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Xenophobia and Islamophobia Roots of Today's Triad of Evil

by Oui Mon Jun 18th, 2018 at 06:13:17 PM EST

The direct result of 9/11 and the failure of leadership not to broaden the terror from inside Afgnaistan. The war crimes resulted from the Iraq War based on lies of Tony Blair and George Bush.

Compounded by misguided policy to ride the wave of economic austerity leading to the Arab Spring and by abuse of the revolution to initiate regime change in Libya and Syria with the support and funding form Qatar ad the Wahhabist Sunni terror regimes of the Gulf States: Saudi Arabia, Einted Arab Emirates and Kuwait.

Tweet Trump about separation of parents and their children

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Melanie opposition

Trump wades into German immigration row

Domestic Threat: Can Europe survive German nationalism? | TNR - June 2002 |

Over the past few months Americans have awakened to the right-wing, anti-immigrant nationalism growing across Europe. On April 21, far-right presidential candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen garnered a shocking second place in the first round of French elections. Barely two weeks later Dutch anti-immigrant leader Pim Fortuyn was assassinated; in elections nine days after that, his party joined the Christian Democrats (CDA) in ousting Holland's long-standing Labor government. From Jörg Haider's Freedom Party in Austria to Denmark's People's Party to Belgium's Vlaams Blok, anti-immigrant racism is on the rise in a half-dozen European countries--often fusing with hostility to the European Union's (EU) proposed eastward expansion and, indeed, to the European Union itself.

The rise of the right-wing populist AfD has driven a wedge between Merkel's CDU and CSU

The problem starts with the question: Who is Herr Meuthen? Gray-haired and wearing a suit, the serious-looking Jörg Meuthen is standing on the stage inside the Stuttgart Trade Fair Center and saying things that any self-respecting member of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) could agree with. Germany needs a modern form of conservatism, he says, adding that one shouldn't be ashamed for standing up for "consequential freedom and healthy patriotism."

But as much as he might sound like the 1980s version of the CDU, Meuthen isn't even a member of the party. Rather, he is a leading member of Baden-Württemberg's state chapter of Alternative for Germany (AfD), the right-wing populist, anti-immigration party that has attracted an increasing amount of support in recent months. And Meuthen's dusty, wide tie-era rhetoric is only nostalgic at first listen. There is, after all, a different Meuthen. Later on in his speech at the AfD party convention on the last day in April, he'll receive enthusiastic applause after expressing his desire for a different kind of republic: "Away from leftist-red-green infected -- one could also say slightly soiled -- 1968-Germany."

The reference is easily understood in Germany. Leftist refers to the far-left Left Party, "red" refers to the center-left Social Democrats and "green" is very clearly the Green Party -- all of which he lumps together with the student rebellion days of 1968. But the phrase "red-green soiled" is not Meuthen's own. He took it from the author Akif Pirinçci, who has become notorious for his homophobic, sexist and anti-immigrant polemics despite his own Turkish background. At an October 2015 demonstration of the anti-immigrant group Pegida, he accused German politicians of having "lost all respect for their own people" and accused them of wanting to throw their critics out of the country.

Bavaria's Seehofer defies CSU youth wing

Bavarian conservative CSU defies Angela Merkel on migration policy | DW |

Speaking to reporters after separate emergency meetings of Chancellor Angela Merkel's CDU and the Bavarian conservative CSU, regional CSU leader Alexander Dobrindt was "100 percent" in support of Interior Minister Horst Seehofer's so-called master plan for migration. That includes turning away some people at Germany's national border - something Merkel has explicitly ruled out.

"As we discussed, parts of the master plan are the direct responsibility of the interior minister, who comes from our ranks," Dobrindt said, adding that the CSU was intent on turning migration policy "upside down."

Dobrindt also said that while the CSU still supported efforts to deal with migration on a European level, Bavarian conservatives felt that the time for action was now.

