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US Joe Biden Partners with Israel in Gaza Carnage

by Oui Mon May 17th, 2021 at 06:44:13 PM EST

Happened before during the Bush and Obama administration. Shipping arms and munitions to replenish stocks used by Israel to crush the Palestinian people in Gaza. Unconscionable ... immoral ... equates to war crimes and/or complicit to bombing civilians. The United States will live with impunity, Israeli leaders will be judged by the International Criminal Court in The Hague. The White House and U.S. Congress will always stand by Israel to avoid prosecution.

US approves $735 million sale of precision-guided weapons to Israel | i24 News |

The arms sale, which Congress was notified of on May 5, a week before the current Israel-Palestinian escalation began, includes Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAMs), which are used to turn bombs into precision-guided missiles.

Palestinian Rights and E Jerusalem

Days of Kahane Terror Returns

Timeline of the attacks and escalation by the fourth most powerful military on earth. No effort for peace since the Oslo Accords, a long line of criminal acts by Israel contravening International law and UNSC resolutions.

Many years ago I have designated the Jewish State of Israel a pariah state. The silence of the European "allies" is astonishing.

    @Son of Woody Allen ... not surprised at yr chosen pen name MA ... what happens in China, India, Iran and Israel effects us all. The International community of nations have set rules to govern. Some countries are invaded and/or bombed by R2P policy of the global superpower. Especially Israel and the Middle East has been and is a powder keg. Ever since 9/11 Israel has succeeded to use the terror label on a people fighting for its independence. As far as I'm concerned, Israel is a pariah state not intent on peace with Palestinians. All the efforts hasbara trolls and lobby groups investments have gone down the drain of sewage. The mask has fallen for the world to see. Anti-Israel protests will continue for some time. Last fortnight Netanyahu has set policy for him to stay out of prison, not in the interest of the Jewish State.

New Fascist Pariah States America and Israel Lashing Out

Turkish foreign minister discusses Palestine with counterparts

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu on May 16 spoke to his Qatari, Palestinian and Pakistani counterparts to discuss the evolving situation in Palestine.

In separate phone calls, Çavuşoğlu discussed the latest developments in Palestine and steps to be taken in the international arena, according to diplomatic sources.

He made phone calls to Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani, Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki, and Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, following the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)'s executive committee meeting.

Israel has pounded the Gaza Strip in airstrikes since May 10, killing at least 197 people, including 34 women and 58 children, as well as injuring 1,235 more people.

Tensions spread from East Jerusalem to Gaza after Palestinian resistance groups there vowed to retaliate against recent Israeli assaults on the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood if they were not halted.

Vatican News

Israel Decidedly Unhappy With Vatican-Palestine Treaty | Foreign Policy - June 26, 2015 |

Pope Francis has decided to make the Catholic Church's feelings about Palestine official.

The Vatican signed a comprehensive treaty with Palestinian authorities, formalizing a basic agreement between the Catholic Church and the PLO back in 2000. In essence, it is a formal declaration of the Holy See's support for the creation of a Palestinian state and the peace process with Israel. "[I]t is my hope that the present agreement may, in some way, be a stimulus to bringing a definitive end to the long-standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which continues to cause suffering for both Parties," wrote Vatican foreign minister Archbishop Paul Gallagher.

The agreement follows on the Vatican's decision in May to change the status of its diplomatic relationship with Ramallah, and officially forgo the recognition of the PLO to make way for the State of Palestine. The Catholic Church has referred to a Palestinian state since at least 2012, but the new agreement solidifies the Holy See's support.

For the Vatican, the decision represents another unabashed and controversial move into the foreign policy arena. It follows efforts to broker Washington's watershed decision to re-establish relations with Cuba late last year, and the recent release of Pope Francis' landmark environment-focused encyclical. But it is also a matter of looking after Catholics everywhere. The new agreement specifically notes that it is also meant to deal with "the life and activity of the Church in Palestine."

Demonstrations and protests in support of the Palestinians for a Free Independent State - link.

More to follow over the previous timely military assistance ... in 1967 President Johnson stood by Israel to preserve the Jewish State. After 9/11 and the designation of Palestinians as "terrorists", the US and its West European allies saw it fit to join Israel in military aggression against Occupied Palestine.

A bit of history in the Gaza Strip and a power struggle

Land and Settlements Issues | GPF |

EU: Israel's E. Jerusalem policy endangers final-status talks | Haaretz – Nov. 25, 2005 |

Unpublished report, which has been presented to EU council, says Israeli action could 'radicalize' Arabs.

TEL AVIV -- The European Union's diplomatic representatives have sharply criticized Israel's policies in East Jerusalem, saying it is using settlements and the West Bank separation fence to create a "de facto annexation of Palestinian land". The unpublished report warns that the Israeli measures "are reducing the possibility of reaching a final-status agreement on Jerusalem that any Palestinian could accept," The New York Times reported.

