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Frank's Story Index

by Frank Schnittger Tue Nov 20th, 2018 at 07:58:29 PM EST

Sorry, this story index is seriously out of date but I never seem to get the time to bring it back up to date (besides which I have hit the limit of Eurotrib story size and have lost quite a few of the entries). Will have to break it up to separate stories as time permits!

The 585 articles I have posted on the European Tribune since Wed Nov 28th. 2007 are grouped somewhat arbitrarily under the 13 headings below with the latest listed first.

1. Human Rights (38)
2. Health care and Covid-19 (16)
3. Energy, Climate Change, Transport and the Environment (15)
4. Irish Economy (31)
5. Irish Politics (75)
6. Irish European Referenda and Elections (43)
7. Brexit (174)
8. The EU and the Eurozone (50)
9. US Politics (65)
10. Global economics, politics, foreign policy and war. (15)
11. Sport (17)
12. Personal and Artistic Topics (28)
13. The European Tribune, Blogging and the Internet (15)
14. Just having a laugh (5)

Stories are listed only once even though many could have been listed under several headings. For direct access to a story please click on the titles in blue below.

1. Human Rights (38)

Hungary and Poland: Rogue states threatening the EU? Fri Sep 14th, 2018
The aftermath of Pope Francis' visit to Ireland Mon Aug 27th, 2018
Pope Francis' visit to Ireland Fri Aug 17th, 2018
Many battles won but the war continues... Wed Jul 18th, 2018
YES - Prohibition of Abortion repealed in Ireland Sat May 26th, 2018
Support for abortion in Ireland slips Sat Apr 21st, 2018
Novichok: Cui Bono? Fri Mar 16th, 2018
International Women's Day Fri Mar 9th, 2018
Charities sector in Ireland in crisis Thu Jul 7th, 2016
Restorative Justice in Ireland - an effective way of dealing with crime Wed May 4th, 2016
Ireland votes for marriage equality Sat May 23rd, 2015
Gaza Fri Jul 25th, 2014
Judging Gays Thu Jan 16th, 2014
Nelson Mandela RIP Fri Dec 6th, 2013
Ireland passes abortion law with huge majority, Fri Jul 12th, 2013
Catholic Bishops fighting losing battle in Ireland Mon Jun 17th, 2013
Abortion in Ireland Wed Dec 19th, 2012
Would an abortion have saved Savita Halappanavar? Tue Nov 20th, 2012
What right to life? Thu Nov 15th, 2012
Strange Fruit Sat Feb 4th, 2012
Liberalism or anti-Catholic Bigotry? Tue Nov 8th, 2011
Privileged Conversations Mon Jul 25th, 2011
Vatican 'entirely unhelpful' in applying child safety Wed Jul 13th, 2011
Kader Asmal RIP Fri Jun 24th, 2011
The Island Fri May 21st, 2010
It's ok not to report crimes if you're a priest Mon Mar 15th, 2010
Green Isle Hunger Strike resolved (Updated) Thu Mar 4th, 2010
Week 3: Third hunger striker to be deported Wed Mar 3rd, 2010
Protest march in support of Green Isle hunger strikers Mon Mar 1st, 2010
Week 2 of Hunger Strike Wed Feb 24th, 2010
Irish engineer on hunger strike in support of dismissed colleagues Sun Feb 21st, 2010
OQD: No bishop will go to prison... Fri Nov 27th, 2009
Guantánamo inmates resettled in Ireland Mon Nov 2nd, 2009
LTE on institutionalised child abuse in Ireland (Update) Sat May 23rd, 2009
LQD: When marriage between gays was by rite Mon Apr 21st, 2008
The Caging of America Thu Apr 17th, 2008
Should Hard Drugs be decriminalised for all now? Sun Jan 6th, 2008
Religion and Science, God and Society. Fri Jan 4th, 2008

2. Health Care and Covid-19 (16)

The Joys of Spring Mon May 4th, 2020
Comparing different approaches to Covid-19 containment Wed Apr 22nd, 2020
A Disgraceful Slur Thu Apr 16th, 2020
Burying the hatchet Tue Apr 14th, 2020
Crunching the covid-19 numbers Wed Apr 8th, 2020
The chickens come home to roost Fri Apr 3rd, 2020
Bordering on madness Tue Mar 31st, 2020
And now for some good news about the crisis...Mon Mar 30th
LQD: Merkel does Leadership Sun Mar 29th, 2020
Batten down the hatches... Sat Mar 28th, 2020
The Covid-19 Patterns are changing Fri Mar 27th, 2020
Ireland becoming a socialist state? Wed Mar 25th, 2020
The patterns of a pandemic Mon Mar 23rd, 2020
Sectarianism goes viral Thu Mar 19th, 2020
Facing the Surge Wed Mar 18th, 2020
The Corona Crisis gets real Thu Mar 12th, 2020
2. Energy, Climate Change, Transport and the Environment (15)

