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Aging Nuclear Power: USA and Around the World

by gmoke Thu Jul 21st, 2011 at 11:05:13 PM EST

Ages of US Nuclear Power Plants* at Closure
* Includes only commercial plants of significant size

Plant, Shutdown Date, Age, Reason

Connecticut Yankee, Dec., 1996, 29 yrs, Steam gen. cracking, ECCS undersized

Millstone I (CT), July, 199, 28 yrs, Improper operation, Cost of safety improvements

Maine Yankee, August, 1997, 25 yrs, Steam gen. tube damage, Electrical power cable separation

Yankee Rowe     (MA), October, 1991, 28 yrs, Reactor vessel embrittlement, Steam gen. tube damage

Indian Point I (NY), Oct., 1974, 12 yrs., Lack of an ECCS

Shippingport (PA), Oct. 1982, 35 yrs, 1st commercial plant in US

Peach Bottom I (PA), Nov., 1974, 7 yrs., Helium cooled graphite core

Three Mile Island II (PA), March, 1979, 4 mos., Partial meltdown!

Dresden I (IL), Oct., 1978, 18 yrs., 1st full scale private funded plant

Zion I (IL), Feb., 1997, 22 yrs., Steam gen. cracking,  Improper operation

Zion II (IL), Nov., 1996, 22 yrs., Steam gen. cracking

Big Rock Point (MI), Aug., 1997, 35 yrs. Economics

Fermi I, 1972, 2 yrs., Partial meltdown, 1966!  Restarted (?) 1970-72

La Crosse (WI), April, 1987, 17 yrs.

Fort St. Vrain (CO), Aug., 1989, 13 yrs.,  Helium cooled graphite core,Control rod failure, never dependable

Trojan I (OR), Nov., 1992, 16 yrs., Steam gen. cracking, economics

San Onofre I (CA), Nov., 1992, 25 yrs., Cost of seismic retrofit, Steam gen. cracking

Humbold Bay (CA), 1980, 17 yrs., 2nd oldest commercial plant

Rancho Seco (CA), June, 1989, 15 yrs., Poor operating history (39%), Only nuke plant closed by referendum

Operating US Nuclear Plants over 40 Years Old

Plant, Start Date, Age, Issues

Oyster Creek, Dec., 1969, 41 yrs., Oldest still running in US, Thermal pollution to bay

R.E. Ginna (NY), 1970, 41 yrs., Radiation release in 1982; Steam generators replaced

Nine Mile Pt. I, Dec., 1969, 41 yrs., Internal cracking (worst nationally), Cooling system malfunctions

H.B. Robinson II (SC), 1970, 41 yrs.       

Dresden II (IL), June, 1970, 41 yrs., Cooling system failure, 1989

Monticello (MN), 1970, 41 yrs. GE mark I (Fukushima type)

Point Beach I (WI), 1970, 41 yrs. 2nd oldest in total hours run


Other Oldest Reactors around the World

Obninsk (Russia), 1954, 48 yrs. (at shutdown), 5MW

Calder Hall (UK), 1953, 47 yrs. (at shutdown) military/commercial

Chapelcross (UK), 1959, 45 yrs. (at shutdown) military/commercial

Oldbury (UK), 1967, 44 yrs.

Beznau 1 (Swiss), 1969, 41 yrs.     Slated for shutdown

Tsuruga - 1 (Japan), 1970, 41 yrs.  Radiation leaks.  Slated for shutdown

US Energy Info Administration

Nuke plants list

Wikipedia List of Nuclear Reactors

Compiled by Doug Bogen
Seacoast Anti-Pollution League
PO Box 1136, Portsmouth, NH 03802

Edited by gmoke

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This list does not contain some of the smaller reactors that have had significant disasters.

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Add to Fermi 1 and Three Mile Island

EBR 1 partial meltdown
Santa Susana core meltdown
Stationary Low-Power Reactor Number One "criticality excursion, a steam explosion, and a meltdown on January 3, 1961, killing three operators"
BORAX 1 meltdown of a significant portion of the core

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by edwin (eeeeeeee222222rrrrreeeeeaaaaadddddd@@@@yyyyaaaaaaa) on Fri Jul 22nd, 2011 at 09:48:58 AM EST
I would worry less over the age of the plants and more about the state they are in. Both TMI and Chernobyl had been in operation just for a few months or years. I'd also look closer to what plants have those nasty lightbulb GE BWR containments. Those containments are 30 % of the nuclear capacity of Exelon, which is why I sold my Exelon shares.

Peak oil is not an energy crisis. It is a liquid fuel crisis.
by Starvid on Fri Aug 5th, 2011 at 02:56:51 PM EST

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