Angela Merkel buys time in government crisis over asylum

History and roots of the right-wing CSU party in Bavaria with capital Munich, Germany

Nazi past lingers ambiguously in culture of Bavarian capital
Bavaria's conservatives are embracing identity politics

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The Teflon Candidate - Dec. 2015

Knee-jerk reaction when someone speaks fondly about a former KGB Communist leader. The MSM can hardly criticize or express outrage over a pure capitalst business leader like Donald Trump. Obama can be called a Socialist, just like Bernie Sanders but not Hillary Clinton and her corporate friends. As I have stated early on, Trump is a teflon man, little to nothing sticks on him. He acts and talks as a populist speaker like Marine LePen and Geert Wilders. The 21st century has evolved after 9/11 in xenophobia, specifically Islamophobia. Any political leader can benefit from harsh rhetoric as any  nationalist would. One can witness this daily across Europe and likely halfway across the globe. The western world is more individualistic, uses social media to vent anger and turns anti-establishment. Hillary Clinton doesn't provide answers to today's generation in search of happiness and security from foreign threats. HRC belongs to a generation that bears responsibility to the state of affair perceived by the masses. Republican nominee Donald trump is looking a lot more viable than two months ago. Will he falter and what will be the trigger?

Many, many years ago I warned of the toxic brew of blow-back from ill-founded foreign policy in the Middle East and the rise of nationalist, populist parties in Europe based on xenophobia and Islamophobis. Here you go, American hero president Donald Trump came floating on the conservative movement mized with the provocation of the Tea Party candidates in the GOP. Delusional.

How The GOP Hacked Orthodox Jews | The Forward - Opinion |

Last week saw a number of horrifying spectacles. Jeff Sessions, the attorney general, overturned asylum protections for domestic violence and gang violence victims while also quoting the New Testament to justify separating illegal immigrant parents from their children.

As if that weren't bad enough, Corey Stewart, a fervent praiser of white nationalists [NYT], won his GOP primary in Virginia.

As Jews, these events should horrify us. They mark a new era of mainstreamed bigotry in the United States. No longer can we pretend that Trump's embrace of bigotry was just a short-term strategy to win over some voters and challenge "political correctness." Now there are children, parents and entire families suffering. There are men who would take this all further, getting mainstream support for their views among Republican voters. Besides the moral abomination, our new reality also comes packaged with a healthy dose of anti-Semitism.

And yet, for Orthodox Jews, these are not reason enough to abandon the GOP.

Despite the fact that these candidates present a real and present danger to our community, I was hard-pressed to name a single right-wing Orthodox Jew who, pursuant to these events, had changed their mind about the GOP at all.

Benjamin Netanyahu Just Formed the Most Right-Wing Government in Israeli History - May 2016
Fascism and GOP Israel - Marc Zell
Really ... 'Authoritarianism'? Just Name the Beast Fascism by Oui @BooMan on March 3, 2016

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Mon Jun 18th, 2018 at 06:41:51 PM EST
Donald Trump claims Germans are turning against government over migration

US President Donald Trump on Monday claimed that Germany's leaders were losing the support of the public over the migration issue. His untimely comments come amid a deepening split between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the leader of her coalition ally, Horst Seehofer, over asylum policy and border controls.

In a warning to the American electorate, Trump warned: "We don't want what is happening with immigration in Europe to happen with us!"

Statistics contradict Trump's remarks

Trump's comments are certain to irk German ministers, especially as Europe's largest economy recently reported the lowest crime figures in more than 25 years. The number of crimes fell almost 10 percent in 2017 over the previous year. A 22 percent reduction in non-German suspects was also noted.

Separate studies suggest that Iraqi and Syrian refugees in Germany are less likely to commit crimes, as they don't want to spoil their chances of obtaining asylum.

More than 1.6 million people have sought asylum in Germany since 2014, according to the federal statistics office. Most of them, fleeing conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, arrived at the height of the 2015 migrant crisis. At the end of 2017, there were 361,059 outstanding asylum claims in the German court system.

Rolf Mützenich, foreign affairs expert for the center-left Social Democrats (SPD), cautioned Trump against intefering in German politics.

    "As the American ambassador has done previously, Trump is trying to sway the domestic political debate in favor of right-wing conservatives and populist elements in Germany. We will not change our constitutional principles and precepts of European cooperation learnt from history to align with the 'America First' policy in Washington."

US Amb Grenell Worse Than President Putin
Why Brexit? Micocosm of Isle of Dogs

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Mon Jun 18th, 2018 at 08:17:29 PM EST

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