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Tbilisi Georgia: Violent Anti-LGBT Clashes Kills One

by Oui Sun Jul 11th, 2021 at 05:59:33 PM EST

Georgian TV Cameraman Dies, Was Injured Amid Anti-LGBT Violence | RFERL |

Georgia: Tbilisi Pride cancelled amid violent protests | BBC News |

Georgia LGBT activists cancel Pride march after clashes, office attack | France24 |

Three Sentenced In Violent Attacks on Office

Rightwing Extremists In Conflict with Pro West Politics

Tbilisi Episcopal church, a refuge for LGBTQ+ people in Georgia, shaken by homophobic attacks

Moscow hostage crisis underscores risk of Georgia's Chechen dilemma | REF World - Oct. 2002 |

Kremlin says travel to Georgia dangerous for Russians after protest against TV presenter | Reuters - April 2021 |

Foster Homes Run by Orthodox Church has Residential Style In Georgia

Controversial Bishop Appointed as Head of Church-run Foster Home

Orthodox Patriarch Ilia II on June 14 appointed Bishop Jakob of Bodbe (Konstatine Iakobashvili) as the head of the church-run foster home, replacing Skhalta Bishop Spiridon.

Bishop Jakob's appointment as the head of the orphanage, which drew public attention over the possible cases of physical and sexual violence against the minors, comes as he has actively commented on the controversies surrounding the foster home, infamously remarking previously that "it is not a surprise if a stronger senior uses force on a child who will not understand by a word."

Background: Ninotsminda Orphanage Controversy

The church-run foster home came into the spotlight after representatives of the Public Defender's Office were twice denied a monitoring visit, triggering public outrage and an emergency temporary measure from the  UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.


Not acting is not an option ... wait 150 years?

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Dutch willing to provide asylum status for Saakashvili

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