A Free Public Transport system for Dublin Wed Jan 30th, 2019
Ryanair Reborn? - now with Poll at no extra charge Fri Oct 25th, 2013
The New Silk Road Wed Jul 24th, 2013
LQD: Ireland to become lead wind energy exporting country? Fri Jun 24th, 2011
Global warming, European cooling? [Updated!] Wed Dec 8th, 2010
LQD: Renewable Energy in Ireland Thu Mar 4th, 2010  
LQD: Energy policy for slow learners Wed Feb 3rd, 2010
Popularising Climate Change [Updated] Wed Dec 2nd, 2009
Obama's Coming! Wed Nov 25th, 2009
It's a NO to Copenhagen (Amended) Sun Nov 15th, 2009
Carbon and tax neutrality Sat Nov 14th, 2009
Copenhagen Climate Change Summit and sustainable living Tue Oct 20th, 2009
Climate Change, Energy and Environment in the Lisbon Treaty Wed Sep 30th, 2009
European Tribune Sponsors Wind Turbine [Update with Poll] Tue Nov 11th, 2008
Ryanair warms global argumentation Sat Jul 19th, 2008

3. Irish Economy (31)

Irish economy grew by 26% in 2015? Tue Jul 12th, 2016
Celtic Phoenix or Celtic Tiger revisited? Sat Sep 20th, 2014
Transformation of an economy Fri Dec 27th, 2013
Bailing out the austerity hawks Thu Dec 5th, 2013
Irish Budget abolishes corporate tax avoidance schemes Tue Oct 15th, 2013
Dying for a mistake Wed Aug 14th, 2013
What price, Irish recovery? Fri May 31st, 2013
Ireland restructures Anglo-Irish Debt Thu Feb 7th, 2013
Light at the end of the tunnel? Sat Jul 23rd, 2011
LTE on the economics of complacency published Wed Jun 1st, 2011
Ireland to Borrow from US Fed Instead? Sat Apr 9th, 2011
Corporate Taxation in Ireland Thu Feb 10th, 2011
From Donegal to Default Sun Nov 28th, 2010
Draft LTE: Bailing out Banks against the Constitution? Wed Nov 24th, 2010
Beggars can't be choosers Sat Nov 20th, 2010
Germany running Ireland? Thu Nov 11th, 2010
LQD - Ireland on the verge of Default? Tue May 25th, 2010
Day of reckoning for Ireland Wed Mar 31st, 2010
LQD: Why God made Economists Fri Nov 13th, 2009
LQD: Stiglitz lambastes baNama republic Thu Oct 15th, 2009
"We need a revolution" Mon Oct 12th, 2009
Breaking: Irish Government to overpay banks by €7 Billion Wed Sep 16th, 2009
Banks holding Ireland to Ransom? Mon Sep 7th, 2009
LQD: Support for Lisbon narrows... Thu Sep 3rd, 2009
What price to pay for distressed assets? Wed Aug 26th, 2009
Is Nama Madoff or Obama? [Updated] Tue Jul 7th, 2009
Ireland Implodes Fri Feb 13th, 2009
Ireland's Zombie Economy Wed Jan 14th, 2009
State Capitalism and its consequences Sat Oct 4th, 2008
LQD: Put your money into Irish Banks [Updated] Thu Oct 2nd, 2008
Ireland in free fall: When Recession becomes Depression Tue Jul 15th, 2008

