thread)
Calculating the true cost of electricity (comment thread)
discussion of solar concentrated power (comment thread)
Husum (comment by Crazy Horse)
Wind news
UK Wind Power "Debate": Latest by afew and DoDo
Wind Costs More? Think Again by afew
wind farm noise (comment thread)
Shameless Self-promotion

Maybrit Illner (thread on TV show about Energiewende)
The new economics of the power sector
Wake effects (comment thread)
Carbon markets don't work by DoDo
Wind farms put on heightened alert after Boston bombings
Germany hits 50% from wind & solar (comment thread)
discussion on capacity factors for offshore (comment thread)
No Deserted for Europe by DoDo
Tour of the German offshore wind sector
Retiring NE's Coal and Oil Electric Plants by gmoke
More offshore wind construction pictures
German Electricity Prices by Bjinse
EEG questioned by EU (comment thread)


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