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Rebuilding US Alliance with EU - Human Rights

by Oui Sat Mar 27th, 2021 at 10:59:45 AM EST

A crucial role as a wedge in Near Asia, the Middle East and the Russian Empire is played by Erdoğan's vast nation Turkey. It bridges three continents and is close to China's province of Xinjiang, home to the Uyghurs, a Turkic ethnic group.

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Just this week in a global power play for "greed" and "capitalism" the United States pushes its anti-Russia and anti-China agenda.

Gets applause from former German minister of defense Ursula Von der Leyen and is send on a mission to get Turkey back into the NATO fold ... unbelievable!

EU approves rapprochement with Turkey | Atalayar |

The EU is thus trying to reconcile with the Erdogan regime after the Mediterranean gas crisis in Greece. As a result of this confrontation, Brussels imposed sanctions on the state oil company involved. However, Erdogan assured that 'any decision on sanctions against Turkey does not concern him'.

The crisis in the Mediterranean is not the only one that has affected relations between Turkey and the EU.

This rapprochement will also attempt to put aside the criticisms and threats that were experienced during the most serious stage of the refugee crisis and which have been accentuated by Erdogan's ultra-right-wing drift. The dismissal of Naci Abgal, former head of the Turkish Central Bank, demonstrates the lack of independence of Turkish institutions and the president's influence.

In politics he continues his crusade against the Kurds. Last Sunday the HDP party announced that its pro-Kurdish deputy Omer Faruk Gergerlioglu had been arrested. Gergelioglu has been active in denouncing human rights violations in Turkey.

On the social front, Erdogan has abandoned the Istanbul Convention against male violence, a decision that was greeted with disappointment in Brussels. "We cannot but regret deeply and express incomprehension towards the decision of the Turkish government to withdraw from this conventiont," said Borrell.

Actions speak louder than words ...

Armenian killings were genocide - German president | BBC News - April 2015 |

Israeli Weapons Fuel Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict and Grease Palms of Corrupt Elite

Nagorno-Karabakh: The mystery of the missing church

Azerbaijan: Armenian POWs Abused in Custody | HRW - March 19, 2021 |

The complexity of competing interests and the “red lines”

Russian Crisis Behavior, Nagorno-Karabakh and Turkey? | Marshall Center |

The political importance to bring Erdoğan back into the NATO fold ...

Turkish S-400 Poses Threat to NATO Aircraft: NATO Secretary General | Defense World - Dec. 2020 |

In preparation of Antony Blinken's visit to Europe's HQ in Brussels, US Ambassador and spokesperson sets the table...

NATO chief admits `serious concerns' over Turkey, hopes for more NATO-EU cooperation | EurActiv - March 15, 2021 |

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told EU lawmakers he had "serious concerns" over actions by member Turkey and hoped an increased EU-NATO cooperation could counter China.

"I have expressed my serious concerns, and we all know there are serious differences and some issues, ranging from the eastern Mediterranean, the Turkish decision to buy the Russian air defence system S-400 or related to democratic rights in Turkey," Stoltenberg said speaking in front of a joint session of the foreign affairs and defence committees in the European Parliament.

"But I believe NATO at least can provide an important platform for discussing these issues, raising these issues and having serious debates and discussions about different concerns," he added, insisting the alliance was an important platform for resolving disputes involving Ankara.

Turkey has by now irritated most of its allies, particularly France, over its stance in a maritime territorial dispute with fellow NATO member Greece and its role in the conflicts in Syria, Libya and Nagorno-Karabakh.

With the blessing of president Trump ...

Turkey unleashes airstrikes against Kurds in north-east Syria | The Guardian - Oct. 2019 |

Trump offers only mild criticism of Erdoğan offensive as civilians flee bombing

The Nato secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, called on Turkey to act with restraint and "ensure that the gains we have made in the fight against Isis are not jeopardised. I will discuss this issue with President Erdoğan."

The Turkish leader marked the launched of the offensive, dubbed Operation Peace Spring, with a tweet, saying that it was being conducted by Turkish and Turkish-backed Syrian militias, against Kurdish forces and Isis.

"Our mission is to prevent the creation of a terror corridor across our southern border, and to bring peace to the area," the president wrote.

This week alarm in Tel Aviv Jerusalem ...

Iran, Russia and Turkey signal growing alliance | JPost - 6 days ago |

For years, Turkey would say one thing to Moscow and Tehran while telling Washington's Iran hawks that Turkey was "against Russia and Iran."

Iran's Foreign Minister Javad Zarif was very content during a trip to Turkey on Friday. He said it was productive and smiled alongside his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu. He said it was a "wonderful" trip where he spoke with his "brother Cavusoglu."

The trip signals the growing alliance that Turkey and Iran have in the region.

Further reading ...

These Charts Show How Crucial Twitter Is for the Turkey Protesters | The Atlantic - June 2013 |

Biden has a better personal relationship with Islamist Erdoğan than with Putin. Btw Netanyahu exactly mirrored, better relationship with Putin and a neutral position on Ukraine.

At home in America - Paradise Lost

Destroying Voting Rights State by State

Judge Roberts - The U.S. Constitution and Voting Rights


As Atlanta victims are buried, protests and vigils are held ...

'Stop Asian Hate’ rallies held across SoCal and Nationwide; demonstrators decry rise in violence

Black America rights suppressed
Virgina abolishes death penalty justice not served hits black community

After four years of abusing the civil rights of its citizens by a White Supremacist regime ... the voices of protest out of Europe was a deafening silence 😡

The organisation of the January 6th event at the Capitol was underway!

Window into the past...