4. Irish Politics (75)

Irish By-Election results Sun Dec 1st, 2019
Irish European and Local Election results Thu May 30th, 2019
Counting In Irish Local and European Elections Sat May 25th, 2019
Countering North-South mistrust in Ireland Wed Mar 13th, 2019
A Tale of many Referendums Sat Sep 30th, 2017
The Third Tribe of Ulster Sat Sep 2nd, 2017
Appointing Judges in Ireland Sun Jul 2nd, 2017
Leo Varadker to become Irish Prime Minister Mon Jun 5th, 2017
Leo Varadkar early favourite to succeed Enda Kenny Fri May 19th, 2017
So what could a United Ireland look like? Fri May 5th, 2017
LTE: Pay and Policing in Ireland Tue Mar 28th, 2017
An Independent Northern Ireland within the EU? Thu Mar 23rd, 2017
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Fri Mar 17th, 2017
Northern Ireland elections results Sat Mar 4th, 2017
Long serving EU Prime Minister to resign Thu Feb 23rd, 2017
Will Northern Ireland elections be non-sectarian? Sun Jan 22nd, 2017
Global tax competition and its reduction Fri Sep 2nd, 2016
Ireland to appeal Apple Ruling Wed Aug 31st, 2016
A Tale of Two States Thu May 26th, 2016
Northern Ireland Assembly Elections Sat May 7th, 2016
New Irish Government formed Fri May 6th, 2016
Edging closer to a new Government in Ireland Wed May 4th, 2016
Ireland to get a Government at last? Wed Apr 27th, 2016
Political Paralysis in Ireland? Fri Mar 11th, 2016
Irish General Election 2016 Wed Dec 30th, 2015
Letter to my local Member of Parliament Tue Jun 17th, 2014
Government attempt to abolish Irish Senate defeated Sun Oct 6th, 2013
Ireland took one for the team? Thu Feb 21st, 2013
Re-thinking Ireland's strategic relationship with Britain Fri Jul 13th, 2012
The Manufacturing of Consent Tue Jun 5th, 2012
Bertie Ahern was lying Fri Mar 23rd, 2012
Counter Reformation? Tue Feb 21st, 2012
Liberalism or anti-Catholic Bigotry? [Updated] Tue Nov 8th, 2011
Irish Presidential Election Result (Updated) Sat Oct 29th, 2011
The protestantisation of Ireland? Fri Oct 21st, 2011
Ireland a Trojan horse for the USA within the EU? Fri Oct 7th, 2011
A record 7 candidates for Irish Presidency Thu Sep 29th, 2011
Presidential candidate condones pederasty? Sun Jul 31st, 2011
Ireland to take on the ECB? Wed Jun 15th, 2011
Death of Garret Fitzgerald Thu May 19th, 2011
In Praise of Politics Tue Mar 8th, 2011
Irish General Election Results (Updated) Mon Feb 28th, 2011
Irish General Election Endgame - who wins? Fri Feb 25th, 2011
An infrastructure of dissent Sat Feb 19th, 2011
Merkel and Barroso promote compliant Irish Government (Updated) Wed Feb 16th, 2011
We aren't where we think we are (revised 6/2/11) Sun Feb 6th, 2011
The Irish General Election (Update 2)Wed Feb 2nd, 2011
Renegotiation or Default Fri Jan 28th, 2011
Cowengate (Update 3) Mon Jan 24th, 2011
A Gay President for Ireland? Mon Jan 10th, 2011
My New Years Wish List for Ireland Fri Dec 31st, 2010
Live Blogging the Irish Budget Tue Dec 7th, 2010
Schlock, Horror: Fine Gael may not lead next Government! Sun Dec 5th, 2010
Ruling Party Melt-down and the End of the EU project in Ireland Fri Dec 3rd, 2010
The Immorality of Ireland Fri Sep 24th, 2010
The Irish Disease Thu Jun 10th, 2010
A Day at the Dail Sun Apr 4th, 2010
Brian Lenihan has cancer Wed Jan 6th, 2010
Corrupting Justice: Ireland's EU Commissioner Tue Nov 17th, 2009
Draft LTE: Community Development by State Dictat Mon Nov 9th, 2009
The Power of Ideology Thu Sep 17th, 2009
LQD: Irish Government to fall over Nama? Thu Sep 3rd, 2009
NI Minister for Culture has no interest in Irish culture, language or sport Fri Jul 10th, 2009
The politics of distraction Thu Apr 30th, 2009
The Scandal of Irish Health Care Wed Feb 25th, 2009
LTE: National Recovery Plan Fri Jan 23rd, 2009
Toxic politics Thu Dec 11th, 2008
A Modest Proposal Fri Nov 14th, 2008
The Chickens come home to roost... Wed Oct 22nd, 2008
New Social Partnership Deal agreed in Ireland Wed Sep 17th, 2008
Ireland is at Peace Thu May 1st, 2008
Bertie Ahern to resign Wed Apr 2nd, 2008
Interview with Dick Roche: Irish Minister for European Affairs Mon Jan 21st, 2008
Meeting with Dick Roche, Minister for European Affairs in the Irish Government Wed Dec 26th, 2007

