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Cambridge Analytica Used 'Weapons-grade' Communications

by Oui Tue Apr 17th, 2018 at 07:29:31 PM EST

Related to Nazi Style Propaganda

Of course the United States sees Russia as the evil empire and our artificial enemy ... Putin did it! No, not Comey .... HRC says he is just an idiot, Podesta says he is a honest idiot. Comey did change the outcome of the US Presidential Election. No, I won't enrich him by reading his narcissist story ... a self-serving book of fake news.

Interesting how once again the UAE is related to SCL, the parent of Cambridge Analytica. The new alliance of Middle East opposition powers: US - Israel - UAE - Bahrein - Saudi Kingdom. All the Gulf States minus Qatar of Muslim Brotherhood "terror".

Once again the Jewish group of billionaires supported Bibi Netanyahu and helped defeat HRC for US President.

Cambridge Analytica and SCL - how I peered inside the propaganda machine | The Conversation |

Dark arts and cream teas

For more than a decade, I've conducted interviews with government personnel and key contractors, including SCL, working in a very secretive area as part of my research on UK and US propaganda during conflicts. I gained access slowly at first, gradually winning confidence through introductions once I had a few contacts in this tight-knit and suspicious field.

In my 2015 book, I explored how a romanticised British military reputation that strives to win over the "hearts and minds" of the public overlays a mythologised notoriety for the "dark arts" of information warfare. This myth helped Britain to extend a perception of expertise and inflate its importance among Americans during the "war on terror" conflicts. The so-called "special relationship" between the two countries and perceptions of "British expertise" in propaganda aided me in gaining access to research interviews in the US.

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I've observed that this niche perception of British expertise in the dark arts can prove helpful for former military contractors when promoting their work in the US. SCL and Cambridge Analytica appear to have similarly extended their reach in politics by using US perceptions of "Britishness". By way of example, Cambridge Analytica's former research director, Chris Wylie - who was first to blow the whistle on the company - claimed it had fabricated ties to the University of Cambridge.

Cambridge Analytica, headquartered in London, was set up in 2013 and is a closely affiliated subsidiary of SCL.

My evidence and recent coverage from Channel 4 News show how the ex-Cambridge Analytica CEO, Alexander Nix, would push his firm's supposed notoriety in the dark arts in brazen ways - such as the invasive psychological profiling of US citizens during the Trump campaign - while a public image of SCL projected its apparent moral compliance and respect for democracy.

Steve Bannon on Cambridge Analytica - SCL Group

Facebook scandal takes new twist with SCL campaigners Hitler comment | The National - UAE |

He has been dubbed the 007 of data analytics and once was pictured in the society pages as the boyfriend of Queen Elizabeth's cousin.

Nigel Oakes has a track record of working in politics, psychological operations and media campaigns that stretches from post-Asian financial crisis Indonesia to conflict zones to African democracies and the last US presidential election.

Registrations with the British corporate register at Companies House list, Mr Oakes as based in the United Arab Emirates from where he has given addresses for subsidiaries of the Strategic Communications Laboratories (SCL) enterprises that he founded.

The manner in which he was trust into the spotlight added a new twist to the running saga of Cambridge Analytica, an SCL venture, which is alleged to have used Facebook data to assist the astonishingly effective campaign of Donald Trump to win the US presidency.

Emma Briant, an academic at University of Essex, submitted recordings to a House of Commons committee of discussions with Mr Oakes and Andy Wigmore, a British political campaigner, in which the parallels between Mr Trump's campaign and methods Hitler were discussed.

"It's the things that resonate, sometimes to attack the other group and know that you are going to lose them is going to reinforce and resonate your group," said Mr Oakes. "Which is why, you know, Hitler, got to be very careful about saying so, must never probably say this, off the record, but of course Hitler attacked the Jews.

"He didn't have a problem with the Jews at all, but the people didn't like the Jews. So he just leverage[d] an artificial enemy. Well that's exactly what Trump did. He leveraged a Muslim- I mean, you know, it's - It was a real enemy. ISIS is a real, but how big a threat is ISIS really to America? Really, I mean, we are still talking about 9/11, well 9/11 is a long time ago."

Mr Wigmore, who was one of the so-called "Bad boys of Brexit" along with the insurance salesman Arron Banks and Nigel Farage, the former leader of Ukip, and others, also brought up the topic.

"The propaganda machine of the Nazis, for instance - you take away all the hideous horror and that kind of stuff - it was very clever, the way they managed to do what they did," he said. "In its pure marketing sense, you can see the logic of what they were saying, why they were saying it, and how they presented things, and the imagery."

Damian Collins, the chair of the committee said the messaging was "extreme" around immigration. "These statements will raise concerns that data analytics was used to target voters who were concerned about this issue, and to frighten them with messaging designed to create `an artificial enemy' for them to act against," he said.  

SCL military contracts for "weapons-grade" communication tactics ...

Brittany Kaiser's Cambridge Analytica evidence to MPs - Summary

[Brittany Kaiser] said that the target audience techniques developed by Cambridge Analytica were so powerful that they used to be considered "weapons-grade" by the government. When she joined the company in 2014, the firm had to tell the government if it was deploying these tactics abroad, she said.

    The methodology was considered a weapon, weapons-grade communications tactics, which means that we had to tell the British government if it was going to be deployed in another country outside the United Kingdom.

Damian Collins, the committee chair, said in response:

    So what you are saying is that the proposal to Leave.EU [was] to use what you call weapons-grade communications techniques against the UK population?

Kaiers said that by 2015 target audience analysis no longer had an export designation, meaning the firm no longer had to tell the government if it was used abroad.

Cambridge Analytica: Firm at the heart of Facebook scandal | Gulf News |
The Mind-Benders: How to Harvest Facebook Data, Brainwash Voters, and Swing Elections

Cambridge Analytica Ex-CEO Refuses to Testify in UK
University of Essex lecturer Emma Briant, who has for a decade studied the SCL Group -- a conglomerate of companies, including Cambridge Analytica -- interviewed company founder Nigel Oakes when she was doing research for a book. Oakes compared Trump's tactics to those of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in singling out Jews for reprisals.

"Hitler attacked the Jews, because ... the people didn't like the Jews," he said on tapes of the interview conducted with Briant. "He could just use them to . leverage an artificial enemy. Well that's exactly what Trump did. He leveraged a Muslim."

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