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Stolen Kosovo

by vbo Sun Aug 17th, 2008 at 07:23:24 AM EST

Here you can see Czech documentary "Stolen Kosovo", which has been censored in Czech Republic after Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg recognized unilaterally declared independence of Serbian Kosovo and Metohija province by the Pristina separatists, is now also available with English captioning on: http://ca.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=Faktastick I was in a hurry to post this diary and I did not realize that first link I gave you was one of the site with very strong Serbian national views. I thought it is Czech’s site actually. Anyway I do not endorse all of the views of this site but I will still leave it here for those of you who may be interested to see Serbian affairs through the eyes of Serbian nationalist. "Nationalist" with no bad connotation... http://byzantinesacredart.com/blog/2008/06/stolen_kosovo_english.html

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And yes, now I see that this interesting Serbian nationalist is a woman...
But let's concentrate on the movie.
Author is Vaclav Dvorak.Can anybody tell us more about him?

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by vbo on Sun Aug 17th, 2008 at 09:33:10 AM EST
vbo, I wish you would tell us something about the video and why you think it is important.  Take your time and give reasons to consider your points.   Saying that it is nationalist makes it questionable for some people, even if you think it is in a good way.

Please add more of your thoughts and when you put in a link, just press the space bar after it, so it becomes underlined and lets you go directly to it.

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by metavision on Sun Aug 17th, 2008 at 02:20:10 PM EST
I did not say that video is nationalistic. I was talking about site that I gave you as link.
Author of this movie is Czechoslovakian NOT Serb and movie has been released on Czech TV.
It's a view from THE OTHER SIDE.
Because you ONLY and ALWAYS have seen the view from USA/Albanian side I wanted you to see it now from Serb's side.
And imagine if you ONLY had possibility to see this side and not USA/Albanian side. How your opinion would be formed?
I think that movie is much more REALISTIC then CNN/BBC PROPAGANDA that you have seen for almost 10 years.
Your opinion is already formed but in a light of recent Georgia-Russia-USA situation I was wondering if anything changed there?
My intention was not to comment on the movie but to hear what you people think about it. I only made it as a diary because there was not appropriate topic where to put it.
As for the Serbs (as well as for the West) it's hard to be consistent in this matter. If we don't want Kosovo to be taken from Serbia we should not support Russian clams of Ossetia and Abkhazia. And opposite if West wants Kosovo independence it should give independence to Ossetia and Abkhazia and who knows where next (parts of Ukraine maybe, parts of Spain etc.etc.).Not Serbs or West should have it any other way.
So what do you think NOW?
How many of you have actually seen the Czech's author's movie?
I edited my post and after that links came like this and I couldn't do anything about it even if I tried to space it.
Also I wonder if you have seen this interview of  Noam Chomsky (it's old but still food for thoughts):

Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind...Albert Einstein
by vbo on Sun Aug 17th, 2008 at 07:02:50 PM EST
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And so these puppet states such as Georgia are part of the surrounding of Russia with American military bases and American missile systems such as the one they are going to put up in Poland. They hope the Czech Republic and Kosovo.  

Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind...Albert Einstein
by vbo on Sun Aug 17th, 2008 at 08:13:08 PM EST
Roberts: Yes, I think there is a great danger. I did not say anything about the Republicans, I said the neoconservatives. They controlled the Clinton administration too. That is why you had all those bombings of Serbia.

Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind...Albert Einstein
by vbo on Sun Aug 17th, 2008 at 09:47:21 PM EST
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That's ridiculous. Not to mention that the neocons were split on the Kosovo war - many of them opposed it. That's even more true of the Cheneyite imperialists who mostly opposed it. On the other side, quite a few of the most fervent advocates of Kosovo opposed Iraq.
by MarekNYC on Thu Aug 21st, 2008 at 10:44:32 AM EST
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