'Blind' France bears responsibility on Rwanda genocide, historical commission reports | France24 |

France bears overwhelming responsibilities over the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and was "blind" to preparations for the massacres.

A historical commission set up by President Emmanuel Macron concluded there had been a "failure" on the part of France under former leader Francois Mitterrand over the genocide that saw around 800,000 people slaughtered, mainly from the ethnic Tutsi minority.

Historian Vincent Duclert, who heads the commission, handed over the damning Report to Macron at the Elysee Palace after years of accusations France did not do enough to halt the massacres and was even complicit in the crimes.

Rwanda hailed the report as "an important step toward a common understanding of France's role in the genocide against the Tutsi".

Failures of the colonial West ...

Creates the opening to foreign entities!

China and Iran sign 25-year strategic cooperation agreement | France24 |

China commerce ministry said on Thursday that Beijing will try to safeguard the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and defend the legitimate interests of Sino-Iranian relations.

The United States and the other Western powers party to the deal are at odds with Tehran over which side should first return to the accord, which was abandoned by former US President Donald Trump in 2018.

Iran, China determined to boost long-term strategic ties, fight terrorism: President Rouhani | PressTV |

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says Iran and China are firmly determined to improve "strategic and long-term" cooperation in various political and economic fields and fight terrorism and extremism in the region.

Pointing to the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Tehran and Beijing, Rouhani urged both sides to speed up the implementation of agreements signed in the field of important infrastructural and developmental projects.

The president commended China's support for Iran in the international scene, including its stance on the 2015 multilateral nuclear agreement, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which was signed between Tehran and major world powers, and the fight against the US unilateralism and extremism.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Rouhani stressed the importance of making collective efforts to fight terrorism and extremism in the region and said Iran's Iran's Hormuz Peace Initiative (HOPE), a mechanism aimed at ensuring regional security through the efforts of the region's own constituents, can play a leading role in this regard.

The Iranian president emphasized that the US military presence in the West Asian region is the root cause of regional instability and censured the Americans' meddlesome measures.

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by Oui (Oui) on Sat Mar 27th, 2021 at 05:55:56 PM EST

UAE's symbolic solidarity touched hearts of Chinese | Gulf News |

"We are confident that because of the bilateral efforts between China and the UAE, there would be more and better results in fighting the pandemic that would also result in a stronger international rhythm," the minister stressed.

Yi appreciated the UAE's gestures of solidarity with China during the pandemic. "For example, an encouraging phrase like `Stay strong, Wuhan' was lit up on Burj Khalifa. Also, on China's national mourning day [for the victims of COVID-19] on 4 April, 2020, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, posted tweets on his official account on Twitter in Chinese, English and Arabic, offering his condolences for the Chinese martyrs and victims during this pandemic, a step that left a great impact in the Chinese people's hearts," he said.

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by Oui (Oui) on Sat Mar 27th, 2021 at 07:55:10 PM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Tue Mar 30th, 2021 at 06:55:17 PM EST
Theocratic Mideast states have a long history of violence and discrimination behavior towards women.  It should be no surprise the ignorant hick bigots are still being ignorant hick bigots.

She believed in nothing; only her skepticism kept her from being an atheist. -- Jean-Paul Sartre
by ATinNM on Thu Apr 1st, 2021 at 05:05:45 PM EST
Isn't this the case for all theocratic states (with the exception of Sikh ones, if they exist)?
by gk (gk (gk quattro due due sette @gmail.com)) on Thu Apr 1st, 2021 at 05:57:47 PM EST
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Probably but I don't know that as a fact & so limited my comment.

She believed in nothing; only her skepticism kept her from being an atheist. -- Jean-Paul Sartre
by ATinNM on Sat Apr 3rd, 2021 at 04:35:00 PM EST
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Biden Wants NATO Expansion

Human Rights pushed back for time being ... rewriting history of Europe and the Middle East. As Europe rejects Russia as a possible partner, it affirms Russia in a role of pariah state.

Bush designated certain countries as pure Evil, the Obama and Biden administration are gross violators of using tools of censure, sanctions and economic warfare.

As new generations are educated in the 21st century to a new normal in the digital age, the western world will see the Internet and privacy tested to its maximum. The enemy states too have mastered the cyber world and asymmetric warfare for its defenses and economic gain.

The EU has been send on a mission to bring dictator Erdogan of Turkey inside the  fold of NATO and offer further EU benefits.

The renewed talks in Vienna on the Iranian nuclear deal is a sweetener from Washington, the carrot to take the EU for a ride. After a few months of tough talk, Biden will enter a modified JCPOA agreement. The EU will have to accept expansion of NATO into the Middle East to offset the threat of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The first steps have been set by the Trump administration, or as Psaki and Biden firmly names it, the `former' administration and the .... president.

Biden was the architect o the Maidan Revolt, so his focus will be to offer the Ukraine NATO membership before 2025. The same offer will be made to Georgia and Azerbaijan as a key state in Caspian Sea fossil fuel and advanced position vs. Iran, Russia and China.

US foreign policy and Euro-Caspian energy security: The time is now to build the Trans-Caspian Pipeline | Atlantic Council |

Energy and Security from the Caspian to Europe | U.S. Congress - 2012 |

Finally, Congress should swiftly pass the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) for NATO Act. My legislation would place NATO allies on equal footing with free trade partners under U.S. law in providing for automatic licenses for U.S. LNG exports. Unlike in past years, U.S. domestic shale natural gas production affords us the opportunity to directly alleviate the dependency
of our NATO allies in the Baltics, Central and Southeastern Europe, and Turkey on Russian supplies, and further isolate Iran, while benefiting the U.S. economy by opening new markets.