5. Irish European Referenda and Elections (43)

The balance of anger and fear Thu May 17th, 2012
Irish European stability treaty referendum vote in the balance Fri Apr 20th, 2012
The best laid plans on mice and men... Tue Feb 28th, 2012
Updated: Countdown to Lisbon Referendum Thu Oct 1st, 2009
A masterpiece of propaganda Fri Sep 18th, 2009
Updated: Declan Ganley to return Mon Sep 14th, 2009
Updated: The Consequences of Rejection Fri Aug 21st, 2009
Lisbon will kill babies Tue Jul 14th, 2009
When anti-Lisbon becomes anti-EU Sat Jul 11th, 2009
L2O2: Lisbon 2 set for October 2nd. Thu Jul 9th, 2009
LTE: Together or not on Lisbon? Thu Jul 2nd, 2009
Libertas R.I.P., but who called the tune? Tue Jun 30th, 2009
LTE: Changing hearts and minds Thu Jun 25th, 2009
Ireland European Election results unspun [Updated] Tue Jun 9th, 2009
When not voting doesn't mean NO. Thu Jun 4th, 2009
Sectarianism reigns supreme in Northern Ireland? Thu Jun 4th, 2009
A historic realignment? Sat May 30th, 2009
Data, Data, Data! Sat May 16th, 2009
Roche lambastes Krugman, Klaus and Ganley. Thu May 21st, 2009
Planning an Interview with Dick Roche Thu May 14th, 2009
Interview with Raymond O'Malley, Libertas candidate for the Ireland East Constituency Sat May 9th, 2009
Libertas bubble bursts? Thu Apr 30th, 2009
What difference will the EP Elections make for you? Thu Mar 26th, 2009
Ganley 'puppet of US military' Wed Mar 25th, 2009
Ireland favours Lisbon by 60 to 40% margin now Mon Feb 16th, 2009
My Last Diary on Lisbon Mon Dec 29th, 2008
Where is your outrage? Tue Dec 23rd, 2008
LTE on Lisbon Package published [Update 2] Mon Dec 15th, 2008
Making a new case for Lisbon [Update] Thu Nov 27th, 2008
A Second Lisbon Vote to be announced shortly? Wed Nov 19th, 2008
The unknown unknowns of the Irish Lisbon Referendum [Updated] Wed Sep 17th, 2008
From NO to maybe on Lisbon Thu Aug 28th, 2008
What No really means for Ireland Tue Aug 19th, 2008
President Sarkozy puts his foot in it Mon Jul 21st, 2008
A Tale of two letters Wed Jul 9th, 2008
Just having a bad day Fri Jun 20th, 2008
Why Ireland Voted No. Wed Jun 18th, 2008
Early voting brisk in the Irish Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty Fri Jun 13th, 2008
The Lisbon Treaty Referendum in Ireland Thu Jun 5th, 2008
LTE - The Irish Times - REFERENDUM ON LISBON TREATY Mon Mar 31st, 2008
On Liberty and Libertas - Can I be a "Think Tank" too? Wed Feb 20th, 2008
LQD: Le Pen upsets the Irish apple cart Fri Jan 18th, 2008
Will Ireland Reject the EU Reform Treaty? Tue Dec 18th, 2007

