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G W F and McCarthyism In A Digital Age - Part 2

by Oui Thu Feb 1st, 2018 at 07:43:44 PM EST


A sad period in US politics when Hamilton Federalists have become allies of the Clinton Democratic party ... FDR turning in his grave!

Purely coincidental, Martin Longman covered this topic in a fp story. An opposite view ...

Sessions Talks to Investigation He's Trying to Kill

    You can choose how much you want to trust the Hamilton 68 dashboard, considering people like Michael Chertoff and William Kristol sit on their board, but among the suspected Russian troll accounts they're monitoring the FBI has the most twitter mentions (1161, as of this writing) in the last forty-eight hours. There's now a naked confluence of effort coming from congressional Republicans, the White House and Russian social media troll and bot accounts.

The misinformation from this group is now being advocated on progressive blogs to further anti-Russian hysteria and create that new adversary all of us should fear. About the influence of Russian bots demonstrated by Hamilton68 ...

Devin Nunes is a Dunce

More below the fold ...

Clinton's Democrats and The Resistance shoulder to shoulder with right-wing extremists in the GOP in aggressive anti-Russia sentiment. Hamilton68 dashboard stuffed with the likes of Bill Kristol, Michael Chertoff, Mike Morell ... backed HRC during the presidential campaign ... architects of the Democrats Against Russia fodder? A Cold War 2.0 has replaced the infamous failure of the reset-button moment of the Secretary of State in March 2009.

IMO these IC right-wing persons have infiltrated the Democratic Party of FDR to take it down. Includes a pro-Israel view which positions with the wet dream of Netanyahu to make Jerusalem the capital of Eretz Israel. Fuck the Palestinians ... fuck the terrorists ... fuck that backward religion. Focusing on disinformation specifically from Russians seems we're returning to the weapon of propaganda of the 1950s and McCarthyism ... party of Goldwater, Nixon and Reagan.

Surely it's worthwhile to look into the founding members of this new group misleading propagandist for more of right-wing America ... turning far, far away from social democracy as Europe has gotten used to. Hoping this will be preserved with the foolish act by the AngloSaxon British and their vote for Brexit. Depending how the EU central committee in Brussels will accommodate or repel the right-wing forces in New Europe as Rumsfeld coined his favorite old Soviet bonded states.


From the website of Hamilton68 :: Tracking Russian influence operations on Twitter ...

G M F - Alliance for Securing Democracy


From the very beginning, any investigation of 9/11 that was carried out by a lawyer for al-Qaeda wasn't going to be all that convincing. That's what Bush did when he put Michael Chertoff in charge of the FBI's investigation.



Role David Kramer of the McCain Institute handing the Steele dossier to FBI | Vanity Fair |

Kramer flew out of Washington and landed early the next morning at Heathrow. Once on the ground, as per stern instructions, he operated on Moscow Rules. Told to meet a man loitering outside baggage claim holding a copy of the Financial Times, Kramer engaged in an exchange of word code. At last satisfied, Christopher Steele whisked him off in a Land Rover to the security of his house in Surrey.

They talked for hours. And Steele passed him his report. Was this the identical, somewhat sputtering 35-page memo that had already been making the rounds among reporters? Or, as some intelligence analysts believe, was it a longer, more expertly crafted and sourced document, the final work product of a well-trained MI-6 senior deskman? Neither McCain nor Kramer would comment, but what is known is that Kramer flew back to Washington that same night, guarding his hard-won prize with his life.

On December 9, McCain sat in the office of F.B.I. director James Comey and, with no other aides present, handed him the typed pages that could bring about the downfall of a president.



Solidifying behind Clinton, foreign policy establishment gins up a cold war with Russia/Iran

The foreign policy establishment is realigning itself in anticipation, and support, of a Hillary Clinton administration. With Donald Trump self-destructing at last, this process involves a rightwing-center solidification upon the belief that Russia is the new American enemy in the Middle East. A couple of Clinton endorsers have all but called for war with Russia and Iran, one of them saying the U.S. should be killing Russians in Syria.


