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9. Global economics, politics, foreign policy and war.

by Frank Schnittger Sun May 16th, 2021 at 11:36:23 AM EST

I haven't been able to update my Story Index in ages because it has exceeded the maximum story length and was losing story entries at the bottom. So I'm going to break it up into multiple stories hyperlinked by topic.  Please bear with me as I have to publish each sub index in turn. Most of the links at the bottom are missing. I will fix in due course.

9. Global economics, politics, foreign policy and war. (15)

Merkel, Putin & Obama: The changing balance of power Wed Aug 6th, 2014
Kruganomics 101 Tue Apr 30th, 2013
The Intellectual Foundations of Austerity destroyed Fri Apr 26th, 2013
Samantha Power, the Monster, and the Libyan Intervention Thu Mar 31st, 2011   

Links missing from the following:

The US EU relationship is not working Thu Jul 15th, 2010                               
The Politics of Hope and Change Wed May 12th, 2010                               
The State of the World Fri Nov 13th, 2009                               
What, no Jerome? Wed Oct 22nd, 2008                               
The Looting of America Mon Sep 29th, 2008                               
LQD: Anglo disease goes mainstream Fri Jul 11th, 2008                               
LQD: The chicken little runs again.... (# 2) Tue May 6th, 2008                               
LQD: So who's the chicken little? Mon May 5th, 2008                               
Handouts for the rich, good. Handouts for the poor, irresponsible. Thu Mar 20th, 2008                               
Charlie Wilson's Democrat War (the one that didn't lead on to 9/11) Tue Jan 15th, 2008                               
Israel/Palestine: One state or two? Fri Jan 11th, 2008                               

10. Sport (11)                               

Ireland 24 France 9 Sun Oct 11th, 2015                               
Onwards and upwards: Rugby World Cup 2015 Part II Mon Oct 5th, 2015                               
Rugby World Cup Thu Sep 24th, 2015                               
Unions 1, Plutocrats 0 Thu Dec 5th, 2013                               
Of Monsters and Men Mon Dec 17th, 2012                               
The fields of Athenry Sat Jun 16th, 2012                               
In Homage to the Naas 7th. Brigade... Sun Jun 13th, 2010                               
Le Crunch Fri Feb 12th, 2010                               
Thierry thieves it... (enhanced) Thu Nov 19th, 2009                               
Ireland's Grand Slam? Update: Ireland 17 Wales 15 Sat Mar 21st, 2009                               
My (in)glorious rugby career - and some reflections on the 6 Nations Championship Thu Jan 31st, 2008                               

11. Personal Topics (20)                               

RIP: Finbarr Flood 1938-2016 Tue Jul 26th, 2016                               
Political Prognostications for 2016 Thu Jan 21st, 2016                               
What is Microsoft good for now? Wed Jul 22nd, 2015                               
May we never have to say goodbye Mon Aug 5th, 2013                               
Corporate Censorship Wed Jul 24th, 2013                               
White hole Fri Mar 30th, 2012                               
A Motorway to Nowhere Thu Jul 14th, 2011                               
Reflections on violence and crime in South africa Tue Nov 2nd, 2010                               
Lake of Stars Fri Oct 29th, 2010                               
My Bloody Sunday 1972 Tue Jun 15th, 2010                               
Driving a dual carriageway through my home Wed Apr 21st, 2010                               
Springtime in Wicklow (Part 2 - updated) Wed Apr 14th, 2010                               
Springtime in Wicklow Sat Mar 27th, 2010                               
Happy Christmas Blog Thu Dec 24th, 2009                               
Heroes Sat Sep 26th, 2009                               
Hill Of Howth Fri Mar 6th, 2009                               
Getting Cranky with The Times Mon Sep 1st, 2008                               
The Negotiation Process Sat Mar 22nd, 2008                               
Bereavement Sat Mar 1st, 2008                               
On going on Holiday Mon Jan 28th, 2008                               

12. The European Tribune, Blogging and the Internet (13)                               

LTE: The witterings of old farts Sat Apr 30th, 2016                               
The Ineffable Quietness of the European Tribune Wed Jul 1st, 2015                               
Irishtimes.com: The Perils of redesigning your website Thu Mar 21st, 2013                               
Paid Content Sat Jul 3rd, 2010                               
Why I am here Sat Apr 4th, 2009                               
What does a successful TH!NK ABOUT IT project look like for you? Mon Mar 30th, 2009                               
Blogging the Brussels Way [Updated] Tue Feb 3rd, 2009                               
Bringing new users to The European Tribune Sat Aug 30th, 2008                               
A call to action Thu May 15th, 2008                               
To ET or not to ET Mon May 12th, 2008                               
ET's 20 Big Ideas Fri Apr 11th, 2008                               
What Values does ET Represent? Tue Jan 1st, 2008                               
OOPS what am I doing here? Wed Nov 28th, 2007                               

13. Just having a laugh (5)                               

A Sociological Experiment Tue Aug 20th, 2013                               
European Union Stress Tests Ireland Fri Apr 1st, 2011                               
Don't play with nuclear power Tue Jun 23rd, 2009                               
Breaking news shock: European Parliament Elections Cancelled Wed Apr 1st, 2009                               
Notorious Polish Delinquent Driver Caught by Irish Police Fri Feb 20th, 2009                               


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