6. Brexit (174)

Thu Feb 27th, 2020
Brexit Day Fri Jan 31st, 2020
UK General Election Results 2019 Fri Dec 13th, 2019
A leader for leavers and remainers? Wed Dec 11th, 2019
MEGA: Make Europe Great Again Sun Dec 8th, 2019
Poll: Is Brexit a good thing? Wed Nov 27th, 2019
Letter to the British people Sat Nov 23rd, 2019
Why the EU and UK will be enemies Wed Nov 20th, 2019
Brexeternity Sun Nov 10th
Boris off to a bad start Thu Nov 7th, 2019
DUP under pressure in Northern Ireland Election Thu Oct 31st, 2019
Turkeys vote for Christmas Wed Oct 30th, 2019
Duplicity Mon Oct 21st, 2019
Ulster says NO! Thu Oct 17th, 2019
Does anyone care? Thu Oct 10th, 2019
The Blame Game Tue Oct 8th, 2019
Scamming the peace Wed Oct 2nd, 2019
Wrightbus goes wrong Thu Sep 26th, 2019
Getting rid of Boris... Tue Sep 24th, 2019
A Democratic Backstop Thu Sep 19th, 2019
The end of the Tories Wed Sep 18th, 2019
Rerversing the dominant submissive British Irish polarity Sun Sep 15th, 2019
Reforming the UK Constitution Fri Sep 13th, 2019
The penny has dropped Thu Sep 12th, 2019
A Glossary of Brexitology Wed Sep 11th, 2019
Boris and Leo press conference Mon Sep 9th, 2019
The Prisoner of No. 10 Thu Sep 5th, 2019
A new majority for what? Wed Sep 4th, 2019
Boris Prorogues Democracy Wed Aug 28th, 2019
Boris's Bluff, Blather and Bluster Mon Aug 26th, 2019
The lesser ego Fri Aug 16th, 2019
Minister for potatoes Tue Aug 13th, 2019
Compromise on the backstop would solve nothing now Thu Aug 8th, 2019
An existential crisis for the EU Tue Aug 6th, 2019
Boris' Brexit Vision Thu Aug 1st, 2019
Finessing the Withdrawal Agreement Sat Jul 20th, 2019
A Cold House Sun Jul 14th, 2019
John Bull in a China Shop Wed Jul 10th, 2019
The Johnson and Hunt show Fri Jul 5th, 2019
The "Intellectual Weakness" of Irish Nationalism Fri Jun 21st, 2019
All over bar the shouting... [Update 3] Thu Jun 13th, 2019
Good Riddance Mon Jun 10th, 2019
Going Dutch? Sat Jun 8th, 2019
Trump's triumphant trolloping tirades Wed Jun 5th, 2019
British European Election results Mon May 27th, 2019
May is not the only Leader who needs to go... Sat May 25th, 2019
Corbyn failing the test? Fri May 17th, 2019
Corbyn's Moment of Truth Sat May 4th, 2019
UK Local Election Results [Update 5] Fri May 3rd, 2019
Brexit Revisited Wed May 1st, 2019
Guilty, as charged Tue Apr 30th, 2019
Spectating on Ireland and other pet hates Fri Apr 26th, 2019
Confirmation Bias?Fri Apr 12th, 2019
Off the reservation Mon Apr 8th, 2019
Reality Bites Fri Apr 5th, 2019
SHOCK HORROR! May to talk to Corbyn Wed Apr 3rd, 2019
Après May Fri Mar 22nd, 2019
The gloves are off Thu Mar 21st, 2019
--- People playing games Fri Mar 15th, 2019
Cox's codpieceSat Mar 9th, 2019
Britain blinks first Wed Feb 27th, 2019
The gang of 11: A new dynamic? Thu Feb 21st, 2019
Brexit is too high a price to pay Tue Feb 19th, 2019
A Special Place in Hell Thu Feb 14th, 2019
Trust Thu Jan 31st, 2019
Democracy and the UK Tue Jan 29th, 2019
A new deal emerges? Fri Jan 25th, 2019
Has the backstop back-fired on Ireland? Fri Jan 18th, 2019
Too little, too late Sat Jan 12th, 2019
A TITANIC success Mon Jan 7th, 2019
The fog of war Sat Dec 15th, 2018
The Primacy of EU Law and its implications Mon Dec 10th, 2018
The UK can unilaterally revoke its A.50 notification Tue Dec 4th, 2018
Back-stabbing the back stop Sun Dec 2nd, 2018
Can the UK reverse the Brexit process? Wed Nov 28th, 2018
Brexit Leadership Mon Nov 26th, 2018
This is what BREXIT IS BREXIT means Sun Nov 25th, 2018
Deal done? Wed Nov 14th, 2018
Glimmers of hope? Fri Nov 2nd, 2018
Brexit in Northern Ireland Thu Oct 25th, 2018
The Good Friday Agreement for slow learners Thu Oct 18th, 2018
The Silly Season Tue Oct 2nd, 2018
Chequers is a red herring Mon Sep 24th, 2018
The Guardian puts the boot in Fri Sep 21st, 2018
Day of reckoning approaches Wed Sep 19th, 2018
Theresa May: Dead Women Walking? Wed Sep 5th, 2018
Can a no deal Brexit be a good thing? Mon Sep 3rd, 2018
May's Summer Summit Diplomacy Aug 23rd, 2018
No deal means no deal Fri Aug 3rd, 2018
Brexit: How not to negotiate a deal Sat Jul 28th, 2018
The UK to remain within a reformed EU? Thu Jul 26th, 2018
Brexit and inequality [Update] Sat Jul 21st, 2018
