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The Sounds of Crying Children to Haunt His Dreams

by joelado Wed Jul 4th, 2018 at 05:04:33 PM EST

Taking children is so wrong. Hearing them cry has disturbed me profoundly.
I want Trump and his supporters to be as haunted about this as I am.

It is such a simple idea I'm afraid to say it. I was trying to find an effective way to rattle the Trump administration without reverting to violence or directly harassing them. I think I have come up with an answer that will not only unnerve the Trump machine, but will get most Trump supporters to abandon him.

What I have done is to take the recording of crying children at a border that was posted by ProPublica on SoundCloud <https://soundcloud.com/propublica/audio-crying-children-inside-a-us-customs-and-border-protectio n-facility> and cut it up so that less of the adult voices and unrelated background noise is heard. I did this through GarageBand on my Mac. I then saved it to iTunes.

What I am thinking is this, we use the sound of the crying children's voices when anyone of us comes across a Trump administration personality out in public. For example, play the crying from an audio file on your phone. Please, don't do this in an, "in your face," manor!

What I'm imagining is this. You are sitting at a restaurant and a Trump administration celeb is there eating or comes in after you. You call the crying border baby file up and play it on your smart phone's speakers. Just a moment. If you happen to be seated relatively close to a Trump henchmen, you can play it for a few seconds and then stop. Do it just long enough so you know they heard it. If the restaurant approaches you about playing the recording, just apologize, claim it is your ringtone and stop it. You don't have to bludgeon them with it. Be satisfied with the knowledge that if they heard the recording it will most likely ruin their meal and possibly their entire day. We want them to feel uncomfortable. I've used a restaurant example here but there are probably thousands of other places where these people are out in public that we can do this. The point is not to make them angry or allow them to play the victim card for being harassed, but rattle their psyche just enough to tweak their consciences.

I am sure that Donald Trump would probably loose control hearing the border children crying if he were in the middle of one of his hate speeches at one of his rallies. Just think of it, everywhere he goes he will hear the sound of the very children his policies made cry. It will haunt his dreams. Furthermore, just imagine being a Trump supporter and hearing the cries of babies everywhere he goes. You can also play it at Trump supporter gatherings, in front of Trump signs, hotels, golfing establishments, buildings and resorts. I can't imagine anyone would ever want to be associated with the man who is associated with all that crying. Eventually the people who have buried the good in them selves deep inside to support Trump will turn on him. For the others it will take the pro-Trump wind out of their sails.

What I like most about this is that it is not violent. It is not caustic. It is not terribly loud. It is not even that rude. Yet it is very compelling and very disruptive. I can't imagine Sarah Huckabee Sander wanting to stay on with Trump always hearing crying babies everywhere she goes. This may even reach others in the administration like Kirstjen Nielsen if she has any kind of soul. But most of all it will reach all the fence sitters who have supported Trump in the past.

I know this recording has a strong effect on Trump supporters. I witnessed a neighbor of mine, who had displayed a Trump sign on his house since the election finally take it down when the recording of the crying children came out on the news. If all of us, saying nothing, would play the voices of the crying children taken from their mothers at the border every time when Trump or any of his evil bootlickers are out in public, I strongly believe this would finally bring down this disgrace of a Presidency.

Cool. Can you cut one for Puerto Rican children? Before Friday. Word on the street is they're all about to be evicted from their luxury accommodations.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
by Cat on Wed Jul 4th, 2018 at 07:01:33 PM EST
We have our first reported Dream Haunt. https:/www.dailykos.com/stories/2018/7/4/1777682-Heckle-away-it-s-called-democracy
On, "Heckle away--it's called democracy." by Kerry Eleveld of the Daily Kos Staff, published Wednesday July 04, 2018 · 10:00 PM Central Daylight Time. The main picture caption of the post reads:
"Protesters blasted audio of crying migrant toddlers outside the town house of Homeland Security chief Kirstjen Nielsen."
by joelado on Thu Jul 5th, 2018 at 06:49:41 AM EST
Add Booher and Ocasio-Ortez to your address books!
Judge orders FEMA to extend stays for Puerto Rican evacuees
A federal judge ruled Tuesday that the Federal Emergency Management Agency must extend the Transitional Sheltering Assistance program for Puerto Rican refugees displaced by Hurricane Maria through July 23.

The extension will keep several hundred families temporarily housed in hotels in 22 states and Puerto Rico for three more weeks.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
by Cat on Thu Jul 5th, 2018 at 04:57:35 PM EST
Puerto Ricans are born United States citizens. What is being extended is assistance for housing. They are only refugees figuratively not literally since technically you can't be a refugee from your own country. Trump can't get it through his thick head that Porto Ricans are Americans. Because they have their own culture and typically speak Spanish racists in America treat them as if they are foreigners but they are not. Hawaiians are also Americans with a distinct language and culture, but since there are so many Haoles (Hawaiian for tourist) like President Obama who have been born and raised there people forget about the indigenous people there too.
by joelado on Wed Jul 11th, 2018 at 10:23:29 PM EST
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Samoans, Native Americans, Guamanians and also Americans with their own languages and cultures. And there are more.
by joelado on Fri Jul 13th, 2018 at 01:01:31 AM EST
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