* 13 Takeaways from Our Interview with Ambassador Michael McFaul | Stanford U. |

There is perhaps no greater American expert on Russian affairs than former Ambassador Michael McFaul. Ambassador McFaul serves Stanford both as a professor and as an alumnus (BA '86, MA `86). He served as Ambassador to Russia from 2012 to 2014 and as the Senior Director for Russian and Eurasian Affairs for the White House National Security Council from 2009 to 2012. In those capacities, he dealt with the "Reset" with Russia, the New START Treaty, the Ukrainian Revolution, the Russian annexation of Crimea and move into East Ukraine, the flight of Edward Snowden to Moscow, the Sochi Olympics, a ban on American families adopting Russian children, and a sharp increase in anti-Americanism in Russian society, among other issues. During his time in Moscow, McFaul was even personally harassed and painted as a subversive anti-regime figure by Russian media.

And others: Mike Rogers - Kori Schake - Julie Smith - Adm. Jim Stravidis (Ret.) - Jake Sullivan - Nicole Wong


From the earliest date, an article from the blog:

Visionary Works: The United States, EU, and the Importance of Being Federal by Giovanni Farese - June 7, 2017

Editor's Note: This blog is part of an ongoing series of contributions from participants in The German Marshall Fund's flagship leadership development program, The Marshall Memorial Fellowship (MMF).

Yes, local governments do matter. You can see it almost everywhere as you travel through the United States and meet those who drive change at the grassroots. The best government, you might hear on the road, is the government that is closest to the people.

True? Well, only half of the truth.

In my travels throughout the United States as a Marshall Memorial Fellow, I found it surprising to discover how little the role of the federal level of government seems to be understood today, to the point that security from external attacks is sometimes considered its sole duty. What, for example, would have supported Seattle's industrial boom had the government not subsidized the aerospace industry during WWII? And what of Utah's economic success from tourism had the [Federal] government not created the National Parks that to this day contribute to the growth of its economy? And what, more recently, of Pittsburgh's robotic future had the Department of Defense not granted expertise and initial funding?

All this stands as a stark counter to the "small government" preference of so many Americans, which assumes that what works at the household level must work at the federal level, too. Not only this view is false, it is also dangerous.

There was a time, after the great depression of 1929-1933, when the federal government showed to American citizens and to the whole world that only a federal government, and no other level of government, could successfully address systemic issues such as banking crises, socioeconomic inequality, infrastructure development and maintenance, employment, and development. After the war, Western Europe learned this lesson too, as the supranational foundations of the European integration process clearly show. What would have been the systemic impact of the Marshall Plan had it been administered at the national rather than at the embryonic supranational level of the Organization for European Economic Cooperation?  The lesson we learned in the mid-twentieth century, both from the Great Depression and Europe's reconstruction, is that the more wholistic and systemic a problem is, the more wholistic must be the solution.

Both the federal level in the United States and the supranational level in the EU are today more relevant than ever. In the United States, the proclaimed "deconstruction of the administrative  state" risks to aggravate rather than solve problems. In the EU, leaders and voters seem still far from fully realizing that defense, infrastructure, and migration policy all need to be handled supra-nationally, not nationally.

This is not a pledge for more power to unaccountable bureaucrats either in Washington, DC or in Brussels (they both need to be more accountable). It is rather the recognition of the systemic nature of the problems that we face, and of the different levels of government that need to be leveraged. So is for Europe. The sooner we abandon the rhetoric of "small government" and  all that comes with it (balanced budget at any cost, no industrial policy, self-governing markets, etc.) the better we will be, not only Europe and the United States, but the world, whose problems also require pragmatism and different levels of government. We need strong local governments, yes. But we first and foremost need visionary projects on both sides of the Atlantic.

