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The Dutch Have Gone Mad [More Mad]

by Oui Fri Jul 25th, 2014 at 04:41:35 PM EST

BREAKING NEWS: Mayor of Dutch Town threatens Putin's daughter because of MH-17.

One sees a slow process of nations moving towards another war, is this what my dad felt when he undertook an adventurous bike ride through Rhineland, passed through Mannheim, Strasburg and Freiburg into Basel Switzerland in 1935. He wasn't at ease from his analysis of radio broadcasts. Just like my interest to listen and watch the propaganda from all sides, I see my dad late at night with his ear to a Philips short-wave radio and dial from one station to the next. He listened to all major capitals in the western world.

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During the German occupation 1940-45, radios were forbidden, so my dad took it apart and stored in a small space of the stairs. (Erres/Philips model 1946)

Shortly before the German invasion and occupation of Holland, he was drafted during a general mobilization of Dutch forces and served as a guard at the Moerdijkbrug over a main water artery. One of the crucial spots of a defense line along the length of the Rhine and its arteries.

Mayor of Dutch Town threatens Putin's daughter because of MH-17

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At the pace the western powers have utilised military power instead of succesful diplomacy, the world has become a dangerous place. I believe another major war is on the horizon as the hawks are clearly in a majority. Just now learned of another example of a person of leadership, jumps the shark and has gone mad!

This is totally unacceptable, the daughter of Putin has lived a secluded life near Leiden and in no way deserves to be threatened. This is not fitting in any society, certainly not in The Netherlands which claims to be tolerant to persons of all political views, faith and gender. The country of Islamophobe Geert Wilders has changed forever. Mark Rutte, the petty PM of the liberal conservative VVD party has grown biceps the last week agitating Putin and listening to instructions from the White House. Plenty of rhetoric, he lacks in deeds promised to search for bodies at the crashsite near Donetsk. Today he even apologised for keeping parliament in the dark of his plans to send armed guards/forces into rebel area of Ukraine. Unbelievable what a bunch of crap.

Waiting for Mayor Boertjes to resign, I won't be holding my breath.  

Mayor of Dutch Town threatens Putin's daughter because of MH-17

(The Guardian) - Dutch frustration with Russia in the wake of the MH17 crash is taking on an increasingly personal note, as some called for Vladimir Putin's daughter to be deported from the Netherlands.

Pieter Broertjes [Labor Party PvdA], the mayor of the city of Hilversum, used a radio interview on Wednesday morning to call for 29-year-old Maria Putin, who is said to live in Voorschoten with her Dutch boyfriend, to be thrown out of the country.

Broertjes later apologised for his remarks via Twitter, saying they were "not wise", but adding that "they stemmed from a feeling of helplessness that many will recognise".

Ukrainians living in Holland have also called for a peaceful protest outside Putin's daughter's flat, according to De Telegraaf newspaper. It published a photograph of the apartment complex where Maria is said to live alongside the article on Monday.

    [Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf is ultra-right wing and has a messy history of collaboration pre-war with the NSB and the German Nazi occupier. The paper was banned post-war but relieved in 1949 and continued in its anti-communism rhetoric. These are hay-days for the paper. - Oui]

Very little is known about the Russian president's two daughters, Maria and Yekaterina, who are completely sheltered from media attention and have never been officially photographed as adults.

But there have been persistent rumours linking Maria with Dutch citizen Jorrit Faassen. Dutch media claimed that Putin visited the couple last year, something his spokesman denied.

Making An Enemy - Demonizing Putin Endangers America's Security

Googling De Telegraaf, came across this remarkable wartime story ...
Jo Spier was a famous Dutch artist, author of humorous illustrations and caricatures depicting everyday life before the WWII. He worked for the De Telegraaf newspapers.

Germans invade Holland - Sunday morning May 10, 1940

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Anschluss Österreichs - annexation of Austria in 1938

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Netherlands at War with Germany - Queen Wilhelmina

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Nazi terror bombing the centrum of Rotterdam

Look here, another shill reporter who just happens to be in the right spot at the right time:

AP joining in the fray ...
By Yuras Karmanau  and Peter Leonard

SNIZHNE, Ukraine (AP) - It was lunchtime when a tracked launcher with four SA-11 surface-to-air missiles rolled into town and parked on Karapetyan Street. Fifteen hundred miles (2,400 kilometers) to the west, passengers were checking in for Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

    The vehicles stopped in front of journalists from The Associated Press. A man wearing unfamiliar fatigues, speaking with a distinctive Russian accent, checked to make sure they weren't filming. The convoy then moved on, destination unknown in the heart of eastern Ukraine's pro-Russia rebellion.