The Gulf States Are urging its massive wealth gained during the Bush administration invasion and occupation of Iraq to change politics on the ground in key MENA countries: Egypt, Sudan, Morocco and possibly Iraq and a bit more politically stable (read Sunny politicians) in  Lebanon.

In all for Joe Biden, the focus will be Ukraine, JCPOA, Turkey ... Palestijns and Kurds will be neglected. They play no role in his master plan. One person has target on his back, Assad of Syria. He needs to go as the Assad regime has been a roadblock for two decades now. The Biden administration has already confirmed the Trump gift of the Golan Heights to Israel and East-Jerusalem has been nominated.

PS I wrote this ahead of publication of my latest diary ...

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by Oui (Oui) on Wed Apr 7th, 2021 at 03:03:02 PM EST
Unbelievable Jacka$$ Charles Michel 😡

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by Oui (Oui) on Wed Apr 7th, 2021 at 03:04:44 PM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Fri Apr 9th, 2021 at 06:36:03 AM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Fri Apr 9th, 2021 at 06:37:58 AM EST
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"We strongly condemn the unacceptable populist rhetoric of the appointed Italian Prime Minister Draghi and his ugly and unrelenting statements about our elected President."

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by Oui (Oui) on Fri Apr 9th, 2021 at 06:43:23 AM EST
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A Good First Meeting ...

... a big lie, don't spout nonsense #charlesmichel ... it was an echec from the first moment you accepted the sofa as seat for Ms Von der Leyen. Send on a mission by Washington DC to loosen Turkey-Russia ties. Next stop Jerusalem and Netanyahu on same ties and lack of Human Rights and International Law? Begging is not a tool of diplomacy towards dictators.

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by Oui (Oui) on Fri Apr 9th, 2021 at 06:45:19 AM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Wed Apr 7th, 2021 at 03:06:11 PM EST
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Has the EU lost Libya to Russia?

A united UNSC urges withdrawal of foreign forces, mercenaries from Libya | Al Jazeera - March 23, 2021 |

The leftovers for the EU-28 minus 1? Refugee crisis from 2015 onward, surge in rightwing populism and policy, chaos, Brexit and disunity in NI sea border, Donbass and Crimea, German-Russian Nordstream 2 and failed EU energy policy.

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by Oui (Oui) on Sun Apr 11th, 2021 at 09:51:13 AM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 13th, 2021 at 11:03:23 AM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Wed Apr 7th, 2021 at 03:12:17 PM EST

Ohana said the signing came after "years of efforts." He also thanked his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Kolokoltsev, who was sanctioned by the US in 2018 as part of measures against oligarchs and top government officials for Russia's "malign activity around the globe." Kolokoltsev was designated under an executive order pertaining to Russia's military involvement in Ukraine.

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by Oui (Oui) on Wed Apr 7th, 2021 at 04:13:47 PM EST

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by Oui (Oui) on Wed Apr 7th, 2021 at 04:22:11 PM EST
Joe and Hunter - fans of a corrupt Ukraine ... war drums on behalf of Biden and Stoltenberg of NATO ...

Address by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on the decisions of the National Security and Defense Council, the situation in Donbas and the U.S. support for Ukraine | April 2, 2021 |

Biden vows US backing for Ukraine as Russia amasses

NATO Military Committee Chairman visits Ukraine | April 6/7 2021 |

2013 US Congress and LNG for its NATO partners ...

When we look to the U.S. interests and certainly domestic economic benefits, we also need to look to the issue of the geopolitical implications of our being able to export. As both of you have noted, Russia has a major role as a supplier of natural gas and is a non-reliable exporter to the European countries. They use it as a political tool, punishing our European allies, especially eastern Europe, and use it to try to divide the EU and NATO countries as they put pressure on individual countries to adopt policies favourable to Russian positions.

I have a bill, H.R. 580, the Expedited LNG for American Allies Act, that would expand the ability to export LNG to our NATO partners and to Japan to allow expedited approval for that export. This is a bill that initially had been championed by Senator Lugar. It is a bipartisan and bicameral piece of legislation. I think it would be very important to give that expedited opportunity, not only increasing our markets, lowering the overall bureaucratic process for export, but also have an impact in the Pacific region with respect to Russia's export.

[Source: Committee  on  Oversight  and  Government  Reform - March 19, 2013 |]

What year did the Maidan Troubles start to develop in Kiev?

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by Oui (Oui) on Sat Apr 10th, 2021 at 10:35:08 PM EST

OSCE-SMM long-range UAV unable to take off due to dual GPS signal interference

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by Oui (Oui) on Sat Apr 10th, 2021 at 10:36:04 PM EST
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President's Office calls Zelensky's visit to UAE as one of most successful | Feb, 15, 2021 |

The official two-day visit of President Volodymyr Zelensky to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become one of the most successful foreign visits of the Ukrainian head of state.

The delegation received an unprecedented level of meetings and recognition, said Deputy Head of the President's Office Ihor Zhovkva in a comment to Ukrinform.

"This official visit of the President of Ukraine to the UAE is really a breakthrough and one of the most successful foreign visits of the President of Ukraine. First of all, it concerns the deepening of the economic dimension of bilateral relations, which Volodymyr Zelensky constantly emphasizes the need for," he said.

Zhovkva stressed that during the visit to the UAE, Ukrainian public and private companies signed a number of agreements and memoranda for a total sum of about $3 billion

In particular, the Emirati state investment company Mubadala signed three memoranda of understanding with Ukrainian government agencies in order to study mutually beneficial investment opportunities. According to Zhovkva, memoranda were signed to study potential investments in the green energy sector of Ukraine.

