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Ben Gurion: Yemenite Jews and Stolen Babies

by Oui Thu Feb 25th, 2021 at 03:15:27 PM EST

To stay in power, Bibi will exploit any event to boost electoral gain ... Shanda!

Israeli government to compensate families of missing Yemenite children | Al-Monitor |

Seventy years after, the Israeli government expresses regret over the disappeared Yemenite children and is offering the families reparations.

... the government announced that the state will officially recognize that these children were taken away from their parents. The official statement said the government expresses its "regret over the events that occurred in the early days of the state and recognizes the suffering of the families whose children were part of this painful affair." 

While this is a significant milestone in the yearslong, Sisyphean struggle of the families impacted by the tragedy, even it will not bring them closure. The episode will remain a festering sore on Israeli society at large. The pain and suffering associated with it will continue to be passed down from one generation to the next.

Three official commissions of inquiry investigated the scandal over the years: the Committee to Locate the Yemenite Children, the Committee to Investigate the Fate of the Missing Yemenite Children and the Official State Commission of Inquiry into the Disappearance of the Children of Yemenite Immigrants from 1948 to 1954.

This was a major step forward by the state. It was evidence of a genuine desire to deal with the issue. "Children disappeared from the embrace of their parents and families. The scandal is still seared in the hearts of their families. ... We feel that we have a moral obligation to investigate the incident and get to the truth. ... As of today, we will enable the families to try to reach closure. The data being declassified will, first and foremost, eliminate the skepticism that these families have toward state institutions, and allow them to move forward. It will heal the wound, and in so doing, strengthen Israeli society," said then-Minister Tzachi Hanegbi of the Likud, who was appointed by Netanyahu to coordinate the issue.

"Not a single journalist was willing to listen at first. They all waved me off, when I tried to interest them in the story. They thought the whole case was ridiculous, and that a series of committees of inquiry had already investigated it," Nurit Koren told Al-Monitor in 2017 when she headed the Special Committee on the Affair of the Disappearance of Yemenite, Eastern and Balkan Children. She then was a Knesset member representing the Likud.

Koren, the child of Yemenite immigrants, made the search for the truth about these children into her life mission.

At the time, she accused the official institutions of the state of engaging in acts of organized crime that targeted an already hard-pressed population. As she put it, 

    "In the 1950s, Yemenite immigrants were perceived as coming from a primitive culture. It was said that they didn't know how to care for their children, so they were taken away to residential facilities. Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion gave the order."

The truth behind Israeli propaganda on the 'expulsion' of Arab Jews | Middle East Eye - Dec. 15, 2020 |

Israel's outrageous fabrications about the immigration of Arab Jews to Israel in the 1940s and 50s are an attempt to mask the injustices meted out to Palestinians.

Israeli propaganda about the "expulsion" of Arab Jews from Arab countries in the late 1940s and early 1950s continues without respite. Earlier this month, Israel's UN ambassador, Gilad Erdan, informed UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres that he "intends to submit a draft resolution requiring the international body to hold an annual commemoration for the hundreds of thousands of Jews exiled from Arab countries due to the creation of the State of Israel," according to a report in Ynet. 

There is a further irony to the Israeli ploy: Israel has always insisted that Palestine, and later Israel, is the homeland of world Jewry, while simultaneously claiming that Arab Jews who immigrated to Israel are "refugees". The legal and internationally accepted definition of a refugee, however, is of a person who was expelled or fled their homeland, not one who "returns" to their homeland.

These ideological pitfalls aside, the history of Arab Jewish emigration to Israel is not one of expulsion by Arab regimes, but rather one of Israeli criminal actions that forced Jews in Yemen, Iraq, Morocco, Egypt and other countries to leave for Israel.

In 1949, the Israeli government was working assiduously with British colonial authorities in Aden and with Yemeni officials to airlift Yemeni Jews to Israel. While the League of Arab States had resolved to ban the emigration of Arab Jews to Israel, Yemen's imam allowed Jews to leave as early as February 1949, with the help of Zionist emissaries and Israeli bribes to provincial Yemeni rulers, according to prominent Israeli historian Tom Segev's book: 1949: The First Israelis.

"On Eagles' Wings" - Aliyah from Yemen (1949)

In 1949,  50,000 Jews made aliyah from Yemen via airlift from the city of Aden, in an operation that has come to be known as "On Eagles' Wings."  The name of this aliyah was derived from the Book of Exodus, 19:4, where it is written "...and I will transport you on eagles' wings and bring you to me..."  The airlift is also known as "Operation Magic Carpet."

Most countries carry a dark and historic burden of injustice ... it will take courage and political will to deal with such an event. A monetary compensation should not be tied to an impending presidential election. How are the three corruption trials moving along Bibi? Shenanigans.

Kushner said pushing to close UNRWA, end refugee status for Palestinian millions | Times of Israel - Aug. 2018 |

Islamic State enters Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus; Jordan closes border | LA Times - Apr. 1, 2015 |

Jordan: Syrians Blocked, Stranded in Desert | HRW - June 2015 |

Jordanian authorities have severely restricted informal border crossings in the eastern part of the country since late March, 2015, stranding hundreds of Syrians in remote desert areas just inside Jordan's border.

Human Rights Watch analyzed satellite imagery and interviewed international aid workers. They said the Syrians have only limited access to food, water, and medical assistance. Jordan should allow the stranded people to move further into Jordan, and let UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, register them as asylum seekers.

The King of Jordan permitted the UK and Americans to establish military training camps for Islamists ready to fight inside of Syria to overthrow the Assad regime. Support came across many NATO states including Germany, France and The Netherlands. The fighters were foreign to Syria from many Muslim nations across the globe. Arms and funding were provided by the Gulf States ... even Israel gave support to Al Nusra militants. The Obama quagmire.

From the diaries ...

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Creating millions of refugees to seek safe living conditions elsewhere ... immigration, Islamophobia, Brexit and rightwing populism.

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