    Sergei Kavtaradze, a spokesman for rebel leader Alexander Borodai, repeated to the AP on Friday that no rebel units had weapons capable of shooting that high, and said any suggestions to the contrary are part of an information war aimed at undermining the insurgents' cause.

    Nevertheless, the denials are increasingly challenged by accounts of residents, the observations of journalists on the ground, and the statements of one rebel official. The Ukrainian government has also provided purported communications intercepts that it says show rebel involvement in the shoot-down.

    A highly placed rebel, speaking to the AP this week, admitted that rebels were responsible. He said a unit based in the hometown of ousted President Viktor Yanukovych, made up of both Russians and Ukrainians, was involved in the firing of an SA-11 from near Snizhne. The rebel, who has direct access to the inner circle of the insurgent leadership in Donetsk, said that he could not be named because he was contradicting the rebels' official line.

Speaking with a distinctive Russian accent! Damn, why not? It's Eastern Ukraine and everyone is Russian-speaking, you don't fool me. Sorry, no photo this time of me sitting on a SA-11 launcher. I'm from AP and we don't sneak photos deep in rebel territory. The rebel had to remain 'unnamed' so I can depend on the same source again.

PS It's clear from which side AP correspondent Yuras Karmanau is reporting!

Great luck, Yuras was there at Maidan Independence square:

70 protesters killed, 500 wounded in Kiev, medic says

AP EDITOR'S NOTE -- Yuras Karmanau has covered Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and other ex-Soviet nations for The Associated Press since 2000. He was among the first journalists to witness the carnage in Kiev on Thursday [Feb. 20, 2014] and describes the horrific scene.

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AP reporter Yuras Karmanau poses for a photo on Independence Square, Kiev.

I was there!

AP reporter Yuras Karmanau poses for a photo in front of a stage on the Independence Square, the epicenter of the country's current unrest in Kiev, Ukraine, Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014. Karmanau reported on Thursday's violence in Kiev that left dozens of people killed and hundreds wounded, the bloodiest day in Ukraine's post-Soviet history. (AP Photo/Sergei Chuzavkov)

Yuras Karmanau from Belarus is listed as "Independent Writing and Editing Professional." His writing has been published by the Times of Israel and The Scotsman.

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Sun Jul 27th, 2014 at 04:53:39 AM EST
Here is a long list of factoids, observations, speculations. Biased surely - but why so many information games?
by das monde on Sun Jul 27th, 2014 at 05:08:03 AM EST

From German ARD/WDR tv journalist: Demian von Osten @demianvonosten

Sprecher des nationalen Sicherheitsrates in #Kiew sagt:
Ukr. Armee will Absturzstelle erobern. #mh17

"Ukraine Army wants to capture crashsite MH-17"

Heavy shelling in Torez on the #MH17 site, people sheltering in basements

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Sun Jul 27th, 2014 at 09:41:28 AM EST
Everything is going smoothly ...

(Nrc.nl) - That's why Frans Timmermans and Julie Bishop are rushing to their allies in Kiev to urge the Verkhovna Rada to ratify the agreement.


Fighting delays AFP officers, experts access to Malaysia Airlines crash site in eastern Ukraine

(ABC) July 27, 2014 - A team of unarmed federal police officers have been forced to delay their planned visit to the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash site in eastern Ukraine after the area was declared unsafe. The Australian Federal Police officers are among a team of international experts in the region as part of the mission to secure the site and recover crash victims' remains.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott had said the Australian officers would join a Dutch contingent at the site from Sunday evening. However, Alexander Hug, the deputy head of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe's (OSCE) monitoring mission in Ukraine, says the local conflict has affected the start of the mission.

    "We heard indications there's fighting going on. We can't take the risk. The security situation on the way to the site and on the site itself is unacceptable for our unarmed observer mission."
    [OSCE Ukraine twitter updates - СММ ОБСЄ в Україні.]

"Fighting in the area will most likely affect [the] crash site" he said

MH17: Julie Bishop has visited Kharkiv as Australia pushes to secure Malaysia Airlines crash site plus photo's of crash site

(ABC) July 25, 2014 - Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has visited Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine as Australia continues to push for greater security and access to the MH17 crash site.

Ms Bishop signed an agreement with her Dutch counterpart, Frans Timmermans, on Friday morning allowing Australian investigators to work at the site. Both foreign ministers later attended a ceremony in Kharkiv marking the journey of MH17 victims' bodies from Ukraine to the Netherlands.

