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Sudan Military Junta Favors Israel and UAE

by Oui Tue Nov 2nd, 2021 at 01:52:14 PM EST

The delegation, which likely included representatives from the Mossad spy agency, met with Abdul Rahim Hamdan Dagalo, a prominent general in the Rapid Support Forces, a Sudanese paramilitary force that took part in the coup carried out last month, the Walla news site reported Monday.

Dagalo had been part of a Sudanese military delegation that visited Israel several weeks earlier, meeting with members of the National Security Council and other officials in the Prime Minister's Office.

Israeli officials told Walla that while the sides discussed the political situation in Sudan and the stability of the civilian government during the Israel visit, the Sudanse did not offer any indication that they would be carrying out a coup and deposing the civilian-led government later that month.

While much of the Western world has condemned the coup, Israel has remained noticeably silent. Sudanese military leaders have taken note of the response in Jerusalem and believe it constitutes approval of their actions, the report said.

It was the military, not the civilian leadership, in Sudan that played a more active role in advancing normalization with Israel last year.

Trump Hosts Abraham Accords Signing Between Israel, UAE and Bahrain | VOA - Sept. 15, 2020 |

Secret financial network of Sudan's main militia exposed

Another key element of the RSF's income is payment for the provision of mercenaries that fight on behalf of Saudi Arabia in Yemen.

Front companies

Two RSF uses two front companies, the small information technology and security company GSK that is based in Sudan, and Tradive General Trading LLC, based in the UAE. Tradive is funnelling tens of millions of dollars in to and out of the RSF, at least partly in order to obscure the involvement of the militia.

Earlier writing ....

Israeli Intelligence Aids African States Threatened by Islamist Insurgencies in Return for Normalization | Tikun Olam |  

Indeed, Israel appears to have joined with Gulf States in intervening in internal Sudanese affairs on behalf of the military junta.  These generals have done favors for UAE and the Saudis in particular in sending troops to fight on their behalf in Yemen.  Thus, if there is a conflict between Sudanese civilian advocates of democracy and the military, they will want the deck stacked in favor of the latter.  It will take tremendous will on the part of the US and African Union if they wish to exert any counter-force against this anti-democracy conspiracy.  Unfortunately, in these situations the will of the generals and their guns often speak louder than the words of diplomats.

Israel typically sides with naked power and strongman rule over democracy and populism. Which should also put the lie to Israeli claims that it is a democracy.

Perhaps the most offensive passage  concerns the Israeli official telling the US that military rule, not democracy, is not just in Israel's interest, but America's as well. In doing so he flagrantly contradicts Ambassador Feltman's clear statement of US policy: that we endorse democratic rule and threaten to cancel aid if it is not restored.

State Department spokesperson, Ned Price, addressed precisely this effrontery and swatted down the Israeli claim earlier today.

On a related matter, incoming Mossad chief, David Barnea, has made cultivating intelligence relations with Africa one of his priorities.  He personally visited Chad last summer and discussed the possibility of Israel maintaining a forward base there, from which to fly its surveillance drones.  They could be helpful in monitoring the security situation in Libya and Algeria, which has opposed the Moroccan territorial claim in the Sahel. Morocco and Israel are now allies, as the former has become one of four Arab states to normalize relations. Israel would be only too happy to keep close tabs on the Polisario Front's representatives who have found refuge in Algeria.

Polisario Front's police chief, Addah al-Bendir, supposedly assassinated by a Moroccan drone

Algeria to re-route GME gas to Spain in non-renewal of key Morocco gas transit deal

US Ned Price and Antony Blinken voice strong objection

With the @World Bank pausing disbursements to Sudan, the international community is making clear the need for the civilian-led transition to get back on track.

Israeli official voices support for Sudanese military coup in interview

The Israeli official appears to express displeasure over the US envoy's comments on the apparent coup, saying deposed prime minister is an obstacle to ties with Israel.

Sudan has joined the Abraham Accords, a peace initiative that culminated with normalization processes between Israel and four Arab states. But unlike the other three countries, it has not taken concrete steps to establish official ties with the Jewish state or set up an embassy. This is partly because of the ongoing political strife there. 

[Former US Presidentand Jared Kushner were willing to cancel debt owed and Arab states were willing to add hundreds of millions to the ravaged country's treasury ... ehh war chest]

Military sought 'backing of Israel' | MEE |

Dr Jihad Mashamoun, a researcher and political analyst, told MEE: "The Sudanese military has always been approaching Israel or isolating the civilians from being approached by Israeli officials.

"The military believes that if they have the backing of Israel, Israel will lobby on behalf of the military in the US in favour of the Sudanese military's control over the transition period in Sudan.