According to the Times, the report recommends that European officials take a more aggressive stance toward Israeli policies in East Jerusalem, such as holding political meetings with Palestinian ministers in East Jerusalem instead of the West Bank and asking Israel to "halt discriminatory treatment of Palestinians in East Jerusalem, especially concerning working permits, building permits, house demolitions, taxation and expenditure."

Jerusalem: The Cost of Failure | Chatham House |

Hamas Seizes Control of Gaza | NPR – June 15, 2007 |

FM Avigdor Lieberman: Abbas wanted Hamas toppled in Gaza war

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas urged Israel to topple Hamas in the Gaza war last year, then turned around and blamed Israel for war crimes.

Lieberman said that raised questions over Abbas's fitness as a leader with whom Israel could make peace.

"Over the past year, I witnessed (Abbas) at his best. In Operation Cast Lead, (he) called us personally, applied pressure and demanded that we topple Hamas and remove it from power," he told Israel's Maariv daily.

"A month after the operation ended, he filed a complaint against us with the International Court of Justice at The Hague for war crimes. Is that a partner?"

An aide to Abbas vehemently denied the allegation, accusing the right-leaning Israeli government of trying to deepen the deadlock over U.S.-sponsored efforts to revive negotiations.

"This is not true. It is a continuation of the (Israeli) campaign of defamation ... to create an atmosphere that would destroy any chance of salvaging the peace process," Abbas aide Nabil Abu Rdainah said.

Israel launched its three-week Gaza offensive on Dec. 27, 2008 with the stated aim of stopping rocket attacks by Hamas and other Palestinian factions. Such attacks have tapered off since, though there has been sporadic cross-border violence.

The war's Palestinian toll -- 1,400 dead, mostly non-combatants, while Israel lost 10 troops and three civilians -- drew fierce censure abroad and stalled negotiations between Abbas and then Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, a centrist.

BDS Israel II - Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions by ask on July 11, 2010

I first wrote about BDS 18 months ago, towards the end of Operation Cast Lead.

Time for Action - BDS Israel

Many may be wondering whether actions of this kind have any effect. Well, look at South Africa. The apartheid regime came crashing to its end in large measure because of the efficacy of the sanctions movement, whether officially sponsored (government sanctions) or of a more popular origin.

And it is now obvious that the BDS movement is getting on the nerves of Israeli authorities. The backlash from the boarding of the Mavi Marmara - only 6 weeks ago has resulted in a groundswell of support to the BDS movement. Special forces killed 9 activists on board the humanitarian flotilla and the world took notice of the extremist attitudes and policies of Israel.

Israel – Its Own Worst Enemy

Who Should Resign: Netanyahu or Helen Thomas?

Israel Massacres Pro-Palestinian Activists

Netanyahu Extending His Middle Finger to the World | Dec. 12, 2012 |

George Bush in his first term based his ME policy on a promise for a two-state solution by 2005 (one year after the next election). In his road map towards ME peace he allowed Sharon to destroy parts of the West Bank, get rid of PLO leader and terrorist Arafat, build the security wall and fence to partition the occupied Palestinian territory, cede the Jordan valley to Israeli settlers and pull settlements out of the Gaza strip. Bush promised Sharon the Israelis could keep the land where the large settlements near Jerusalem were build. All this without any negotiation with the Palestinian leadership. As a result, the US and Israel got a Hamas victory in the presidential election in Gaza. The democratic result was denounced and the US declared Hamas and Gaza a enemy and terror entity. In the summer of 2006, PM Olmert was supported by extra arms shipments and the bombing of South Lebanon and the structure of Lebanese infrastructure. The US and Israel supplied the UN with so called “evidence” to get Syria convicted for the Hariri assassination, killing and wounding multiple innocent bystanders. After 5 years of imprisonment, the Syrian suspects were released at the request of the UN as the investigation pointed at possible link towards Hezbollah.

Meanwhile, before the next Israeli election Operation Cast Lead was initiated with massive destruction in Gaza and the killings of 1,400 militants and civilians. Last month, PM Netanyahu thought it wise to start his re-election campaign by a renewed bombing of the Caza strip. World opinion and a changed Arab leadership in the Middle-East forced him to work out a negotiated cease fire with Hamas through mediation of Egypt’s president Morsi. Further bombing in Gaza would have meant the end of the peace treaty with Egypt and a possible overthrow of Jordan’s King Abdullah. The turmoil in the region with the Syrian civil war added to great instability of the region.

Hamas breaches truce, fires at south, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv; Israel quits talks, strikes back | 19 August 2014, Day 43 of Operation Protective Edge |


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Twisted Minds State US Should Do More

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Targeting journalists and the International media during conflict ...

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by Oui (Oui) on Wed May 19th, 2021 at 12:26:59 AM EST

Yet today Southern States are busy changing laws for disenfranchisement Black voters ... still not a Democracy in the
New World.

'Good trouble': House Democrats walk, killing GOP elections bill, but Abbott vows special session

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Perhaps it's wise to lead by example ...

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