In addition, Zhovkva informed that Mubadala also signed a number of memoranda with Ukrainian private companies, namely - with EastOne, Interpipe; Ufuture, Unit.City; Dragon Capital, Fortior, UMG, TAS Group, BGV, Horizon, OdessaGaz, Epicenter, Oshadbank, Mais and Metinvest.

At the same time, Zhovkva noted that Ukraine's state concern Ukroboronprom signed agreements with Tawazun Economic Council and EDGE Group to expand military and technical cooperation for a total sum of more than $1 billion. In addition, during a meeting with the CEO DP World, President Zelensky invited the company to expand its presence in Ukraine through the concession of ports and the construction of a hotel.

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by Oui (Oui) on Sat Apr 10th, 2021 at 10:53:36 PM EST
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Those Involved in Naked Photo Shoot in Dubai to Be Deported

Those involved in a naked photo shoot on a high-rise balcony in Dubai will be deported, authorities said Tuesday, after the footage went viral and prompted a crackdown in the Gulf Arab sheikhdom.

Dubai authorities detained at least 11 Ukrainian women who posed naked in broad daylight along with a male Russian photographer on charges of public debauchery and producing pornography. Earlier this week, images and videos of the naked women splattered across social media and sent a wave of shock through the emirate, where a legal code based on Islamic law, or Shariah, has landed foreigners in jail for tamer offenses.  

After an unusually speedy investigation, Dubai's Attorney General Essam Issa al-Humaidan announced that those behind the photo shoot would be sent back to their countries, without elaborating further. Dubai police have declined to identify those detained. More than a dozen women appeared in the widely shared video. Ukrainian and Russian authorities confirmed the arrest of their citizens Tuesday, but the nationalities of the others detained were not immediately known.

The swift deportation is rare for the legal system in Dubai, an absolutely ruled sheikhdom. Such cases typically go to trial or are otherwise adjudicated before deportation.

"The public prosecutor ordered the deportation of the accused for their behavior contrary to public morals," al-Humaidan said, adding that the group of women had been charged with violating the country's public decency law.

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by Oui (Oui) on Sat Apr 10th, 2021 at 10:55:03 PM EST
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Ukraine's Zelensky visits frontline amid rising tensions with Russia | France24 |

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by Oui (Oui) on Sun Apr 11th, 2021 at 08:36:00 AM EST
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Why The U.S. Might Want War In Ukraine

CNN said that the US is considering sending warships to the Black Sea amid Russia-Ukraine tensions. That the U.S. is 'considering' this is however disinformation:

    The United States has notified Turkey that it intends to deploy two warships to the Black Sea amid rising tensions with Russia, Turkish Foreign Ministry sources said on Friday.

    Washington made the notification just over two weeks ago, as required under the Montreux Convention on passage through the Straits.

    The warships will stay in the Black Sea until 5 May.

    "One US warship will arrive on 14 April, and another on 15 April to the Black Sea. And they will leave on 4 May and 5 May, respectively," a source in the Turkish Foreign Ministry said.

The tensions in the Ukraine have built up after the Ukraine transferred heavy forces to the borders of Donetsk and Luhansk, raised Nazi flags and made a lot of noise about reconquering the renegade provinces as well as Crimea.  

U.S. to send two warships to Black Sea, Russia voices concerns

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Sun Apr 11th, 2021 at 07:29:53 AM EST

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by Oui (Oui) on Sun Apr 11th, 2021 at 08:10:02 AM EST
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March 20, 2021 - Ukrainian presidential office in Kiev vandalized by radicals protesting against sentence handed to notorious Ultra-nationalist leader Sergey Sternenko, former head of the Odessa branch of the Right Sector.

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by Oui (Oui) on Sun Apr 11th, 2021 at 08:33:27 AM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Sun Apr 11th, 2021 at 08:34:53 AM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Sun Apr 11th, 2021 at 08:38:56 AM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Sun Apr 11th, 2021 at 08:39:55 AM EST
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Turkish, Ukrainian presidents meet in Istanbul | Anatol Agency |

BTW Press not welcome!

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by Oui (Oui) on Sun Apr 11th, 2021 at 08:37:21 AM EST

Lawsuit: Virginia Police Officers Threatened, Pepper Sprayed Army Officer During Stop

More across the globe in old colonial racist countries with extreme right on the rise ...

Racist tweets by Rotterdam police ... no sanctions, racism not endemic!!

This America is so fu***-up!

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by Oui (Oui) on Sun Apr 11th, 2021 at 08:42:03 AM EST

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by Oui (Oui) on Sun Apr 11th, 2021 at 08:47:10 AM EST
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To Be Black or Asian in America

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 13th, 2021 at 09:07:18 AM EST
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The Gadget Excuse to Kill Young Blacks

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by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 13th, 2021 at 09:09:01 AM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 13th, 2021 at 06:30:24 PM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 13th, 2021 at 07:15:19 PM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 20th, 2021 at 07:19:41 PM EST
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A Trial Pause for a Breather

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by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 13th, 2021 at 09:11:11 AM EST
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... trying to appease the EU-Turkey relations ...

Not so! Biden has sent the NATO and EU-27 instructions the West needs to appease Erdogan's Turkey at any cost.

After invoking Chapter 5 due to the attack of 9/11 and entering a brief bombing raid on the Afghan Taliban regime, NATO and Europe rolled into the expeditionary force of the U.S. Armed Forces. After the Afghan expedition, NATO was instructed to enter an illegal war in Iraq and uncomfortable regime change in Libya followed shortly thereafter into Syria. The Obama era of human rights and R2P policy was a propaganda spin to make the Middle East into the image of the West and capitalism. Europe became a partner in US proxy wars of aggression and flaunting International law, by-passing the UN Security Council and institutions like the ICC in The Hague.