Europe is not a market, it is the will to live together Wed Jul 18th, 2018
The beginning of the end? Tue Jul 10th, 2018
Politics as a process of persuasion... Thu Jul 5th, 2018
Who gives a damn about Ireland? Thu Jun 21st, 2018
Mogg the Moggie Fri Jun 15th, 2018
Boris the Beast Mon Jun 11th, 2018
A Perfect Storm Sat Jun 2nd, 2018
How to run a referendum Wed May 30th, 2018
Dublin is to Blame] Fri May 18th, 2018
Britain offers to unite Ireland in exchange for Brexit deal Fri Mar 30th, 2018 [April 1st. alert!]
Bonfire of the Vanities Thu Mar 22nd, 2018
BMW = Brexit Made Wonderful Wed Feb 28th, 2018
The Case for Irexit Tue Feb 6th, 2018
The May, The Mop, or The Mogg? Sat Feb 3rd, 2018
The EU as a transformative economic force Tue Jan 30th, 2018
Divide and Conquer? Mon Jan 22nd, 2018
In international trade, there are no best friends Sun Dec 31st, 2017
Those dreary Steeples, again. Fri Dec 22nd, 2017
Admitting a mistake Tue Dec 19th, 2017
The changing balance of power Wed Dec 13th, 2017
Lessons learned from Phase 1 Brexit negotiations Mon Dec 11th, 2017
Media narratives on Brexit (Phase 1) deal Sun Dec 10th, 2017
"Sufficient progress" Fri Dec 8th, 2017
Brexit means not very much at all? Wed Dec 6th, 2017
Anglo-Irish Agreement on Border strangled at birth Mon Dec 4th, 2017
From the Mid-Atlantic to the Irish Sea Sat Dec 2nd, 2017
The crunch risks becoming a crisis... Mon Nov 27th, 2017
Crunch time is coming soon... Sun Nov 19th, 2017
With friends like these... Tue Nov 7th, 2017
The Brexit effect Thu Oct 26th, 2017
How a no deal Brexit could happen Wed Oct 18th, 2017
Jumping off the Brexit Cliff Mon Oct 16th, 2017
LQD: Totes awky momo Thu Oct 12th, 2017
2034 Mon Sep 11th, 2017
Labour grows up? Sun Aug 27th, 2017
Sterling devaluation: Cause and effect Mon Aug 21st, 2017
Now you see it, now you don't Wed Aug 16th, 2017
Brexit balance of power swings from UK to Ireland Wed Aug 9th, 2017
Leo Varadkar Slams UK on Brexit Sat Jul 29th, 2017
Whistling in the wind... Tue Jul 18th, 2017
Some self-reflections on Brexit Thu Jun 22nd, 2017
Brexit Mania Mon Jun 12th, 2017
Farage's farrago of fake facts Fri May 12th, 2017
United EU Negotiating mandate and a United Ireland within EU Sat Apr 29th, 2017
A Historic Re-alignment? Wed Apr 19th, 2017
Brexit by the numbers Wed Apr 12th, 2017
The Brexit negotiating environment Mon Apr 10th, 2017
Theresa May's A50 letter Wed Mar 29th, 2017
The impact of Brexit on the Irish economy Tue Mar 7th, 2017
Lords vote for a "meaningful" vote on the terms of Brexit Thu Mar 9th, 2017
Open Letter to Attorney General and Minister for Foreign Affairs Sat Jan 28th, 2017
Can an Article 50 invocation be revoked? Fri Jan 27th, 2017
The Charge of the Brexit Brigade Wed Jan 25th, 2017
LTE: Irish Confederacy Sat Jan 21st, 2017
A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall Mon Jan 16th, 2017
A Brexit doomsday scenario Tue Jan 3rd, 2017
Is it Worth it? Fri Dec 30th, 2016
The Shafting of the UK Fri Dec 16th, 2016
Brexit: A new political dynamic is unleashed Thu Nov 3rd, 2016
A more nuanced solution to Brexit Thu Oct 27th, 2016
Alan Dukes responds to my LTE Wed Oct 19th, 2016
LTE: Alan Duke's "advice" to Theresa May on Brexit Sun Oct 16th, 2016
Brexit means Breakup Thu Oct 6th, 2016
Brexit and free trade Sat Sep 17th, 2016
Will a Brexit agreement require ratification by 28 Member states? Thu Aug 18th, 2016
Is Brexit without invoking Article 50 possible? Sat Aug 6th, 2016
Ireland's Post Brexit strategy Wed Aug 3rd, 2016
The Brexit Negotiation Process Thu Jul 28th, 2016
Brexit and a United Ireland. Tue Jul 19th, 2016
Tories do ruthless so well...but Boris? Thu Jul 14th, 2016
Chilcot and Brexit Fri Jul 8th, 2016
Corbyn becomes a British and European hero... Tue Jul 5th, 2016
Clear Leadership from the EU Mon Jun 27th, 2016
Reversing Brexit? Sat Jun 25th, 2016
Brexit Open Thread - the count continues... Fri Jun 24th, 2016
The UK and the EU democratic deficit Thu Jun 23rd, 2016
The Killing of Jo Cox Fri Jun 17th, 2016
The consequences of Brexit Tue Jun 14th, 2016
To Brexit or not to Brexit: That is the question Mon Apr 25th, 2016
Brexit: The implications for Ireland Sat Mar 14th, 2015
Setting the stage for British withdrawal Wed Jul 16th, 2014

