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Mayday! Mayday! White Helmets Money Fraud

by Oui Fri Jul 17th, 2020 at 07:10:15 PM EST

The Syrian volunteers were paid a $150 monthly salary...

More below the fold ...

Autopsy shows former British intelligence officer 'fell to his death' | Daily Sabah |

... ruled a suicide.

Review of the monitoring systems of three projects in Syria: AJACS, White Helmets and NLA

Dutch accountant uncovers fraud behind Syria rescue organization White Helmets: Report | NL Times |

A Dutch accountant discovered that the leaders of Mayday Rescue, the Dutch foundation behind the White Helmets rescue organization in Syria, used money intended for a rescue operation for their own bonuses instead. James Le Mesurier, the founder of the White Helmets, died in an apparent suicide days after this discovery, the Volkskrant reports based on its own research.

But when the Dutch accountant went to check in November 2019, he found that the money was missing and the receipts were fake. An involved employee told him that Le Mesurier asked that he and a colleague sign backdated receipts. The accountant met with Le Mesurier to ask him about it, and he acknowledged fraud, according to the Volkskrant. The money went into "remuneration benefits" - money he and fellow directors Emma Winberg (also his wife) and Rupert Davis paid out every month on top of their salaries.

The next day, November 8, Le Mesurier wrote an email to the donor countries, admitting that the 50 thousand dollars disappeared as a result of "fraud", but adding that there was never any malicious intent. "I take full and sole responsibility for that," he wrote, according to the newspaper. He discussed his fears for a second investigation by a forensic accountant, that this may reveal "errors and internal failures" that could play into the hands of "Russia and the pro-Assad trolls."

Amsterdam Civil Court Ruling: Dismissal CFO requested by Mayday Rescue Foundation - June 2020

Coordinating International and Regional Communication In the Syrian Conflict

Destroying the Middle East ...

Apparently lots of the funds donated by Western NATO States were relayed from Amsterdam to Mayday Rescue Ltd located in Dubai UAE.

Some truly murky funding of hospitals and "rescue" work in the war stricken regions where Islamist terrorists were operating from the year 2011 to the present.


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