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White-washing Osama, Saudi Favorite Son

by Oui Fri Aug 3rd, 2018 at 06:59:48 PM EST

I'm truly stunned a quality paper The Guardian claims to be, to have published major article about Osama Bin Laden that is so poorly researched. The holes in the story you can easily drive a truck through them. It irritates me enormously.

I will return to write about the shortcomings, please don't refrain from making your very own comments about the last three decades of Wahhabist inspired and funded terror across the globe. Saudi Arabia under crown prince Salman looking for easy scape goats? The terror spreads and the Yemen expedition sows further discord and division. Saudi Arabia now in close alliance with the UAE, Kuwait, Israel, United Kingdom and the United States.

US mercenaries have made a home in Abu Dhabi, the wealthiest part of the Emirates. Abu Dhabi joined the neoconservatives of the Republican party to defeat Hillary in 2016. Under the radar, or just a narrative the media doesn't write about because US and UK intelligence are pointing fingers at Putin and Russia.

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My son, Osama: the al-Qaida leader's mother speaks for the first time | The Guardian |

On the corner couch of a spacious room, a woman wearing a brightly patterned robe sits expectantly. The red hijab that covers her hair is reflected in a glass-fronted cabinet; inside, a framed photograph of her firstborn son takes pride of place between family heirlooms and valuables. A smiling, bearded figure wearing a military jacket, he features in photographs around the room: propped against the wall at her feet, resting on a mantlepiece. A supper of Saudi meze and a lemon cheesecake has been spread out on a large wooden dining table.

Alia Ghanem is Osama bin Laden's mother, and she commands the attention of everyone in the room. On chairs nearby sit two of her surviving sons, Ahmad and Hassan, and her second husband, Mohammed al-Attas, the man who raised all three brothers. Everyone in the family has their own story to tell about the man linked to the rise of global terrorism; but it is Ghanem who holds court today, describing a man who is, to her, still a beloved son who somehow lost his way. "My life was very difficult because he was so far away from me," she says, speaking confidently. "He was a very good kid and he loved me so much." Now in her mid-70s and in variable health, Ghanem points at al-Attas - a lean, fit man dressed, like his two sons, in an immaculately pressed white thobe, a gown worn by men across the Arabian peninsula. "He raised Osama from the age of three. He was a good man, and he was good to Osama."

[A long read ...]

The missing events just off the cuff ...

US Troops allowed to be stationed on Saudi soil fighting the First Gulf War, radicalized Osama Bin Laden after his Afghan jihad supported by USA - Saudi Arabia - Pakistan's military and ISI

    • Bombing of the WTC Towers in 1993 (reports of Bojinka plot missed)
    • Link to global terror already during the 1990s
    • Deadly bombing of the US Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya in 1997
    • Spread of terror to Chechnya and Asia Minor former Soviet satellite states
    • US State Department calls jihadists "freedom fighters"
    • Spread of Al Qaeda terror to Aceh and Molucca in Indonesia
    • South Asia: Malaysia - Thailand - Philippines (Mindanao)

Interesting to read Osama's mother was an Alawite, the Shia sect of Islam and came from Syria. Of course Osama Bin Laden joined forces with the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt's Ayman al-Zawahiri. Under Nasser, the purge of the radical Muslim Brotherhood led to many members seeking refuge in the Gulf States where they were welcomed. Because of their radicalism and division from Wahhabist teaching, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates became disenchanted with the MB and  threw them out. During the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton favoured the Muslim Brotherhood above the Saudi monarchy - made the Democrats archenemies of the Saudi and Emirates. See my earlier diary - International Coalition to Defeat Democrats and Hillary in 2016.

Saudi and the Brotherhood: From friends to foes
Helping al-Saud Royal Family in Yemen

My eldest brother was "holed up" in the Emirates mid 1990 and heard the rumour of a pending attack on US soil. The wealthy sheiks of the UAE where in Afghanistan with Osama Bin Laden falcon hunting ... foiled the lethal bombing of Osama's compound near Kandahar.

Came across a diary by Sirocco from July 2006 ...

Cartoon War II

    "What sort of country revels in murder and oppression but cries to high heavens about cartoons?

    Saudi Arabia? Check. Syria? Check. Libya? Check. Iran? Check. Israel? Check:"

BLOWBACK - Saddam Hussein: "Thanks for the Memories" by Colinski @BooMan on March 25, 2008

Who runs Trump's White House???

Trump's top lieutenants took to the White House briefing room to warn of the latest threat
Trump, Russia and the "Hoax"


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