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Ukraine-Russia Gas Crisis

by Jerome a Paris Tue Jan 13th, 2009 at 07:34:26 AM EST

A list of stories in the "Ukraine-Russia Gas Crisis" series. This diary is editable only by the Frontpagers, who can add links to new stories as they are written. Comments are enabled, but discussion in this thread is discouraged. Please use the comments mostly for editorial purposes. Out of date or off-topic comments will be toggled and made invisible, so it you want to discuss these threads, please create a diary or use the most recent open thread.

Coverage to 2010
Time for a "Russian energy weapon" scare? (5 January 2010)
Neolibs use Gazprom as tool to break French & German energy companies (26 November 2009)
Some predictions on the forthcoming Russian-Ukrainian gas 'crisis' (11 November 2009)
European gas buyers unwilling to pay for security of supply (25 October 2009)

THE 2009 crisis:
Is Gazprom really expecting Europe to take its side against Ukraine? (13 January 2009)
Gas crisis: Russia caves in as expected (9 January 2009)
On France 24 (7 January 2009)
Is Putin losing control? (7 January 2009)
Russian gas and European energy policy - a reprise (7 January 2009)
FT Op-Ed: The battle of the oligarchs behind the gas dispute (6 January 2009) (Financial Times)
Ukraine-Russia: some background and context. (3 January 2009)

2006-07 coverage
Russian gas and European energy policy (April 2007)
Gazprom as a Predictable Partner. Another Reading of the Russian-Ukrainian and Russian-Belarusian Energy Crises (Russia.NEI.Visions working paper, April 2007) (IFRI)
Liberal markets create an addiction to gas - my article in the FT (1 February 2007) (Financial Times)
The new gas war (30 April 2006)
Blair misses the protectionism meme (26 April 2006)
UK protectionism threatens European gas supplies (19 April 2006)
European energy liberalisation forbids gas deliveries to the UK! (18 April 2006)
The marketistas want to break Gazprom (22 March 2006)

The 2006 crisis
Washington Times quotes European Tribune (9 February 2006)
My Week in the Media (8 January 2006)
Russian-Ukrainian gas deal - what's behind it? (4 January 2006)
Russian gas cuts - why there is no need to worry (2 January 2006)
Ukraine vs Russia: Tales of pipelines and dependence (30 December 2005)
Making sense of the Russian-Ukrainian spat (30 December 2005)

Earlier texts
A pipeline is like a marriage with kids (16 December 2005)
Russia, Ukraine, Oil, US Diplomacy - All in One (21 January 2005)
GAZPROM'S GOT WEST EUROPEANS OVER A BARREL (8 November 2002)(Wall Street Journal)
Fix Gazprom's Fatal Leak (WSJ, 31 May 2002) (item 11 in link)
Some thoughts on Gazprom (30 March 2002)


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