Appears this was the sole view of Giovanni Farese, not recognizable in the new  G M F project to rid the Internet of opposing views on all matters about Putin's Russia. A new form of censorship is in the air as I have experienced in blogging since the summer of 2016.

Trying to find more info on the founding of this website, dashboard.securingdemocracy.org, the WhoIs details are carefully blocked by proxies.


Another attempt to delegitimize a sovereign state and its leader: Putin and Russia ...

Kremlin Watch Monitor. April 19, 2017

News in the section `Context' are not fakes. We publish them in order to provide you with a deeper understanding of the techniques and methods used by the Russian government in its information war.

Jaromír Štětina memberof EPP Group in the European Parliamant and the European Values Think-Tank are pleased to invite you to a public debate: Putin's Russia: How urgent threat it poses?

Putin's Russia: How urgent threat it poses? | EPP - April 24, 2017 |

Winged Pegasus in a jump is the main symbol of our logo. It represents vitality and strength of a horse combined with lightness and freedom of a bird. This is the way we aim to contribute to the public debate. Pegasus, on which heroic Bellerofontés defeated monstrous Chimera (symbolising delusion), concurrently refers to the Ancient Greece. It is the thoughts of Ancient Greek philosophers together with Roman laws and Jewish-Christian tradition that create the three main roots of the European (Western) civilisation.

The second panel, on the theme "Living Safely, A Basic Human Necessity," was moderated by Mr. Radko Hokovský, executive director of a think-tank on European values.

Hon. Jaromír Štětina, a Czech member of the European Parliament, spoke about security perils in Europe, mentioning, among others, the hybrid and disinformation war led by Russia in the region, the goal of which, he said, was to destabilize the European Union. He then showed participants a documentary film on the war in the Russian republic of Chechnya.

New publication: How Kremlin controls major Russian media

We would like to introduce a new Kremlin Watch Report, authored by Ilyas Sharibzhanov, Analyst of the Kremlin Watch Programme. Mass media in Russia have changed significantly since the days of President Yeltsin and the contrast with the free and independent media in Russia of just 20 years ago has been ever so evident for the past three years, with Russia's media turning from a market into a state-organized system of propaganda machine. The document analyses these changes.


Putin's Champion Award

Our Expert Jury consisting of Jessikka Aro, Anton Shekhovtsov, John Schindler and Michael Weiss regularly vote on the dangerousness of several candidates you can nominate via e-mail or Twitter.

The 8th Putin's Champion Award Recipient is:  Jean-Luc Mélenchon

For ignoring Russian aggression and willingness to renegotiate Ukrainian borders.

John Schindler and the XX Committee
John Schindler and new McCarthyism -  Red Menace: Cultural Exchange and Spies


Digging deeper I came across this article which clarifies it's quite close to the failed PropOrNot attempt to blacklist blogs who take a different view on the America infested MSM propaganda of officials on all levels in Washington DC who need a mouthpiece to broadcast their misinformation.

Tracking Russian propaganda in real time The trouble with a new automated effort to expose Moscow's `active measures' against Americans | Meduza - Aug. 2017 |

On August 2, The German Marshall Fund of the United States unveiled a new online tool -- a "dashboard" -- designed to "provide a near real-time look at Russian propaganda and disinformation efforts" on Twitter. The organization describes the project as a direct response to Russia's alleged interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, noting that "many have warned Putin will be back in 2018 and 2020." In an opinion piece for Meduza, Kevin Rothrock reviews the recent history of American efforts to unmask Russian propaganda, and takes a critical look at potential flaws in this latest online resource.

    What was PropOrNot?

    Last November, The Washington Post published a remarkable article about how a "Russian propaganda effort helped spread `fake news'" during the 2016 U.S. presidential election, citing a report by "experts" at an anonymous website called PropOrNot.

