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NATO Partnership Strenghtened to Offset Brexit

by Oui Wed Jul 11th, 2018 at 06:53:00 AM EST

Yep, making sure Europe's defense stays in the hands of US Generals, not politicians. Finance minister from the White House flying in to collect dues. Perhaps looking for cash payment to take back on Air Force One. About cash payment, Iran wants its money before the next sanctions by the US kicks in - huge Iran cash transfer request.

President Donald Tusk on EU-NATO cooperation

We have just signed a joint EU-NATO declaration, which brings the cooperation between the European Union and NATO to the next level. The aim is clear. We want to protect European citizens with all possible means available, and there is no better partner than NATO. That is why we have agreed today to strengthen EU-NATO ties in crucially important areas. They include improving the military mobility of troops and equipment, common preparedness for cyber and hybrid attacks, fighting terrorism and stopping migrant smugglers in the Mediterranean. The fullest possible involvement in our activities of EU Member States that are not NATO members will be encouraged and facilitated in an all-inclusive, non-discriminatory manner, without any artificial obstacles.

More below the fold ...

Speaking on the eve of the NATO summit here in Brussels, I would like to address President Trump directly, who for a long time now has been criticising Europe almost daily for, in his view, insufficient contributions to the common defence capabilities, and for living off the US. Dear President Trump: America does not have, and will not have a better ally than Europe. Today Europeans spend on defence many times more than Russia, and as much as China. And I think you can have no doubt, Mr President, that this is an investment in common American and European defence and security. Which can't be said with confidence about Russian or Chinese spending.

I would therefore have two remarks here. First of all, dear America, appreciate your allies, after all you don't have that many. And, dear Europe, spend more on your defence, because everyone respects an ally that is well-prepared and equipped.

Money is important, but genuine solidarity is even more important. Speaking about solidarity, I want to dispel the American President's argument, which says that the US alone protects Europe against our enemies, and that the US is almost alone in this struggle. Europe was first to respond on a large scale when the US was attacked, and called for solidarity after 9/11. European soldiers have been fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with American soldiers in Afghanistan. 870 brave European men and women sacrificed their lives, including 40 soldiers from my homeland Poland. Dear Mr President, please remember about this tomorrow, when we meet at the NATO summit, but above all when you meet president Putin in Helsinki. It is always worth knowing: who is your strategic friend? And who is your strategic problem?  

President Donald J. Trump Hosts NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg At The White House - May 17, 2018

    "In the nearly seven decades since Harry Truman
    spoke those words, the NATO Alliance has been
    the bulwark of international peace and security"

    President Donald J. Trump

A LASTING COMMITMENT: President Trump is continuing the legacy of transatlantic unity and is working with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg toward a successful July 11-12, 2018, NATO Summit.

REVITALIZING NATO: NATO countries are undertaking the most significant reinforcement of collective defense since the end of the Cold War to enhance the Alliance's ability to deter Russia, fight terrorism, and defend NATO territory.

In 2017, NATO deployed a new, enhanced Forward Presence to improve the collective defense of our NATO Allies including:

  •     An enhanced Forward Presence in the Baltic States and Poland comprised of 4 multinational, battalion-sized Battle Groups; and

  •     A tailored Forward Presence in the Black Sea region comprised of a multinational brigade in Romania, combined training to improve regional interoperability and an air-training and exercise program.

  •    To ensure it can meet any and all threats to the Alliance, NATO is making crucial reforms, such as adapting its Command Structure to current needs, increasing readiness levels, speeding up decision making processes, and improving military mobility.

  •    NATO has recommitted to developing the capabilities relevant to the hybrid and cyber threats facing the Alliance right now.

  •    NATO deterrence and defense posture includes core nuclear, conventional, and missile defense capabilities, as well as cyber defense and counter-hybrid efforts.

Propaganda mouthpiece of NATO aggression across the globe ...

The Modern Alliance: Thirty Years of NATO Operations  | The Atlantic Council |

As the NATO summit nears, attention has been focused on the defense spending of European NATO members and whether the Alliance has been "too costly for the United States," as claimed by US President Donald J. Trump. Long-standing burden-sharing concerns have morphed into larger disagreements on the value the United States gets from being part of NATO.

The Alliance, however, is more than just a defense mechanism for continental Europe. It is a major provider of security around the world. Since the end of the Cold War, NATO has expanded its mission to address threats outside of Europe and protect its members from a wide range of security challenges.

Here is a look at what NATO has been doing since the end of the Cold War ...

Role NATO after 1989 when it became irrelevant ...

NATO, 4.0 - Atlantic Alliance Relevance by Mission Change

European leaders braced for fractious NATO summit with Trump | Irish Times |

US President Trump opens NATO Summit breakfast with a frontal attack on Angela Merkel and German economic ties to Russia. US foreign policy is all about self-interest and fossil fuel: Middle East allies Israel and GCC states, Iraq War, Libya oil contracts and Syrian corridor for Qatar gas. Ukraine in 2014 ... undercutting Russia supplying gas to Europe, offering shale gas contracts. A long term "vision", worth going to war for? At least NATO gets emboldened with an aggressive stance from New Europe towards old Cold War foe, the Russian Federation. Just keep voicing fake news and misinformation ... the Americans living the new virtual reality of the digital age.

Donald Trump says Germany 'captive' of Russia | DW |

German Chancellor Angela Merkel dismissed US President Donald Trump's claim that Germany was a Russian "captive" over a controversial gas pipeline deal, as NATO countries met for one of the alliance's most challenging summits in years.

