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Daraa Rebels Surrender Under Russia's Protection

by Oui Sun Jul 8th, 2018 at 08:50:42 AM EST

Daraa rebels agree ceasefire, as Syrian regime seizes border crossing

Syrian rebels in Daraa said on Friday a ceasefire deal had been reached with regime ally Russia. The deal allows both fighters and civilians in Daraa to settle their status with the regime under Russia's protection.

Rebels would if they chose be allowed to leave Daraa for another opposition stronghold in northwest Syria, rather than stay under Assad's rule.

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Regime forces took control of a key route running along the border with Jordan, up to the Nasib border crossing, as part of Friday's agreement.

The border point, which had remained in opposition hands, was one of the key targets of the regime's more than two-week offensive in southern Syria. Its recapture is expected to bring renewed trade with neighbouring Jordan.

Syrian regime troops reach key border crossing with Jordan | Times of Israel |

Syrian state media said Friday that government forces have reached a vital border crossing with Jordan and raised the national flag for the first time in years.

State news agency SANA said the capture of the Naseeb border crossing happened after a deal was close to being reached between rebels and Russian mediators to end the violence in southern Syria.

The capture of the Naseeb border crossing is another victory for President Bashar Assad's forces, who have regained control of most of the area's key cities from insurgents.

Rebels seized control of the crossing in 2015, cutting a major lifeline for Syrian exports and disrupting a major trade route between Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and oil-rich gulf counties.

Syrian government forces launched a wide offensive on June 19 to retake Daraa and the nearby Quneitra region that borders the Israeli Golan Heights.

Israel's IDF gives support to Al Nusra rebels near Golan Heights

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