    After initial excitement about the story, the newspaper came under fire for promoting unverified allegations against alternative American news outlets. Critics called PropOrNot a "McCarthyite blacklist." To PropOrNot, merely "exhibiting a pattern of beliefs outside the political mainstream" was "enough to risk being labelled a Russian propagandist," Adrian Chen wrote in The New Yorker.

    Simply put, PropOrNot bungled its mission completely. On the one hand, the anonymity of the website's managers invited suspicions about their expertise and agenda. On the other hand, PropOrNot was so transparent about its methodology (talking openly about "red-flagging Russian propaganda outlets" and of course naming specific websites) that it was easy to dispute and dismiss the blacklist. Add to this PropOrNot's childish, sometimes obscene behavior on Twitter, and it's no mystery how this project ended up a humiliating dumpster fire.

How does Hamilton 68 differ from PropOrNot?

Hamilton 68's propaganda list is a secret. Unlike PropOrNot, Hamilton 68 does not disclose the identities of the 600 Twitter accounts. All we know of the project's methodology is that its researchers selected 600 Twitter accounts according to three types (whether there are 200 accounts for each type is unclear): "accounts that clearly state they are pro-Russian or affiliated with the Russian government"; "accounts (including both bots and humans) that are run by troll factories in Russia and elsewhere"; and "accounts run by people around the world who amplify pro-Russian themes either knowingly or unknowingly, after being influenced by the efforts described above."

The German Marshall Fund says it refuses to reveal the specific accounts in its dataset because it "prefers to focus on the behavior of the overall network rather than get dragged into hundreds of individual debates over which troll fits which role."

The lack of methodological clarity (for the sake of avoiding "debates") has already led to some misleading coverage in the media, with outlets like Business Insider reporting that "Hamilton 68 is now working to expose those trolls -- as well as automated bots and human accounts -- whose main use for Twitter appears to be an amplification of pro-Russia themes," despite the fact that the website doesn't actually reveal the names of any Twitter accounts.

For people unimpressed by talk of "600 Twitter accounts," J.M. Berger told Ars Technica that his team could have expanded the dashboard to "6,000 almost as easily, but the analysis would be less close to real-time." If that doesn't sound scientific enough, Berger also emphasized that the 600 selected accounts were identified with a "98-percent confidence rate."

The German Marshall Fund is no ragtag bunch. Unlike the anonymous potty mouths who launched PropOrNot, Hamilton 68 sports some impressive talent. The project is reportedly the brainchild of Clint Watts, a "former FBI special agent-turned disinformation expert," who worked alongside J.M. Berger, a fellow with the International Center for Counterterrorism studying extremism and propaganda on social media; Andrew Weisburd, a fellow at the Center for Cyber and Homeland Security; Jonathon Morgan, the CEO of New Knowledge AI and head of Data for Democracy; and Laura Rosenberger, the director of the German Marshall Fund's ‎Alliance for Securing Democracy.

It was obvious the Russians would make use of asymmetric warfare after the EU/NATO coup d'état in the 2013-2014 Ukraine campaign which led to regime change and ousting of elected president Yanukovich.

Led by the British, NATO took early offensive measures ...

See Counterinsurgency Cyberwarfare NATO vs. Russia - Part 3

Joseph McCarthy
Reexaming the Life and Legacy of America's Most Hated Senator

New York Times Book Review - 1999

Unlike America's Jewish immigrants, of whom more than three-quarters were skilled workers, the Irish came from an overwhelmingly rural background. In the nineteenth century they had had to take jobs at the very bottom of the economic ladder and became caught up in urban political machines such as New York's Tammany Hall. To high-minded Anglo-Saxon Protestant observers, Irish politics was synonymous with corruption. "A more improvident, heedless, and dishonest class of people never defiled the fair face of the earth." Antebellum New Orleans even made up a rhyme about the Irish:

       Ten thousand micks
        Swung their picks
        To dig the New Canal.
        But the choleray
        Was stronger'n they.
        An' twice it killed them all.