The push came as investigators at the scene found a previously undiscovered part of the Malaysia Airlines plane's fuselage, along with more bodies, more than a week after the Boeing 777 was shot down.

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Parents of Fatima Dyczynski traveled on their own to Donetsk to pay last respects daughter #MH-17

Jerzy Dyczynski and Angela Rudhart-Dyczynski #MH17 crash site

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Sun Jul 27th, 2014 at 11:45:55 AM EST
Today's CNN interview with senior Republican senator Lindsey Graham. Europe is a dysfunstional political organization of 28 states, Europe is. Germany only spends 1.4% of GDP on military investments. Obama should lead, but he is Awol. Must read the transcript!

The way recent policymakers have voiced their opinion, the U.S. knows how to lead [to war] so step aside, we'll confront the aggression of Russia and Mr. Putin.

Amid world crises, Graham blasts Obama's 'passive responses'

"The Ukraine has asked for weapons to defend itself for months - and we're still thinking about it," Graham said.  "The Europeans can't lead without America setting the standard.  They're a dysfunctional political organization, Europe is.  And without American leadership organizing Europe and the world, you see people like Putin, who has an economy the size of Italy, he's playing a poker game with a pair of twos and winning."

What should Obama do, in Graham's estimation?

"I would come to Congress and I'd ask for additional sanctions on the entire Russian economy, Putin included," Graham said.  "I would come to Congress and ask for money to equip and train the Ukranian military."

McCain calls Obama 'cowardly' for not doing more to help Ukraine

(Kyiv Post) - While President Barack Obama is raising funds across the country, Sen. John McCain is raising questions about what he describes as a "cowardly administration." "It's just been cowardly, it's a cowardly administration that failed to give the Ukrainians weapons with which to defend themselves,"

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Sun Jul 27th, 2014 at 01:52:41 PM EST
The OSCE reports on the attempts to reach MH-17 crash-site are quite informative ...

OSCE Mission reports from Donetsk - July 30, 2014

On 30 July, the SMM support group in Donetsk attempted, for the fourth day in succession since the last successful visit on Friday 25 July, to access the MH17 crash site in Hrabove via a northern route (Yasenovata - Yenakievo - Debaltseve), using the E50 as the access road. Fighting was reported at 08:00hrs to be occurring astride this route in the northeastern outskirts of Donetsk in the vicinity of Yasenovata, 25km northeast of Donetsk. [Mission failed]

Discussions about next steps occurred in Kyiv. Following these discussions, which took place
(a) internally in Kyiv between the SMM and Dutch and Australian representatives,
(b) with the acting Prime Minister and Defence Minister of Ukraine, and
(c) between SMM Donetsk and the so-called "DPR" representatives [Donetsk People's Republic],
a detailed plan was agreed to access the site on a new, more northerly road via Artemisk (70km north of Donetsk).

○ Latest Ukraine Mission News @OSCE SMM twitter

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Sat Aug 2nd, 2014 at 04:52:32 PM EST
Latest from the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine, based on information received as of 18:00 hrs, 1 August 2014 (Kyiv time)

The SMM, together with Australian and Dutch experts, visited the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17. The convoy comprised 25 vehicles, including a bus and two mobile ambulances. The crossing of territories controlled by Ukrainian government or the so-called "Donetsk People's Republic" ("DPR") or the so-called "Luhansk People's Republic" ("LPR") went smoothly and was well organized. The SMM observed a new checkpoint positioned at Mius (14 km south-east of Debaltseve). At the Ukrainian checkpoint in Debaltseve (70 km north-east of Donetsk), the agreed ceasefire seemed to hold. About 10 kilometres south of Mius, the SMM was met by an "LPR" escort, and drove to the main wreckage site.

The SMM saw several instances of artillery impacts at 7-10 kilometres southwest of the crash site between 13:03-14:19hrs. The expert teams recovered some human remains. The Australian expert team wanted to operate an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in order to access areas such as fields, without damaging them. However, neither the "LPR" nor "DPR" representatives agreed to UAV use. After about five hours, the SMM left the site. The Australian and Dutch expert teams then left for Soledar (98 km northeast of Donetsk), where a forward operating base has been established. This base, closer to the crash site than Donetsk, will now become the main forward hub for investigative activity.

MH-17 Joint Dutch/Australian Forward Operating Base in Soledar - Aug. 2, 2014
○ Latest Ukraine Mission News @OSCE SMM twitter

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Sat Aug 2nd, 2014 at 04:53:34 PM EST

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