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PSA: Introducing ChangeTracker

by Cat Fri Feb 20th, 2009 at 06:45:53 PM EST

"No Cookie, No Content""Oops""RRA p1-27"

ProPublica.org: ""We're launching ChangeTracker, an experimental new tool that watches pages on whitehouse.gov [1], recovery.gov [2] and financialstability.gov [3] so you don't have to. When the White House adds or deletes anything-- say a blog post, or executive order--ChangeTracker will let you know.

The latest changes are below, or sign up on the right to get alerts sent to you.

Each change links to a page (courtesy of a service called Versionista [4]) that shows the different versions side-by-side. Text highlighted in red means it was removed, green means it was added. If you notice something interesting, let us know [5]. We'll highlight the gems."

"No Cookie, No Content II", 20 Feb 2009, Versionista frame display

Alternatively, anyone can search and consult Federal Register online (public law, EOs, agency rules) and thomas.gov (bills) to compare their contents to propaganda. Or not.

Nice site to have on my favorites list. Lots of goodies and now tracker.

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by Gringo (stargazing camel at aoldotcom) on Fri Feb 20th, 2009 at 11:25:55 PM EST
That's pretty cool.

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by r------ on Sun Feb 22nd, 2009 at 11:39:13 AM EST
No Cookie, No Content II

Persistence. It is a little known fact to casual interboobz users that any time they click on an hyper text mark up language (HTML) object --image or text, visible and invisible, "hidden"-- that creates another page display, their browser, which is an application interface between remote and PC devices, dumps ("vacates" -null-ifies, to be neat) the data value  (e.g. char, int, float) of local, or temporary, of variables employed by the browser to display an IP page compiled during run-time "memory" allocated to it by the user's desktop CPU.

When an interboobz user "calls" (literally, for the interboobz is a phone) a website's URL (phone number and extension(s)), the URL's installed "server-side"  applications initialize ("declare" or name the variable object(s) and a value ≤0) temporary variables that are terms in expressions comprising hard-coded or programmed, server-side routine(s).

IF one or more terms of server-side routine(s) specify a global variable value(s), the URL programmer must install a server-side routine that is "called," or activated, when an interboobz user connects to the URL server at any point of entry. That routine writes a file to the user's PC in order to store data values for future use, irrespective of HTML page display.

'Simple' text file. All programs employ routines to read and write "simple text files." That data may include path histories within URL directories, outside the URL directories, (visit) frequency, dates, etc. That file is called a cookie. The server-side routine retrieves user-specific data by cookie file name. Thus, server-side applications are capable of writing, overwriting or "updating", and retreiveing data stored in cookie file(s) written to space within your browser's disk storage. Needless to say, marketing experts manipulate the data collected by IP address in order to compile statistical regressions on usage and so-called preferences by user-ID characteristics, ergo display redirection on de fly. This URL facility is commonly called "stickiness," "personalized," and "customized" service. Further, US Code does not prohibit trade of such data, raw or finished, to third-parties.

The interboobz user's browser will not save such URL global data, IF the user prohibits the browers/application to do so. Browser permissions to write cookies are global variables defined by settings ("initialized") displayed in a interboobz user's "Preference" dialogue. One must modify the preference file in order either to verify or reject permissions to read/write from one's PC.

What we ought to note from the screen capture above is that (1) WH wants to capture user-specific IP characteristics for direction and database correlation(s); and (2) Versionista does not "cache" WH displays for comparison; the framset construction "calls" current WH HTML display to compare to HTML text, cached.

DISCLOSURE: This correspondent is trained in management of information systems (MIS), c programming, and database design principles but is not employed in such business.

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by Cat on Sun Feb 22nd, 2009 at 04:26:12 PM EST

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