The 8 years of George Bush brought enormous wealth into the pockets of allies of the Gulf States minus Iraq, Iran and Libya.

Venezuela was already nominated to fall as Cuba would fall and Obama/Biden sought Atlantic Council policy of making the provincial power, the Russian Federation, a pariah state after policy decision for enlargement during NATO summit in Bucharest of March 2008.

 NATO's Response to Hybrid Threats

NATO and the Middle East:  A Positive Agenda for Change | March 23012 |

I have always wondered where decisions are made, I have come to the conclusion that the military commanders in NATO and the intelligence alliance of 5- or 9-Eyes are the architects of war. Political leaders of the nations outside the UNSC do not have a voice and are the water carriers with instructions from the White House and the NATO Commander in Brussels. Stoltenberg like De Hoop Scheffer has no voice in decision making.

From the diaries ...

Trump's Revival of anti-EU Sentiment in Warsaw

    As part of its 2010 Lisbon agreement, NATO also invited Russia to cooperate on missile defense. Although NATO and Russia have had different views on missile defense, there are numerous successful areas of U.S.-Russian and NATO-Russian military cooperation and the NATO-Russia Council continues to have active discussions on missile defense cooperation, including a joint theater missile defense exercise program.

    The United States and NATO believe that cooperation on missile defense can enhance the security of both NATO and
    Russia and such cooperation could also send a vitally important signal to Iran that we are united in opposition to any Iranian efforts to acquire nuclear weapons and long-range missiles.

So, why did the NATO allied nations provoke the Russian Bear within the coup d'état in Kiev of February 2014? The powers of a Deep State. McCain et al after the failure under George Bush in Ukraine - 2004 - and Georgia - 2008 -. Indeed, Obama did write history.

Under the Trump administration, leadership and policy went complete haywire ...

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by Oui (Oui) on Sun Apr 11th, 2021 at 02:48:04 PM EST

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by Oui (Oui) on Sun Apr 11th, 2021 at 06:32:35 PM EST
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The EU was send on a mission to appease authoritarian Erdogan and get Turkey back into the Western orbit and NATO. Michel failed ... Erdogan knew the weak spot in the EU and Brussels. More likely in coming months, individual nations will use this space to act on bilateral terms and not wait on coordination of Brussels. The internal EU problems are increasing and not getting solved. The communication due to the Covid-19 pandemic is lacking and causes isolation and solitary acts. The coming departure of Angela Merkel will effect stability of the EU-27. Apparently Washington with Biden, Blinken, Sullivan and Austin are more effective.

Turkey's Erdogan says Biden comments on Putin 'unacceptable' | Reuters |

The US is pivoting from Turkey to Greece. Turkey seeks to restore relations with Iraq and Iran.

Boxed-in Turkey tries to rekindle ties, but Israel can now play hard to get | Times of Israel |

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Mon Apr 19th, 2021 at 08:35:43 PM EST
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NATO Stoltenberg with an exceptional friendly gesture liking Erdogan ...

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by Oui (Oui) on Mon Apr 19th, 2021 at 08:36:32 PM EST
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Ukraine-Turkey cooperation has its limits | Al Jazeera |

Turkey Forges a New Geo-Strategic Axis from Azerbaijan to Ukraine

Historic link Turkey with Crimea Tatars ...

Annexed souls: Crimean Tatars' past, present and future

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 20th, 2021 at 06:38:24 AM EST
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Common interest in region on fossil fuel.

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Thu Apr 22nd, 2021 at 07:33:37 AM EST
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CNN - Ukrainian Trains With Heavy Weapons Going East Are 'Russian Aggression'

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Mon Apr 12th, 2021 at 09:16:18 PM EST
Every year Americans die at a high rate when compared to citizens of a social-democratic Europe. God Bless America ... the religion of wealth ... for the few as the vast majority can dream of riches and health.

Study reveals alarming trend in US death rates since 2000 | The Guardian |

    Despite spending far more than other wealthy countries on healthcare, the United States has relatively higher mortality rates and lower life expectancy - attributed to a plethora of factors including obesity, opioid overdoses, gun violence, suicides, smoking, road accidents and infant deaths.

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 13th, 2021 at 09:17:03 AM EST
Many in U.S., Western Europe Say Their Political System Needs Major Reform | Pew Research |


Of course, there are important differences across these countries' political systems. But the four nations also share some important democratic principles, and all have recently experienced political upheaval in different ways, as rising populist leaders and movements and emerging new forces across the ideological spectrum have challenged traditional parties and leaders.

Not the same morals and democratic principles, not even close. American citizens are living in a violent society in fear. I lived there and grew up in a rural setting ... that was in the 1960s. It has gotten so much worse after Reaganomics and limiting care and health benefits.

True, a land of opportunity ... but at a high cost for the many. Slavery by other means.

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 13th, 2021 at 09:18:19 AM EST
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Over 100 top corporate leaders convened in a "first-of-its-kind" virtual meeting to plan a concerted response to the Republican-backed voting rights restrictions that have swept the nation. 

The move comes amid a fissure between the GOP and Corporate America following the latter's denunciation of HB 202, a sweeping anti-voting bill passed by the Georgia state legislature late last month. When the MLB pulled its All-Star game from Atlanta in protest of the newly-minted law, many GOP Senators accused corporate America of falling into the hands of the "radical leftists."