"Israel would want a military partner in Sudan rather than a civilian one, because anything that a civilian government does has to go through parliament. The problem for Israel is that if this normalisation agreement goes through parliament, it won't pass."

The US has said that it is reviewing a full range of economic options to address the coup, but that it was too early to decide whether it will impose sanctions on Sudan, which is suffering from a dire economic situation amid the political turmoil.

Major role Jared Kushner to please Jerusalem and benefit domestic and foreign policy of family friend Benjamin Netanyahu ...

In Search of the Wahhabi Nuclear Bomb

Saudi $3bn Loan Will Come at A Price

Quite similar to Middle East wealth deposited in the coffers of the Clinton Foundation and pockets of Tony and Cheryl Blair ... no shame.

Jared Kushner in talks with Saudi Arabia to receive $2bn for investment firm: Report MEE

Earlier dIaries ...

Syria Expendable In Joint US-Israel ME Power Schemes | @EuroTrib - Dec. 2013 |

Major Policy Shift On Saudi Relations and MbS

Cambridge University halts £400m deal with UAE over Pegasus spyware claims

Israel and US Central Command

Former administration late decision as U.S. Central Command moves to include the Jewish State of Israel ... taking the fight to Iran.

Recalibration is a two-way street ... the foundation laid by the former president in the Abraham Economic Accords leads to a new military and intelligence pact in the confrontation with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Under new leadership of Israel, big satan will be marginalized in the Middle East.

All signs point to a coup in Lebanon by the new powers in the Middle East ... a new confrontation with Turkey, Russia and China?

Lebanon Desperate Under Crippling US Sanctions

Lebanon's Kordahi on calls for his resignation: We cannot remain subject to blackmail

Analysts believe George Kordahiís comments were a pretext for the Saudis to vent frustration at Iranís influence in Lebanon


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A change of guard in the offing ...

A few years ago I wrote America will be ousted from the Middle-East. The policy of the former president and Mike Pompeo has laid the foundation for a new military alliance with only nuclear power Israel at its heart. It's acronym is ARABCON. Israel has been moved from EUCOM to CENTCOM. Washington DC has been unreliable and unwilling to bomb Iranian nuclear facilities, specifically in 2012 under president Obama. Israel, UAE and KSA have just one goal in mind to destroy or incapacitate Iran. Lebanon too is dying for intervention by NATO powers, read USA, UK and France.

'Real men want to go to Tehran': Bush, pre-emption and the Iranian nuclear challenge.

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The Forgotten Uprising in Eastern Saudi Arabia | Carnegie Endowment - 2013 |

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The worst terror stems from National religion Wahhabism ...

Involvement of Salafism/wahhabism in the support and supply of arms to rebel groups | EU Report |

Attack on Grand Mosque in Mecca - Nov. 1979

The date of the attack, 20 November 1979, was the first day of the year 1400 according to the Islamic calendar; this ties in with the tradition of the mujaddid, a person who appears at the turn of every century of the Islamic calendar to revive Islam, cleansing it of extraneous elements and restoring it to its pristine purity.

The insurgents declared that the Mahdi (the "redeemer of Islam") had arrived in the form of one of their leaders - Mohammed Abdullah al-Qahtani - and called on Muslims to obey him. For nearly two weeks Pakistani special forces SSG commandos advised by French commandos and the Saudi Arabian Army, fought pitched battles to reclaim the compound.

At the time the Grand Mosque was being renovated by the Saudi Binladin Group. An employee of the organization was able to report the seizure to the outside world before the insurgents cut the telephone lines.

Al-Qahtani was killed in the recapture of the mosque but leader Juhayman al-Otaybi and 67 of his fellow rebels who survived the assault were captured and later beheaded.

Following the attack, the Saudi King Khaled implemented a stricter enforcement of Shariah (Islamic law) and he gave the ulama and religious conservatives more power over the next decade, and religious police became more assertive.

Certainly this seismic change on the Arabian peninsula along with the Islamic revolt with the overthrow of the Shah of Persia and the stupidity of  Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski to lead Saudi jihadists through Pakistan's ISI in the fight with the Soviets in Afghanistan, has scarred the global community for the next fifty years. During the Reagan years, multiple foreign policy mistakes sealed the fate of the future of Iran by giving support to dictator Saddam Hussein. Unfortunately after ending the Cold War with Communism, the Western Alliance succeeded in starting a new confrontation with now both Russia and China.

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by Oui (Oui) on Wed Nov 3rd, 2021 at 10:30:23 AM EST
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A fraction of a second, I thought worthwhile to post ... until I read the person's name of the retweet ... Samantha Power

Samantha Power, the Monster, and the Libyan Intervention

Btw Frank ... she can't be Irish? Indeed, born in London 😂

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Not telling a lie for the first time in a lifetime?

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