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Trump On the Ropes - Last Minute Attack Ad with LIES

by Oui Thu Nov 1st, 2018 at 03:12:26 PM EST

See also my previous diary - Digital Media and the Rise of Populist Right-Wing.

After getting a ferocious beating in the corner where it hurts, Trump and his PAC of dogs are intent on using the principle to quickly change the news headlines. Managing his own Twitter account, DT once again pushes the fear for immigrants narrative ... quite sickening and will white America fall for his bull shit in the election box for the mid-terms ... "Promises Kept". Even Wall Street has taken a beating this month with the expectation the monetary policy to keep the economy afloat before the high corporate debt and higher interest rates starts to bite next year and leads to a downturn and major recession in 2020. DT and his Republican henchmen buying time ... the mid-term election are just in time! Democrats GO - GOTV.

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Trump's new election ad draws severe condemnation - midterms live | The Guardian |

The House Republicans' PAC, the Congressional Leadership Fund, launched a $200,000 last minute ad campaign to protect New York Rep. John Katko from a Democratic challenger, the Syracuse Post Standard reported.

Katko is one of several Republicans in New York who Democrats have hopes to knock off. They also include indicted Rep. Chris Collins, Hudson Valley Rep. John Faso, and Staten Island Rep. Dan Donovan.

The GOP group's ad attacks Democrat Dana Balter for her support for a single-payer healthcare system, also known as Medicare for All.

The PAC is the latest political group to begin spending heavily in the Syracuse race, a possible sign the election may be more competitive than public polls have shown, the Post Standard reports.  

How Debt Could Blow Up the Trump Economy | Fortune - March 2018 |
The Makings of a 2020 Recession and Financial Crisis | The Independent - Sept. 2018 |

Latest setbacks for the Trump administration ...

Khashoggi murder hits old ally Saudi King Salman as Iran timeline moves forward  
Bombs and a Murder: Trump and MBS Share Even More Than You Think | Tikun Olam |
The slippery slope from Charlottesville to Pittsburgh | Ynet News Israel - OpEd |


Migrants from EU boosting the German economy: study | DW |


Latina Republican known as 'Maria Elvira' battles Donna Shalala for Fla. congressional seat | NBC News |

Right-wing rhetoric of an extremist …

Trump reveals plans for asylum crackdown at border and 'massive cities of tents' | The Guardian |

Bolton: U.S. will no longer appease ‘Troika of Tyranny’ in Latin America | Miami Herald |

Bolton delivered the aggressive speech to Cuban and Venezuelan expats at the Freedom Tower in Miami, while announcing that President Donald Trump had signed a new executive order that will allow sanctions against Venezuela’s gold industry, which Bolton said the Venezuelan government has used to finance criminal operations. The order gives the administration authority to target other sectors.

Michael McCarthy, founder of Caracas Wire, a consulting group on Venezuela that regularly speaks with the Trump administration, said the order provides “strategic ambiguity” to target the oil sector later.

Bolton paid particular attention to Cuba’s role in Venezuela, stating that many in the audience have personally suffered “unspeakable horrors” by their homeland governments. They fought back and now their descendants can live the American Dream, he said.

Harkening back to President George W. Bush’s “axis of evil,” Bolton’s attacks on the three nations reflect an increasing aggression toward leftist autocrats that Trump has touched on during international speeches to the United Nations and other international forums.

Trump’s supporters, who have long argued for a stronger position against Latin America, will likely praise the aggressive tone, but it may also heighten existing concerns that the United States is reviving a narrative promoted by leftist governments that the U.S. is the imperialist bully bent on punishing Latin American governments that don’t do its bidding.

Bolton praise for new president of Brazil: the Latino Trump …

Casa Branca promete combater 'troica da tirania' nas Américas e elogia Bolsonaro | Globo |
Con 189 votos la ONU aprueba resolución que exige levantar bloqueo a Cuba | El Mundo |


I can always tell when Der Drumpfenfuehrer is lying: He's still breathing.
by rifek on Thu Nov 1st, 2018 at 09:20:40 PM EST
The GOP group's ad attacks Democrat Dana Balter for her support for a single-payer healthcare system, also known as Medicare for All.

Tells how out of touch those goobers are since 70% support Medicare for All so the Republicans are spending money to effectively support the Democrat.

The story - or not - in this election is the collapse - or not - of support of the GOP by college educated and suburban white women.  I know of no polling specifically directed toward these groups but a fall in support goes some way to explaining the 6 to 14 edge Democrats have in generic polling.  

She believed in nothing; only her skepticism kept her from being an atheist. -- Jean-Paul Sartre

by ATinNM on Thu Nov 1st, 2018 at 09:58:14 PM EST
I suppose it is a pro move to campaign on having everyone die. On the other hand, suburban white woman abondoning the GOP was the story of 2016, right until the point it didn't happen at all.
by generic on Fri Nov 2nd, 2018 at 11:52:05 AM EST
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Here's Why Democrats' Chances for a Big Midterms Win Are Looking Even Better -- And What Still Stands in Their Way

The Economist's G. Elliott Morris tweeted, "(1) Voters are turning out more like it's a presidential election than a midterm. (2) Democrats are the ones who are voting early (3) Unaffiliated voters are breaking to the Democrats about 60 to 25%."

A +35 point spread in ~40% of all voters is in electoral avalanche territory.  

She believed in nothing; only her skepticism kept her from being an atheist. -- Jean-Paul Sartre

by ATinNM on Sat Nov 3rd, 2018 at 04:31:03 PM EST

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