"What ought to be surprising about the American Irish," writes Andrew Greeley, "is not that they have not been quite as socially and financially successful as the Jews, but that they have been successful at all." They did it by embracing what John Courtney Murray called "the American proposition," the principles of religious and economic liberty, of science and technological progress, and of democracy and the separation of church and state. For Irish Catholics of McCarthy's generation, anticommunism became one more way of erasing an ancient stigma. Having been unjustly accused of serving one secret conspiracy against America, they would dedicate themselves to rooting out another.

That determination to succeed in a hostile environment was one of the bonds that drew together Joe McCarthy and another prominent Irish Catholic family in the fifties, the Kennedys. Robert Kennedy had joined McCarthy's staff in 1953 at the behest of his father, the senator's keen admirer. Like McCarthy, Joseph Kennedy was a former Roosevelt Democrat and a fervent anti-Communist. He often invited McCarthy to stop by for drinks at the Kennedy house at Palm Beach and to stay at the family compound at Hyannis Port. The senior Kennedy's view of politics, and of life, was much like McCarthy's: "It's not what you are that counts, but what people think you are." McCarthy became a minor figure in the Kennedy circle. To the ex-ambassador's delight, he dated two of the Kennedy daughters, Patricia and Eunice, who discovered "he had a certain raw wit and charm when he had not had too much to drink," as Eunice later put it. Joe also played shortstop in family softball games (he did so badly that the Kennedys eventually had to bench him).

Robert Kennedy served McCarthy loyally as assistant counsel for his Subcommittee on Investigations, until a personal quarrel with the chief counsel, Roy Cohn, forced him to quit. But he and Joe remained close, and Joe McCarthy stood as godfather for Bobby and Ethel's first child.

Irishman Joseph McCarthy in a close relationship to Roosevelt Democrat Joe Kennedy. The other side of the anti-Communist coin appears to be fascism. For Catholics the Communist Party represented Evil, state atheism and persecution of all religious persons. A hundred years ago, fascism and dictatorship was rooted in European nations with a Catholic majority: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Austria, Hungary and Poland. With Hitler's Mein Kampf  and blaming the Jewish population for all economic woes, it was easy to implement concentration and death camps. The final solution.

Don't Mess with Roy Cohn - A Profile | Esquire |

Roy Cohn was once the most feared lawyer in New York City. A ruthless master of dirty tricks, he smeared the reputations of his political enemies, helped send the Rosenbergs to the electric chair, and had more than one Mafia don on speed dial. But his most enduring legacy is Donald Trump, whom he took under his wing in the 1970s. In Ken Auletta's 1978 Esquire profile, we meet the man who tutored the president in the dark arts of gossip, power, and politics.  

Who Stopped McCarthy? | The Atlantic - April 2017 |
The Return of Fascism in Contemporary Capitalism (Sept. 2014 )

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Fri Feb 23rd, 2018 at 08:53:45 PM EST
Unlike America's Jewish immigrants, of whom more than three-quarters were skilled workers, the Irish came from an overwhelmingly rural background.
Citation needed. My understanding is that most skilled jobs, outside the garment industry, were closed to Jews in Europe until the late 19th century. From that point on, things changed. I won't quibble over "more than three-quarters" vs. 67% (the figure I found), but if you're going to talk about the Irish in the 19th century, you should compare like with like.
by gk (gk (gk quattro due due sette @gmail.com)) on Sun Feb 25th, 2018 at 12:36:04 PM EST
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The American troll factory for one-track mind in anti-Russia propaganda has got a new advocate: Natasha Bertrand. An useful stooge coming from nowhere with few journalistic credentials.

Of course, after the bull shit of Louise Mensch, PropOrNot and the Hamiltan68, what else could we expect from the likes of JDW?

A new website named after a Founding Father is tracking Russian propaganda in real time | Business Insider | by Natasha Bertrand

Read full article - my diary @BooMan - here.

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Wed Feb 28th, 2018 at 02:19:40 PM EST

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