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Hill Of Howth

by Frank Schnittger Fri Mar 6th, 2009 at 06:50:03 AM EST

I.    The placid waters of my sea
      lapping gently on the rocks
      makes me think of you:
      'gently sailing, wind perturbed
      surfing o'er the sea;'
      makes me think of you.

II.  Times and tides and other places
      rocks and 'sides on other seas
      time comes tapping on our faces
      tells us patiently:
      'Frowns and sweats and fearful passes
      will but rock the sea
      you can't touch me
      you can't touch me
      without shaking all that's you
      but peace comes dropping slow to those
      that break their mutiny'.

III.  You who came with city gleam
       eyes with lights and hair that seemed
       untouched by mighty winds that might
       be found in air that might be free;
       see you when the lights go out
       see you sweating by the sea
       see you panting, parting sweat
       seeming going to certain death
       see you when the sea rides you
       brings you up and finds you free.

IV.    Good morning and good-bye said she
        and now that morning's gone and she
        is never far from by my side
        perhaps you see me
        perhaps you see me
        perhaps you see the hill of Howth?
        Then you see me
        and you free me
        by the gulls that top the sea.
        Then perhaps we'll be together
        you'll remember the crested gull
        well here I am with you again!


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