7. The EU and the Eurozone (50)

Merkel for President? Wed Jun 26th, 2019
Socialists win Spanish General Election [Updated]Mon Apr 29th, 2019
Catalonia? Sat Oct 28th, 2017
A Terrible Beauty is Born in Catalonia Mon Oct 2nd, 2017
The problem of German hegemony Sat May 20th, 2017
Can Merkel and Macron renew the EU? Tue May 16th, 2017
Opinion polling and the French Elections Sat Apr 22nd, 2017
Will European Social Democrats regain some mojo? Mon Feb 6th, 2017
The Confidence Fairy Strikes Again Mon May 9th, 2016
The Greece Blame Game Mon Jul 20th, 2015
Scape goating Greece Mon Jul 13th, 2015
Greek Crisis to Transform EU? Mon Jul 6th, 2015
The case for Austerity Sat Jul 4th, 2015
Greece: The next step; introducing the Euriou Sun Jun 28th, 2015
End game for Greece? Sat Jun 20th, 2015
Beware of Greeks bearing gifts: a study in negotiating styles. Thu Feb 26th, 2015
Time for the ECB Board to be sacked Fri Jan 16th, 2015
Explaining the EU to outsiders Mon Sep 29th, 2014
Why Scotland may now vote YES to independence Thu Sep 11th, 2014
Russia EU Rapprochement: Cui Bono? Thu Aug 7th, 2014
An Irish perspective on Scottish Independence Thu Jul 31st, 2014
Time for Europe to get real Sat Jul 26th, 2014
Juncker: A triumph for European Democracy? Mon Jun 30th, 2014
The EU Stupid Expands Thu Sep 12th, 2013
German Elections Open Thread Thu Aug 15th, 2013
The Politics of Competitive Austerity and Class War Wed Apr 3rd, 2013
Cyprus: A Germanic Morality Tale Wed Mar 20th, 2013
Nobel Peace Prize for the EU Mon Dec 10th, 2012
Message to Europe: Ireland was never bailed out Wed Oct 10th, 2012
A new treaty for the Eurozone? Wed Sep 14th, 2011
How the Euro Crisis was resolved Mon May 30th, 2011
The End of the European Dream Mon May 9th, 2011
France's Dirty Little Secret Fri Mar 25th, 2011
McCreevy joins Ryanair board Fri May 28th, 2010
Progressing Eurozone development Thu Feb 18th, 2010
Will PIIGS Fly? Fri Feb 5th, 2010
Should Ireland leave the Eurozone? Wed Jan 13th, 2010
Does Mary Robinson want to be President of the EU Council? Wed Oct 28th, 2009
Mary Robinson for President of the European Council Thu Oct 22nd, 2009
"Appointing Blair would be a hostile act" - Hague Thu Oct 22nd, 2009
A Sustainable Food Industry for Europe (Now with poll!) Mon Jun 22nd, 2009
Blogging the European Elections and the next Commission Fri Jun 19th, 2009
What can your country do for the EU? Fri Feb 27th, 2009
Why NATO is a thing of the Past Thu Feb 26th, 2009
Happy Birthday Dear Euro [Update] Fri Dec 19th, 2008
Countdown to €/£ parity Fri Dec 12th, 2008
Where is the EU? Wed Oct 8th, 2008
Why Blair might make a good President of the EU Council... Tue Feb 12th, 2008
Our European Identity Fri Dec 14th, 2007
Is there such a thing as a European identity? Tue Dec 11th, 2007

8. US Politics (65)

The Triumph of Trumpism Wed Feb 21st, 2018
Booman should run for Office Wed Aug 9th, 2017
Apartheid USA: Will Trump do a reverse Mandela? Thu Nov 10th, 2016
The new politics, American Style Tue Nov 1st, 2016
Can Trump really win the White House? Wed May 11th, 2016
Obama's Legacy: How will he rate as a President? Thu Apr 21st, 2016
A European perspective on Booman Sat Sep 27th, 2014
The Gender Backed Dollar Tue Jul 30th, 2013
The Trillion $ Coin Sat Jan 12th, 2013
Turning the "Fiscal Cliff" to our advantage Tue Nov 13th, 2012
Democrats have lessons to learn too [Updated] Wed Nov 7th, 2012
SUN Voters to give victory to Obama? Mon Nov 5th, 2012
Nate Silver is wrong on the electoral effect of Sandy Wed Oct 31st, 2012
The Romney Zombie Apocalypse Tue Oct 30th, 2012
The Republican war against women Thu Oct 25th, 2012
A European perpective on the last US presidential debate Tue Oct 23rd
LQD: Poll shows vast majority back Obama Mon Oct 22nd, 2012
October Surprise: War or peace with Iran? Mon Oct 22nd, 2012
My PLAN Thu Oct 4th, 2012
Why President Obama should compete in Arizona Thu Sep 27th, 2012
LLQD: Romney the abortion profiteer and death squad supporter Tue Aug 14th, 2012
Rmoney and Ryawn: Bain & Pain Inc. Mon Aug 13th, 2012
Obama wins GOP Primaries (to date) Thu Feb 9th, 2012
The Political Paradox of US conservatism Tue Jan 3rd, 2012
LQD: Gays blamed for Srebrenica Massacre Fri Mar 19th, 2010
Democrats lost because they aren't liberal enough Thu Jan 21st, 2010
Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize Fri Oct 9th, 2009
A market solution for market failure? Sun Mar 22nd, 2009
Obama Watch Thu Jan 22nd, 2009
"To choose our better history" Wed Jan 21st, 2009
The Messiah? Mon Dec 22nd, 2008
Georgia on my mind...[Updated] Wed Dec 3rd, 2008
Stimulating whose economy? Fri Nov 28th, 2008
Change you can enjoy: Republicans Dogged by Obama Mutt Mon Nov 10th, 2008
Obama as World Leader Fri Nov 7th, 2008
Epilogue: So How did the US Polls do? Thu Nov 6th, 2008
US Election Predictions and Results [Updated] Wed Nov 5th, 2008
LTE - Using polls to further your narrative Sat Oct 25th, 2008
The Blow-out returns, and bigger than ever before Thu Oct 23rd, 2008
The Powell Endorsement Mon Oct 20th, 2008
Obama wins final debate...yawn Thu Oct 16th, 2008
The Blow-out continues... Tue Oct 14th, 2008
Obama wins round 2 Wed Oct 8th, 2008
When the going gets tough.... Tue Oct 7th, 2008
Biden wins VP debate Fri Oct 3rd, 2008
The Blow-out begins? Wed Oct 1st, 2008
Let them eat cake Sat Sep 27th, 2008
Obama wins the first debate [Update] Sat Sep 27th, 2008
The Palineolithic Age or are we to see some real leadership? Thu Sep 18th, 2008
Sarah Palin and the Neo-Con dream Sat Aug 30th, 2008
Anti-Americans should stop masquerading as anti-war [SECOND UPDATE] Tue Aug 19th, 2008
Wikipedia rules the waves or is it a neo-con conspiracy? Thu Aug 14th, 2008
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With many thanks to all those who made it fun by adding their comments to the discussion...I've probably recycled your insights more than I can remember.

