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Will the EU punish the UK for its Brexit dealbreaking?

by IdiotSavant Fri Oct 1st, 2021 at 09:12:01 AM EST

The Dutch media is reporting that the European Commission is preparing to punish the UK for its Brexit dealbreaking.

[In Dutch. Shitty Google translate version follows]

The Commission wants a "permanent solution" to the disputes, not short-term arm wrestling. So in mid-October she will come up with new proposals to solve the problems with controls, forms and labeling without changing the protocol. The only UK demand that the Commission will never agree to is to remove the European Court's role as final arbiter on the correct application of EU laws. That is not only impossible under treaty law, but also politically impossible: it would prove Poland right in their attempt to inflate the primacy of EU law.

The Commission knows that it is counterproductive to announce a new ultimatum with a drum roll. London will sit back until the new date is in sight and then - hoping for limp knees at the EU - try to wrestle new concessions. So far that works. Exactly what the Member States did not want - the continual extension of transition periods - is now happening.

Partly for this reason, the Commission has started to privately inform the Member States about harsh sanctions if London still ignores the protocol at the end of this year. This does not only concern the usual lawsuits, but direct trade restrictions (import duties) as well as the denial of British requests to participate in (EU-funded) research programs. Also on the sanctions list: restricting the freedom of British financial services providers to operate in the lucrative European market.

But does the Union have the political courage to push things to a head at the turn of the year? In any case, the Member States will then know what is at stake and what weapons they have at their disposal. "There can be no more surprises," said an EU official.

Will the EU actually follow through though?

Link to article in Belgian DeMorgen [no paywall]

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Fri Oct 1st, 2021 at 11:05:52 AM EST
More on author Marc Peeperkorn ...

Peeperkorn wins Anne Vondeling Prize 2016

Brussels correspondent for de Volkskrant, Marc Peeperkorn, has won the Anne Vondeling Prize 2016 for 'clear political journalism'. According to the jury, Peeperkorn deserves the prize for his coverage of "two crucial political themes from last year: the refugee crisis and the Ukraine referendum. They are examples of Marc Peeperkorn's years of high-quality reporting from Brussels.

Dutch had rejected EU enlargement and closer ties to Ukraine ...

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Fri Oct 1st, 2021 at 11:25:16 AM EST
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Either the EU will protect itself or it will end.  

She believed in nothing; only her skepticism kept her from being an atheist. -- Jean-Paul Sartre
by ATinNM on Fri Oct 1st, 2021 at 04:38:40 PM EST
The EU would be wise to delay any precipitant action until after the N. Ireland assembly elections, due, at the latest by next May. The DUP are desperately trying to portray themselves as the defenders of N. Ireland against the evils of the EU, and any actions before the election would play into their hands.

That is, of course, unless the UK invokes article 16 of the Protocol, which effectively suspends it until further arbitration. Article 16 also allows the other side to retaliate, which would be the ideal context for the EU to start playing hard ball.

But so far the suspension of the controls required by the Protocol hasn't had any measurable impact on the Single Market as such, and no immediate action is required. It is a case of slowly, slowly  catchy monkey, as the new status quo is consolidated and as new supply chains bypassing Britain are established.

By the time the N. Ireland Assembly gets to vote on the continuance of the Protocol in 2024, the status quo and economic stability will require minimal disruption to existing arrangements. The centre ground should have moved more in the protocol''s favour.

Index of Frank's Diaries

by Frank Schnittger (mail Frankschnittger at hot male dotty communists) on Fri Oct 1st, 2021 at 06:24:52 PM EST
Reunification by stealth?
by Bernard (bernard) on Sat Oct 2nd, 2021 at 01:26:23 PM EST
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Political re-unification can only follow economic and social integration...

Index of Frank's Diaries
by Frank Schnittger (mail Frankschnittger at hot male dotty communists) on Tue Oct 5th, 2021 at 04:52:19 PM EST
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Guardian: France threatens to cut UK and Jersey energy supply in fishing row

The EU could hit Britain and Jersey's energy supply over the UK's failure to provide sufficient fishing licences to French fishers, France's EU affairs minister has said.

Clément Beaune, who is a close ally of the French president, Emmanuel Macron, said action would be decided on within days and discussions were already in motion.

France's prime minister, Jean Castex, echoed the sentiment, telling the national assembly that the EU had to be firmer with the UK. "The [European] Commission is moving, it must do more", he said.

Sounds like European patience is running out.

by IdiotSavant on Wed Oct 6th, 2021 at 12:03:57 AM EST
But according to about 11 Tory sound bites out of 10, all the problems are being caused because the EU is already punishing the UK by...[checks notes]... uniformly enforcing laws against ALL non-EU countries that the Mayn't and de Piffle governments knew full well from the start were on the books.
by rifek on Wed Oct 6th, 2021 at 05:19:21 AM EST

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