"Germany is captive of Russia because it is getting so much of its energy from Russia," Trump said, referring to Berlin's Nord Stream 2 deal with Moscow. "They pay billions of dollars to Russia and we have to defend them against Russia."

Berlin hopes the 1,200-kilometer (750-mile) Baltic Sea pipeline will provide direct delivery of more than 55 billion cubic meters (2 trillion cubic feet) of Russian natural gas starting in late 2019.


Berlin eyes options as US gas export drive takes on Russia's Gazprom | DW |

With its last nuclear plant shutting down in 2023, coal in seemingly terminal decline and the phasing out of Dutch gas, Germany faces a medium-term challenge of how to secure stable energy sources and manage the fickle nature of solar and wind plants.

One of the options has been an extension to the Nord Stream gas pipeline from Russia, so-called Nord Stream II. Germany is the biggest client of Russian state-run export monopoly Gazprom and the pipeline would double Russian gas exports. But the project faces opposition from the US, Poland and Lithuania and some in Germany.

The simultaneous boom in US, mainly shale, gas has also created a new source of cheap global supply that is changing energy consumption habits -- and geopolitics -- globally.

Germany hedges its bets

It is in this context that Germany announced plans to build a $500-million (€420-million) liquid natural gas (LNG) terminal on the Elbe river in the north of the country. Brunsbüttel would be Germany's first such plant and if all goes to plan would be open by the end of 2022.

Gasunie LNG Holding, Oiltanking GmbH and Vopak LNG Holding established a joint venture, German LNG Terminal, to build, own and operate the terminal and were granted European Commission approval last July to move ahead.

LNG World

Paavo Lipponen consulting contract environmentalimpact Nord Stream - Aug. 2008 by Sven Triloqvist on Oct 21st, 2009
Nord Steam 2 - Facts and Figures: Environmental Impact Assessment in Russia - 2017
Ukraine-Russia Proxy War and the U.S. Election
Poroshenko's Losing Bet on a Clinton Win

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Wed Jul 11th, 2018 at 01:53:37 PM EST
How dearly would any and all persons mentioned below get a hold on tickets for tonight's semi-final in Moscow. Puh-leeze ..

England should boycott 2018 World Cup, says Andy Burnham | The Guardian  - May 2015 |

England should boycott the 2018 World Cup because someone needs to take a stand against corruption in Fifa and military aggression by Russia, Andy Burnham, the favourite to be the next Labour leader, has said.

Burnham spoke out amid growing pressure on the English Football Association to do more than condemn Fifa, following a string of bribery charges against senior officials and the refusal of its president, Sepp Blatter, to stand down.

John Whittingdale, the culture, media and sport secretary, took a strong position against Fifa in the Sunday Times, writing that "no options should be ruled out" when it comes to European nations boycotting future World Cups if Fifa refuses to get rid of Blatter.

The Duke of Cambridge, who is president of the FA, also waded into the controversy by calling on Fifa to "show that it can represent the interests of fair play and put the sport first".

However, Greg Dyke, the chairman of the FA, said it was "ridiculous" to suggest England could take unilateral action without the support of other footballing nations in European and Latin America.

"Politicians come and go, problems they caused the people remain."

Boris Johnson says `poisoning' could result in Russian World Cup boycott by Prince William | The Times - March 6, 2018 |
Prince Harry says football IS 'most definitely' coming home ahead of England Croatia clash

Time heals all!?

Biggest England match for 28 years

See earlier diary - Global Community Gathers in Russia.

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Wed Jul 11th, 2018 at 04:12:46 PM EST

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Wed Jul 11th, 2018 at 08:44:54 PM EST
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England will prevail.
I heard that in a movie.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
by Cat on Wed Jul 11th, 2018 at 10:06:13 PM EST
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Germans fear Donald Trump more than Vladimir Putin, poll finds

When asked which world leader was the greater threat to world security, 64 percent of respondents chose US President Donald Trump over his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin. That's according to a YouGov poll published on the eve of Trump's meeting with Putin in Helsinki.

And the German antipathy toward Trump doesn't end there: 56 percent of respondents thought that Putin was more competent than Trump, with only 5 percent preferring the latter on that score. Thirty-six percent of Germans find Putin more likable than Trump, while 6 percent say the opposite -- although most respondents refused to indicate a preference on that question.

Maas: Remember who your friends are

In an interview with the Bild am Sonntag newspaper, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas had a warning for the US president.

"Dialogue requires clarity, and President Trump's system of coordinates lacks clarity," Maas said. "Anyone who snubs his partners risks being the big loser in the end. One-sided deals to the detriment of America's own partners ultimately hurt the US, too."

But Maas also said the bilateral summit could make the world more peaceful.

Germans want Donald Trump to pull US troops out of Germany | The Independent |

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Mon Jul 16th, 2018 at 12:15:59 AM EST
Does this yougov poll really exist? The fact that neither your article, nor any of the other articles I found, link to it makes me suspicious.
by gk (gk (gk quattro due due sette @gmail.com)) on Mon Jul 16th, 2018 at 06:25:56 AM EST
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YouGov.uk had a good reputation.

YouGov.de I have not evaluated.

Couldn't find the specific poll, although there is one which illustrates the separation between West-Europe and Trump's USA

Europe and the US: relationship crisis with separation pain?

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Mon Jul 16th, 2018 at 07:00:46 AM EST
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I wasn't commenting on the quality of the poll, simply on the fact that I can't find any proof that this specific poll actually exists.
by gk (gk (gk quattro due due sette @gmail.com)) on Mon Jul 16th, 2018 at 09:01:42 AM EST
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