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by Frank Schnittger (mail Frankschnittger at hot male dotty communists) on Tue Apr 27th, 2010 at 10:10:14 AM EST
Great job, Frank.
by afew (afew(a in a circle)eurotrib_dot_com) on Tue Apr 27th, 2010 at 11:04:01 AM EST
thanks Frank. If I did it i'd have two topics, Trans and nonsense.

keep to the Fen Causeway
by Helen (lareinagal at yahoo dot co dot uk) on Tue Apr 27th, 2010 at 12:41:17 PM EST
I had to juggle things around a bit and some diaries don't easily fit into any of the categories - and of course a tagging system would allow a diary to appear under more than one heading.  But the purpose is to make it easier to find a diary and link to it and I wanted to keep things simple.  

Going through the list was an interesting retrospective on what themes have developed and how my thoughts and writing style have evolved.  I suspect that if you went through your back-catalogue you would find a few more interesting themes and sub themes and perhaps also a development of your views on certain topics.

You were, of course, always right at the time you stated those views!

Frank's Home Page and Diary Index

by Frank Schnittger (mail Frankschnittger at hot male dotty communists) on Tue Apr 27th, 2010 at 01:20:50 PM EST
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Just make it cis and trans.

The brainless should not be in banking -- Willem Buiter
by Carrie (migeru at eurotrib dot com) on Tue Apr 27th, 2010 at 04:02:26 PM EST
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These feckin' scientists always have a wiseacre comment :-)!

Frank's Home Page and Diary Index
by Frank Schnittger (mail Frankschnittger at hot male dotty communists) on Tue Apr 27th, 2010 at 04:29:02 PM EST
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I once commented to the speaker at a paramedical seminar that TLC, tender loving care, means thin layer chromatography to a biochemist. I suspect he thought just what you wrote above, but didn't say it.

You're clearly a dangerous pinko commie pragmatist.
by Vagulus on Tue Apr 27th, 2010 at 07:29:11 PM EST
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I am reminded of an article by Isaac Asimov which started with a joke on how to spot a[n english-speaking] Chemist. I believe there were three tests of which I remember two. The first one is to read unionize aloud. The Chemist will syllabicize it as un-ion-ize rather than union-ize.

The second test is to define mole which to a Chemist is not a blind furry burrowing animal, but Avogadro's number of particles.

The brainless should not be in banking -- Willem Buiter

by Carrie (migeru at eurotrib dot com) on Wed Apr 28th, 2010 at 04:12:09 AM EST
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You forget some people in the trans community talk about the cisgendered as well, so that was not off-topic.

The brainless should not be in banking -- Willem Buiter
by Carrie (migeru at eurotrib dot com) on Wed Apr 28th, 2010 at 04:13:04 AM EST
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Damn that makes my own Diary writing feel Inadiquate

Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out.
by ceebs (ceebs (at) eurotrib (dot) com) on Tue Apr 27th, 2010 at 03:47:55 PM EST
by Frank Schnittger (mail Frankschnittger at hot male dotty communists) on Tue Apr 27th, 2010 at 04:35:03 PM EST
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you're prolific writer i should say. never suspected you penned so much though almost nothing from my part of the world. it seems you spent awfully long time before your MS Word(?). thanks, i've checked some diaries (like on rugby career) and liked them.
by FarEasterner on Tue Apr 27th, 2010 at 06:56:03 PM EST
A couple of short trips to Malaysia and Thailand don't even constitute that thin layer of knowledge and expertise that it takes to justify me having a rant about something or other far eastern.  However it is an omission I hope to remedy in the next few years...

Frank's Home Page and Diary Index
by Frank Schnittger (mail Frankschnittger at hot male dotty communists) on Tue Apr 27th, 2010 at 07:44:27 PM EST
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You lie, Frank! I find no trace of your home page here, unless the diary index IS your home page. :-)

Nice job, BTW, and a very good idea. I sometimes want to refer to my own diaries and they are often on the second page of diaries. It is awkward.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

by ARGeezer (ARGeezer a in a circle eurotrib daught com) on Tue Apr 27th, 2010 at 07:10:09 PM EST

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