Last month, when 100 major corporations signaled their opposition to HB 202, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., whose PAC received some $475 million from corporate donors last year alone, told Corporate America to "stay out of politics."

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 13th, 2021 at 10:47:42 AM EST

"Our private sector must stop taking cues from the Outrage-Industrial Complex."

🤣 😄 but ... but corporations are people too as per decision by a Repugs packed Supreme Court 🤣 🌙

Businesses Aren't Listening to Mitch McConnell's Advice to 'Stay Out of Politics' | NY Mag |

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 13th, 2021 at 10:49:42 AM EST
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I think it all comes back to one central theme: income inequality. Capitalism is sort of this gangster construct that leverages a species' selfishness and creates all sorts of prosperity from that selfishness. But the key to successful capitalism has always been a middle class.

At the turn of the millennium, America was the only superpower, and we had the most prosperous middle class in the world. In the past 20 years, the key feature of China's rise into a superpower has been adding several hundred million people to its middle class. But for the past 50 years in America, we have decided to transfer wealth from the middle class to the shareholder class.

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 13th, 2021 at 11:05:51 AM EST
AFAIK "Successful Capitalism" is based on the ~50 years after World War 2, ending when the Capitalists successfully removed the restrictions placed on them the last time they destroyed the global economy in 1929 eventually leading to a global war.  

She believed in nothing; only her skepticism kept her from being an atheist. -- Jean-Paul Sartre
by ATinNM on Tue Apr 13th, 2021 at 04:28:12 PM EST
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Trump admin approves new sale of anti-tank weapons to Ukraine | ABC News - Oct. 2, 2019 |

UK Operation ORBITAL explained: Training Ukrainian Armed Forces

Military from five NATO states to take part in Ukrainian-British drills | UNIAN Info - Apr. 3, 2021 |

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 13th, 2021 at 06:12:39 PM EST
Antony Blinken Talks Ukraine Strategy

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 13th, 2021 at 06:16:51 PM EST
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NATO Stoltenberg Sends Warning to Putin

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 13th, 2021 at 06:18:13 PM EST
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'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 13th, 2021 at 06:19:17 PM EST
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A Demo Mobilisation by NATO?

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 13th, 2021 at 06:52:34 PM EST
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Biden proposes summit with Putin amid Russian military buildup on Ukraine's border | ABC News |

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 13th, 2021 at 06:24:12 PM EST
Ukraine Maidan Revolt and overthrow a democratically elected administration and bogged down in Afghanistan.

In Obama's R2P policy entered new wars in Libya and Syria.

As President vows to take American Forces out of the Afghan theatre of operation by September 11, 2021.

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 13th, 2021 at 07:02:54 PM EST
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'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 13th, 2021 at 07:21:31 PM EST
Pushing Ukraine and New Europe down the throat of NATO and the EU-27 ... crossing red lines of the Russian Bear.

Russia is committed to keep Crimea under its full influence and with the NATO marching orders into Ukraine, Putin will always defend its Russian speaking citizens in the Donbas ... whatever it takes. Ukraine and the repeated attempts by the West for regime change in 2004 - 2008 - 2014. Corruption by the oligarchs has never ceased.

What Will Ukraine Do Without Uncle Joe? | Foreign Policy - Oct. 20, 2016 |

No one in the U.S. government has wielded more influence over Ukraine than Vice President Joe Biden. As the Obama administration's point person on Ukraine policy, he has rallied support for Kiev in the face of Russian military intervention and cultivated a personal rapport with its leaders. But he has delivered tough love as well, delaying financial aid more than once over concerns about rampant corruption.

With Biden's tenure as vice president about to expire, the next U.S. president will have to decide who will take up his unique role as Kiev's go-to guy. The transition comes at a pivotal moment for the festering war in Ukraine, America's increasingly tense rivalry with Russia, and Europe's growing fatigue with Kiev's incessant corruption.

Even President Barack Obama, a Democrat, has been reluctant to help shoulder the complete burden of Ukraine's woes, in part out of fear of provoking a direct confrontation with Moscow. In 2014, Russian troops seized and annexed the Crimean Peninsula and then reportedly deployed Moscow's own soldiers to eastern Ukraine to back separatists there. At the time, Obama overruled Biden and most of his advisors in deciding against arming Ukrainian soldiers.

Obama was worried about triggering an escalating military standoff between Kiev and Moscow that Russia probably would win and was mindful of European capitals' strong opposition to the move. Instead, Obama pushed for economic sanctions against Russia and agreed to have Germany and France lead diplomatic efforts with Kiev and Moscow to resolve the conflict.

But the fighting has continued, and patience for Russia is running out in Congress, where some lawmakers now favor slapping fresh economic sanctions on Moscow. Senior diplomats are also frustrated at the state of the fraying Minsk peace agreement and believe the time has come for the United States to take a leading role in the talks, instead of deferring to Berlin and Paris.  

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Fri Apr 16th, 2021 at 05:57:03 PM EST
Birth Pangs of a New Western Nation in Russia's neighbourhood ...

Ukraine crisis: Transcript of leaked Nuland-Pyatt call | BBC News - Feb. 7, 2014 |

Geoffrey Pyatt: No, exactly. And I think we've got to do something to make it stick together because you can be pretty sure that if it does start to gain altitude, that the Russians will be working behind the scenes to try to torpedo it. And again the fact that this is out there right now, I'm still trying to figure out in my mind why Yanukovych (garbled) that. In the meantime there's a Party of Regions faction meeting going on right now and I'm sure there's a lively argument going on in that group at this point. But anyway we could land jelly side up on this one if we move fast. So let me work on Klitschko and if you can just keep... we want to try to get somebody with an international personality to come out here and help to midwife this thing. The other issue is some kind of outreach to Yanukovych but we probably regroup on that tomorrow as we see how things start to fall into place.

