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Foreign Policy: Boris Ally Lynton Crosby and CTF

by Oui Sat Aug 3rd, 2019 at 10:09:32 AM EST

There are unlimited ways to bely The People with paid for propaganda. Western democracy is dead, long live cleptocracy of pure capitalism. As the forests burn across the globe, a step function in our warming climate with a big melt of glaciers on Greenland, Iceland, Himalayas and Antarctica. Populists leaders put in place by big money sponsors of coal and fossil fuel and delivering on those promises. Can it get any worse?

The wealthy capitalists will always turn on the poorest dwellers of planet earth ... the goal to increase their suffering and spurn ultimate death? Pharma and "health care"? Not so, the opiod crisis is more than a signal ... plus the pricing to boost unlimited profits for the stockholder, not the stakeholders. More billions spend on reaching the Moon or even Mars ...

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Transparency of fair elections hasn't even managed to scratch the surface of deceit, lies and old fashion voter suppression. What the digital age brings to the most powerful in politics, Silicon Valley tech and Wall Street. Adding $10bn to the Pentagon for an AI contract ... there are no borders in criminal acts by the people in Washington D.C. ... dark matter on that shiny hill!

We have tried to shine light on Facebook, Google, Alphabet, Twitter and its end users Cambridge Analytica, SLC Group, AIQ, Leave.EU, etc. A (renewed) developing story ... same actors on the stage.

Johnson ally Lynton Crosby could be called to give evidence to MPs | The Guardian |

Sir Lynton Crosby could be called to give evidence to a House of Commons select committee on disinformation after the Guardian revealed how his lobbying company, CTF Partners, was involved in running a propaganda network on Facebook on behalf of foreign states and major corporate clients.

MPs told the Guardian they would seek to summon representatives of CTF to discuss their role in running a disinformation network that reached tens of millions of people. It comes as trade groups seek to distance themselves from CTF and its activities.

Select committee member Jo Stevens said she would be looking to summon Crosby himself to give evidence, comparing his company's tactics to those used by the defunct business Cambridge Analytica.

"The parallels between the types of work SCL Group and Cambridge Analytica did and Lynton Crosby's CTF are unnerving," she said. "Crosby appears to be something of an expert in fake news and disinformation so evidence from him would be very helpful to our ongoing inquiry."


Secrecy was a paramount consideration in the communications strategy, the staffers said, leading to instances of the careful use of initials instead of full names on Facebook's internal systems and the occasional reliance on non-corporate email accounts. Some resorted to using ProtonMail, an encrypted email service, to avoid being traced.

The Guardian understands that CTF Partners earned millions of pounds representing the Saudi Arabian government, with the account headed by longtime Crosby associate Mark Domitrak - a former lobbying boss at British American Tobacco. The company helped coordinate press coverage around the arrival of crown prince Mohammed bin Salman in the UK for his state visit in early 2018, prior to the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

Sam Lyon, the head of CTF Partners' London office who previously worked as Johnson's director of communications, was a member of the team who worked with the party of Malaysia's then prime minister, Najib Razak.

[Read more, excellent coverage ...]

Brexit, cycle lanes and Saudi Arabia: CTF's Facebook campaigns | The Guardian - Aug. 1, 2019 |
Facebook ads by Lynton Crosby's firm 'part of push for hard Brexit' | The Guardian - April 22, 2019 |

See also my previous diary on CTF Partners and their line of business ...

UK Neocolonialism: Super Wealth and Stealth Power

So Boris Johnson as new PM needs more dough for his Tory communications friends who have performed exceedingly well  ... Tory Government splurges £100m on advertising.

The Cameron Whisperers: How Crosby Can Bend The PM's Ear By Proxy | Granny's Last Mix - July 2013 |

I've lost count of the number of times David Cameron has been asked by journalists if his decisions about cigarette packaging and alcohol pricing were influenced by his election campaign guru, Lynton Crosby aka The Lizard of Oz. I'm probably more sick of hearing him deny it than he is of making these repeated denials.

Lets not forget that the Lizard's lobbying company has a London branch that goes by the name of Crosby Textor Fullbrook (CTF) and it was this outfit that was responsible for running Boris Johnson's election campaign for London Mayor. And its now stuffed full of eager young Tories, most of whom worked within the government in some capacity or other until just before the Lizard was hired by Cameron. Now they work at CTF.

Mark Fullbrook is number one contender for the role of Cameron Whisperer.

Now meet Theo Lomas who's worked at CFT since 2011. His background is interesting in the light of the concerns that have been raised about the Lizard's involvement in the fracking business.

Selling out Great Britain, the Tory ambition of multiple oligarchs housed in Kensington Place ...

The Boris Team and Business Ties to Former Malaysia PM Najib Razak

The question is how will trade and investment flow if Boris takes charge?  Brexit to one side (having to an extent performed its purpose in making him leader) it seems likely that Johnson will soon respond to some of the financial interests which supported his rise. These include businessmen behind what is termed as the 'Commonwealth Agenda', keen to revive what they see as the UK's special ties with countries such as Malaysia.

... Lord Marland likewise claims he was the driving force behind the massive investment of Malaysian public money into London's most costly ever development project at Battersea Power Station during his short term as a minister:

    I think the only legacy [of his role] that... lasting legacy will forever exist would be Battersea Power Station which I was the minister responsible for getting that going... it is fascinating seeing the towers coming down and going back up again which I was utterly insistent upon and actually getting the Malaysians, they were brilliant, they are still. ...

