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Stalemate: Occupation of Palestinian Land Continues

by Oui Fri Jun 29th, 2018 at 09:13:03 AM EST

From some private discussion I had recently with friends from Egypt, Dubai and England there are economic developments between Egypt, Arab States and Israel.  Just as the EEC, European Economic Community was essential for peace in Europe, perhaps economic relationship can be a good starting point to develop normal relations between longtime adversaries.

NATO is a warmongering organization and has an adverse effect on the economic opportunities between states for a peaceful relationship. An abhorrent fact as a result of a change of course after the 9/11 attacks on America. The legacy of Presidents Bush and Obama, such a shame ... not even considering the role played by PM Tony Blair and FM Jack Straw.

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The cycle of violence in Gaza needs to end and the international community must step in to prevent another war

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The pathetic caving of Nickolay Mladenov | Mondoweiss |

On 20 April 2018, Israeli snipers killed 15-year-old Mohammed Ayoub during the weekly protests in Gaza. He was standing unarmed some 150 meters away from the perimeter fence when he was shot dead. Nickolay Mladenov, UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, tweeted:

       It is OUTRAGEOUS to shoot at children! How does the killing of a child in #Gaza today help #peace? It doesn't! It fuels anger and breeds more killing.

Mladenov's compassionate visceral reaction predictably elicited Israeli outrage, and a Twitter war ensued. He was advised by a former IDF spokesperson to "go to Gaza, engage Hamas and get them to stop sending people to the fence," "stop Palestinian incitement and organized riots at the border," and "get everybody on the UN payroll in Gaza to make a human chain at a safe distance and prevent people from going to the fence."

In what proved to be his last blast of manhood, Mladenov fired back: "Here's another idea. Stop shooting children."

It's not hard to divine what, more or less, happened next: an Israeli official contacted a US official; the US official contacted a UN official; the UN official contacted Mladenov's higher-up; the higher-up gave Mladenov a dressing down.

Mladenov apparently got the message.  In other words, he was neutered, neutralized, Goldstoned. After Israeli snipers murdered 20-year-old Gaza paramedic Razan al-Najjar on 1 June 2018 while she was in uniform and her hands were raised in the air, Mladenov pathetically tweeted:

       "Israel needs to calibrate its use of force and Hamas needs to prevent incidents at the fence."

Kushner's 'Fantasia' in a Minor Key

The New Arab reports, based on apparent Egyptian sources, that a significant portion of Jared Kushner's vaunted deal of the century will involve baubles offered to the al-Sisi regime in return for taking responsibility for Gaza.  The story is both eye-opening and shocking in its audacity and presumption.  It foresees the Gulf States ponying up nearly $4-billion in infrastructure aid to build a harbor, airport and power generating plant-not in Gaza, where it's needed, but in the north Sinai.  

Presumably, the geniuses behind this plan believe these would be built close enough to Gaza to serve its population, as well as the few Egyptians living near enough to make use of them.  For Egypt, such an investment might offer local Sinai tribes an alternative to the radical Islamist movement which has bedeviled the security forces in the area for over a decade.

This report along with another published today by Foreign Policy  and this piece in The Atlantic, further clarifies that Kushner's plan actually forfeits the idea of creating a unified Palestinian state comprising the West Bank and Gaza.  Instead, it posits a Palestinian statelet under Egyptian domination, with all services and infrastructure based in northern Sinai and controlled by the Egyptians:

    Egyptian diplomatic sources have revealed...that he [Trump] plans to resolve many of Gaza's issues through establishing several economic projects in the neighbouring North Sinai.

    ...Kushner in Cairo discussed aspects of the deal to do with Egypt's role in it, namely joint projects with Gaza in the North Sinai, funded predominantly by Gulf money."

My recent diary on financial ties between the Kushner Corporations and blood-diamond oligarch Beny Steinmetz, on bribes and corruption in Dark Africa.

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Comments from the 51st State of the Union, a holy alliance made in Hell ...

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