Vicky Nuland: So on that piece Geoff, when I wrote the note [US vice-president's national security adviser Jake] Sullivan's come back to me VFR [direct to me], saying you need [US Vice-President Joe] Biden and I said probably tomorrow for an atta-boy and to get the deets [details] to stick. So Biden's willing.

Geoffrey Pyatt: OK. Great. Thanks.

    Jonathan Marcus: Overall this is a damaging episode between Washington and Moscow. Nobody really emerges with any credit. The US is clearly much more involved in trying to broker a deal in Ukraine than it publicly lets on. There is some embarrassment too for the Americans given the ease with which their communications were hacked. But is the interception and leaking of communications really the way Russia wants to conduct its foreign policy ? Goodness - after Wikileaks, Edward Snowden and the like could the Russian government be joining the radical apostles of open government? I doubt it. Though given some of the comments from Vladimir Putin's adviser on Ukraine Sergei Glazyev - for example his interview with the Kommersant-Ukraine newspaper the other day - you don't need your own listening station to be clear about Russia's intentions. Russia he said "must interfere in Ukraine" and the authorities there should use force against the demonstrators.

Regime Change In Ukraine - Who Bugged Nuland, An Embarrassment

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Fri Apr 16th, 2021 at 05:58:12 PM EST
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Q&A with US Amb. Geoffrey Pyatt: Ukraine Crisis Escalates as War Fears Grow | VOA News - Apr. 14, 2014 |

Amb. Pyatt: I have been impressed by the breadth of American official engagement here, especially from Congress,  Republicans and Democrats. We've had a large number of congressional delegations here and they all bring the same message, which is that the American people are interested in Ukraine's success as a sovereign, independent, democratic and European state. There's no debate on that in the United States at all. On the specific support that you alluded to, we are convinced, as I said, that this is a crisis that has to be solved through diplomacy, not through military tools. So, our assistance to the government can best be channeled through our economic support, which is substantial, and through our political and diplomatic support, or support for elections, our support for Ukraine [at] the United Nations. That's where we can have the greatest positive impact. We have a longstanding and successful defense and security relationship with Ukraine, Ukraine has been an active participant in NATO operations and U.N. peacekeeping.

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Fri Apr 16th, 2021 at 05:59:14 PM EST
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    Déjà vu

US, Europe Wary of Russian Actions, Pledge Support for Ukraine | VOA News |

PENTAGON - The intensifying violence in eastern Ukraine -- and fears of increased Russian involvement -- have gripped the attention of both the United States and Europe.

Officials are now intensely working on a response to calm tensions across the region, even as President Barack Obama spoke again with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, about the crisis.

European ministers arriving for talks in Luxembourg, wary of the violent turn of events in eastern Ukraine, had no problem placing blame.  British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, is pointing his finger squarely at Moscow.

"It has all the appearances of a further gross, deliberate and premeditated violation of the independence and sovereignty of Ukraine," he said.

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt is equally blunt. "So far they've been escalating, and if they continue to escalate, I think we should escalate," he said.

Which is what they did, by agreeing to expand sanctions and visa bans against Russia. Even as Europe moved for more actions, the U.S. military announced a Russian fighter jet, like these, made 12 low-altitude, close-range passes near the USS Donald Cook while patrolling international waters in the Black Sea Saturday.

Pentagon officials said the Russian jet was not armed with missiles but called the actions "provocative and unprofessional."

Regime change coordinator and US Ambassador of perilous states Geoffrey Pyatt and Robert Ford ...

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by Oui (Oui) on Fri Apr 16th, 2021 at 06:02:22 PM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Fri Apr 16th, 2021 at 06:03:36 PM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Sat Apr 17th, 2021 at 11:48:50 AM EST
Russia expels US and Polish diplomats over sanctions | DW News |

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announced that Russia would expel 10 US and 3 Polish diplomats in retaliation for them having respectively expelled 10 and 3 Russian diplomats.

Lavrov additionally noted that eight US officials had been added to Russia's sanctions lists and that Moscow would take moves to limit and even stop the activity of US non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that it says are interfering in Russian politics.

Moscow also recommended the US recall Ambassador John Sullivan -- Russia recalled its US ambassador in March, in response to US President Joe Biden calling Russian President Vladimir Putin "a killer" in a televised interview.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has steadfastly warned of "inevitable" retaliation, noting that, "Washington should realize that it will have to pay a price for the degradation of bilateral ties.'' Though Lavrov emphasized Moscow could undertake more "painful measures" in the future, he said it would refrain from doing so at this juncture.

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Sat Apr 17th, 2021 at 11:52:11 AM EST

US views Russia's countermeasures as escalation, reserves right to respond -- DoS

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Sat Apr 17th, 2021 at 11:52:58 AM EST
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US President suggested considering the possibility of holding a personal summit meeting in the foreseeable future

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Sat Apr 17th, 2021 at 11:54:41 AM EST
<script async src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

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by Oui (Oui) on Sat Apr 17th, 2021 at 11:58:37 AM EST
Without its own defense forces, the EU will be lacking sovereignty and ability to have a voice on the world stage. The UK post-Brexit refuses credentials for an EU ambassador's post. Can't envision a more rude slap in the face ... however the meeting of Borrell in the Kremlin or the rude reception in Ankara is right at the top.

