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1 Million Solar Lights for 1 Millions Students to Commemorate Gandhi's 150th Birthday

by gmoke Sat Aug 24th, 2019 at 11:54:00 PM EST

On October 2, 2019 the Global Solar Yatra plans on organizing 1 million students to build 1 million solar study lights to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Gandhi's birth in 70 countries around the world.  More information at http://www.ggsy.in

Gandhi believed swadeshi, local production, was the heart of satyagraha, truth force, the power behind political nonviolence, the daily practice at non-exploitative economy. Using these small-scale solar devices, I believe, is a solar swadeshi because solar energy is eminently local.  I also see it as a kind of positive protest and an example of the change we have to become.

This event would be a practical follow-up to the global climate actions of September 20 - 27 and I've been doing my best to let groups like Fight for the Future, Extinction Rebellion, Sunrise Movement, and others know about it.  If this appeals to you, please pass it on.

Personally, I have been using such devices in my own daily activities for the past 15 years with solar lights over my bed in my rental apartment and a solar light and charger on my backpack which I use as a bike light.

My solar light and charger was $10 rather than $15 and it came direct from China rather than Amazon when I bought it but is now available at
https:/www.amazon.com/LETOUR-Rechargeable-Lighting-Headlight-Waterproof/dp/B07RDQF49L/ref=asc_df_B0 7RDQF49L

This hand cranked model was about $10 when I bought it from China two years ago and is now $5 from Walmart:
https:/www.walmart.com/ip/Camping-Portable-LED-Light-Foldable-Collapsible-Lantern-Flashlight-Outdoo r-Lamp-Hiking-Lantern/240002611

A friend  has been using this inflatable solar light for about the last year:
/www.skrten.com/products/skrten-outdoor-inflatable-collapsible-water-resistant-led-solar-lant ern-5

At one time, I suggested that Cambridge, MA USA could do a bulk buy of solar lights and chargers, enough for a light and to charge a cell phone or batteries for a radio, and offer it to the citizens as part of an emergency preparedness or civil defense program, possibly with a buy one give one program in conjunction with our sister cities like San José Las Flores, El Salvador, Yerevan, Armenia, Les Cayes, Haiti,  and others.  Could still be done.

I've been saying Solar IS Civil Defense for about 20 years now. People haven't really been much interested in the concept.  However, the necessity for personal and collective climate emergency preparation is becoming more and more obvious.  Whatever you believe about climate change, we know some kind of weather emergency is going to happen here, probably within a year or two and possibly more frequently than that.  Strange weather seems to be cropping up more often these days.

And it's good to be prepared, especially at these prices.

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