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Murder Inc. - Hatred of the American State

by Oui Mon Sep 24th, 2018 at 07:07:31 PM EST

I have never forgotten the ten thousands killed at the hands of rightwing military trained and led by US special forces in Central and South America. Murderers finding refuge inside the US.

Killing leftist oriented International journalists with impunity - US led guerilla warfare in Central America - the Fort Bragg death squads. The ugly business still exists to extend US Imperialism across the globe. We have endured these tactics in Afghanistan - Iraq - Libya - Syria and will continue in de future. Do not allow any US president or Ambassador to the UN lecture the world on Human Rights. A very BIG abuser is settled right in Washington DC.

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Seeking justice for 1982 murder of four Dutch journalists

In early 1982, El Salvador was a dangerous place for journalists covering the civil war between FMLN guerrillas and the country's armed forces. Despite the danger, four Dutch journalists, Koos Koster, Jan Kuiper, Joop Willemse and Hans ter Laag, ventured out to the Department of Chalatenango to get an interview with guerrilla fighters.   The Salvadoran army ambushed their group and killed all the journalists.  The 36th anniversary of the killings is this week.

The ambush was one of the war crimes documented in the 1993 UN Truth Commission Report following the conclusion of El Salvador's civil war:

    On the afternoon of 17 March 1982, four Dutch journalists accompanied by five or six members of FMLN, some of them armed, were ambushed by a patrol of the Atonal Battalion of the Salvadorian armed forces while on their way to territory under FMLN control. The incident occurred not far from the San Salvador-Chalatenango road, near the turn off to Santa Rita. The four journalists were killed in the ambush and only one member of FMLN survived. Having analysed the evidence available, the Commission on the Truth has reached the conclusion that the ambush was set up deliberately to surprise and kill the journalists and their escort; that the decision to ambush them was taken by Colonel Mario A. Reyes Mena, Commander of the Fourth Infantry Brigade, with the knowledge of other officers; that no major skirmish preceded or coincided with the shoot-out in which the journalists were killed; and, lastly, that the officer named above and other soldiers concealed the truth and obstructed the judicial investigation....

    1. The Commission on the Truth considers that there is full evidence that Dutch journalists Koos Jacobus Andries Koster, Jan Cornelius Kuiper Joop, Hans Lodewijk ter Laag and Johannes Jan Willemsen were killed on 17 March 1982 in an ambush which was planned in advance by the Commander of the Fourth Infantry Brigade, Colonel Mario A. Reyes Mena, with the knowledge of other officers at the El Paraíso barracks, on the basis of intelligence data alerting them to the journalists' presence, and was carried out by a patrol of soldiers from the Atonal BIRI, under the command of Sergeant Mario Canizales Espinoza.

    2. These same officers, the sergeant and others subsequently covered up the truth and obstructed the investigations carried out by the judiciary and other competent authorities.

During the war a judicial investigation of the events came to an end in 1988 when the judge on the case sought asylum outside of El Salvador after receiving death threats, and the 1993 amnesty law prevented any prosecution thereafter.  

Salvadorean right-wing murderer of Dutch journalists found

This 1982 ANP photo shows crosses commemorating four Dutch journalists, murdered in El Salvador, and 40,000 Salvadorans killed by CIA-supported death squads. The photo was taken in front of the United States consulate in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

    Brain behind murder of IKON journalists tracked down

    The editors of the Zembla television program have tracked down the colonel who in El Salvador in 1982 ordered to murder four Dutch journalists of the IKON [Christian broadcasting organisation]. The now 79-year-old Mario Reyes Mena lives in the United States and can still be prosecuted.

    In El Salvador, a bloody civil war raged between 1980 and 1992 between a US-backed right-wing government and left-wing guerrilla groups. In March 1982, a team from the TV program Kenmerk [Feature] was there for a report. When the journalists tried to enter guerrilla territory, they were met by soldiers of the government army and shot dead.

A Dutch journalist who fled El Salvador after identifying bodies of slain journalists (UPI 1982)
The killing of four Dutch journalists in El Salvador was deplored by the U.S. State Department


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