As the EU-27 states are struggling post-Brexit, a new EU Commission, a global Covid-19 pandemic ... the global powers are succeeding in bilateral agreements to make Brussels irrelevant. In addition, a powerful German voice is absent as the country is divided in four parts: Greens-CDU-CSU and the AfD.

EU Defense Cooperation: Progress Amid Transatlantic Concerns | Carnegie Endowment |

Sovereign Europe, dangerous world: Five agendas to protect Europe's capacity to act | ECFR |

Retooling America's alliances to manage the China challenge | Brookings Institute |

NATO 2030: United for a New Era

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 20th, 2021 at 07:19:19 AM EST
DOD Working Toward Networked Indo-Pacific | Pentagon - Aug. 31, 2020 |

When Defense Secretary Dr. Mark T. Esper talks about the Indo-Pacific he talks about it becoming a "networked region" -- not in the information technology sense, but as like-minded countries working together.

His travels to the region this week and previously are to encourage this concept, said David Helvey, performing the duties of assistant secretary of defense for Indo-Pacific affairs.

"This is about countries that have common interests and shared interests that are willing to commit resources to work to support the folks to left and right in pursuit of a common task," Helvey said during an interview with reporters traveling with Esper.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization binds together 30 nations in collective defense, but there is no comparable treaty organization in the Indo-Pacific. In the region, the United States has a series of bilateral, treaty-based alliance relationships and a set of partnerships. "When we talk about promoting a networked region, we're talking about building the relationships we have not only with our allies and partners, we're promoting the contacts, coordination, integration [among] our allies and partners themselves," Helvey said. "Sometimes that involves us, sometimes them, working together in support of shared interests."

NATO policy already set in stone ..

Opportunity knocks for NATO and its partners in the Asia-Pacific | Atlantic Council |

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 20th, 2021 at 07:52:56 AM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 20th, 2021 at 07:54:06 AM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 20th, 2021 at 07:56:17 AM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 20th, 2021 at 07:57:23 AM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 20th, 2021 at 07:59:34 AM EST

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by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 20th, 2021 at 08:00:27 AM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Thu Apr 22nd, 2021 at 11:15:21 AM EST

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by Oui (Oui) on Thu Apr 22nd, 2021 at 01:25:06 PM EST

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by Oui (Oui) on Thu Apr 22nd, 2021 at 01:25:47 PM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Thu Apr 22nd, 2021 at 01:26:36 PM EST

President Sassoli,
President Michel,

Honourable Members,

I am the first woman to be President of the European Commission. I am the President of the European Commission. And this is how I expected to be treated when visiting Turkey two weeks ago, like a Commission President, but I was not.

I cannot find any justification for the way I was treated in the European Treaties. So, I have to conclude, it happened because I am a woman. Would this have happened if I had worn a suit and a tie? In the pictures of previous meetings, I did not see any shortage of chairs. But then again, I did not see any woman in these pictures, either.

Honourable Members,

Many of you will have made quite similar experiences in the past. Especially the female members of this House, I am sure, know exactly how I felt. I felt hurt and left alone: As a woman and as a European. Because this is not about seating arrangements or protocol. This goes to the core of who we are. This goes to the values our Union stands for. And this shows how far we still have to go before women are treated as equals. Always, and everywhere.

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 27th, 2021 at 08:25:15 AM EST

EU-Turkey at centre of plenary debate with Presidents Michel and von der Leyen

MEPs champion women's rights, express solidarity with President von der Leyen and stress that Europe should speak with one voice on the world stage.

In a joint plenary debate with European Council President Charles Michel and Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, MEPs assessed the outcome of the 25-26 March European Council meeting, and the recent visit of the two Presidents to Ankara.

Several MEPs raised the EU's actions in managing the COVID-19 pandemic - vaccinations in particular - and other topics on the European Council agenda, but the vast majority of speakers used their time to condemn the images of the Commission President being left without a seat in Ankara next to her two male counterparts, as well as Turkey's regressive stance on women's rights.

Charles Michel repeated his regret and apologised "to the Commission and to all offended" by the incident, saying the circumstances have led him to believe he should have acted in a different manner. "I felt hurt, I felt alone, as a woman and as a European", said Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. Stressing the issue of gender inequality, she said that there are many women who are not as privileged as her and whose voices cannot be heard.

MEPs unanimously condemned the incident, with a broad majority expressing their solidarity with Ursula von der Leyen. Many speakers lambasted Turkey's recent decision to leave the Istanbul Convention, while others underlined that Europe should speak with one voice on the world stage. The visit to Turkey should have sent a message of strength; instead, it showed weakness and division, they said.

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 27th, 2021 at 08:25:59 AM EST
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Is her beef now that she was not show proper respect as a woman or as a president? I'm confused.

Anyhow, considering that Turkey has engaged in ethnic cleansing, has troops illegally in two neighboring countries and provides weapons and troops to Libyan and Ukrainian civil wars shouldn't the EU be sanctioning the crap out of them instead of meetings? Rules based international order and all that...

That should be the focus of discussions, me thinks.

by pelgus on Tue Apr 27th, 2021 at 10:39:33 AM EST
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See my earlier posts, both were send on a mission by Biden/Blinken with blessings from NATO Command and Stoltenberg in Brussels. Otherwise I have no explanation. The EU Council President(s) should clean up their act first ... Visograd Nations and honor Europe's Four Freedoms.

The European Commission in balance?
Ambition, organisation and power | Clingendael The Hague |

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 27th, 2021 at 11:35:29 AM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 27th, 2021 at 01:59:29 PM EST
DHS Domestic Violence and Human Rights

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 27th, 2021 at 02:09:06 PM EST

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by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 27th, 2021 at 02:11:07 PM EST

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