    Q: What do you regard as your big achievement in office?

    LM: .. I think opening trade relationships with some of the biggest countries in the world which had completely died. I mean, Malaysia for example, you know, the amount of Malaysia monies coming in... Getting those relationships going and then buying into British.  [Lord Marland]

As testimony to his role Marland attended the earth-turning on the project in 2013 together with private developers SP Setia, former PM Najib Razak (Malaysian Government concerns Sime Derby and EPF already owned 60%), former PM David Cameron and the then London Mayor Boris Johnson.

The Boris Team and Business Ties to Former Malaysia PM Najib Razak

White men in London working the globe, close ties to Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, David Cameron, Muhammed Salman, Bibi Netanyhau ...

Trump Donor, Elliott Broidy, Paid Dennis Ross $10,000 to Publish Pro-Saudi Op-Ed in The Hill

The Daily Beast reports (paywall) that Trump donor, Elliott Broidy, recruited former Ambassador Dennis Ross to crank out op-eds flattering to the UAE and Saudi Arabia.  After Ross informed him that The Hill would publish one of his pieces, Broidy told him to invoice him $10,000.  Ross was paid. He is a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Peace (WINEP), the think-tank affiliate of Aipac.

Broidy is the exceedingly colorful character who is a board member of the Republican Jewish Coalition.  He made his fortune as an accountant and later investment manager for the founder of Taco Bell.  He was found guilty of paying bribes to New York City officials to land a $250-million contract with a city pension fund.

Broidy is a consultant who brokers influence on behalf of Middle East potentates and sheiks like the rulers of UAE and Saudi Arabia.  He offers some of the world's most notorious dictators access to the corridors of power [NY Times] in the Trump White House:

One of my big concerns how Secretary of State Hillary Clinton repeatedly contracted Dennis Ross to give him a role in the Middle East conflict and to set US policy towards Iran. Her successor John Kerry did his best to correct the many flaws and mistakes, but the Obama Government with the Pentagon and U.S. Congress wouldn't budge on these issues. The refugees crossing into Greece and Italy brought about the further rise of populism and xenophobia. The result we witness today and will suffer tomorrow. Don't tell us you haven't been warned!

Can The People ever get their voice in politics ... the Constitution perhaps never mentioned democracy? It was written for the landowners and property (slaves) farms - cotton and tobacco.  Capitalism surely did well to add coal and fossil fuel. As planet Earth burns and its inhabitants need to get used to sweltering heat waves.

(USA edition)
Can The People ever get their voice in politics
Yes, because speech and assembly ("voice") is first of the Bill of Rights, enumerated and granted by government ("politics") to individuals. For many free exercise of same and 2nd Amd. satisfies all expectations fulfilling citizenship.
Yes, because amateur and professional "political scientists" have persuaded indigent and affluent inhabitants that an electoral right ("vote") is  fungible "speech".
No, because the US Constitution ascribes electoral rights to "government" rather than to any individual. Congress enacts rules of presidential election. The Congress delegates rules of federal offices' elections (not codified in Constitution) to the states. States enact rules of election and franchise qualifications (not codified in Constitution or US Code).

The 10th Amd equivocates states' authorities to delegate or reserve its sovereignty. Effectively, extending petition for relief from 1st. Amd. rights to litigation between "the people" and state. 15th, 19th, and 26th amendments to the Bill of Rights selectively proscribe electoral rights of the states. See Fair Vote primer.

the Constitution perhaps never mentioned democracy?
It does not. Art. IV §4 of the US Constitution in fact specifies one, admissable form of state (government, politics): republican.  wikiwtf's synopsis ascribes diverse functions to the states without once mentioning that this limitation to individual electoral agency, "direct democracy" or "universal suffrage". Conversely, amateur and professional "political scientists" have contributed to a grotesque body of literature, postulating "representative democracy."

It was written for the [property] owners
Yes. Besides repudiating monarchy, British American colonists were exceedingly interested in insurrection  in order to codify and exploit personal property rights, or exclusive ownership of "goods" and "bads" --regardless of religious affiliation which was a well-known, indispensable pretext for punitive acts by monarchs. While many passionate theories on  constitution of liberal government survive, Chas. Beard's methodical examination US republican  propaganda and private actions persuasively relates moral imperatives of the times (informally, "socialize losses, privatize profits"). An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Sat Aug 3rd, 2019 at 04:48:49 PM EST
An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States, unabridged

Download it before it's scrubbed.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Mon Aug 12th, 2019 at 02:08:17 PM EST
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Hoyer and 41 Democrats visit Israel on AIPAC-affiliated junket that violates 'spirit as well as the letter of the law' | Mondoweiss |

    "You know, I've been all over the U.S. with AIPAC and it's always a great pleasure, as an Israeli. I always tell AIPAC, you do so much in the U.S., and... I know that you've got our backs. It's such a great feeling."

New York Times reporter Ronan Bergman speaking at an AIPAC event

Key words: | AIPAC | Ronen Bergman | Tikun Olam | Bernie Sanders |

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Wed Aug 7th, 2019 at 11:58:56 AM EST

Bond holders weren't getting paid.

They rejiggered the system so they would get paid.


She believed in nothing; only her skepticism kept her from being an atheist. -- Jean-Paul Sartre

by ATinNM on Mon Aug 12th, 2019 at 05:40:55 PM EST

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