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Rutte Doctrine, Corruption and Media [Update]

by Oui Thu Jul 8th, 2021 at 03:04:11 PM EST

Diary has been updated ...

The Netherlands has been sliding into the new standard of political lies, populism rightwing rhetoric and attack on government institutions, police, ambulance and first responders. In The year where pressure is placed on society as a whole due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, the fragility and lack of solidarity becomes clear.

The European Union was established in the aftermath of killing fields of two devastating world wars started in Sarajevo and the ensuing evil of Nazi fascism in Berlin. The genocides in the 20th Century are looming as a black ghastly cloud in our history. Similarly in America the aftermath of the Civil War is racism, inequality in slavery by capitalism. The Canadian residential schools and killing fields of young children haunts the Anglo-Saxon white establishment from Ottawa to Toronto.

Western European nation with a colonial past

PM Balkenende in 2009 statement, the Dutch need the Colonial VOC mentality

What Dutch government got were more nationalists, and far right extremists calling to shut borders to foreigners. The Christian Democrats drop in parliamentary seats ever since and are hanging on to Rutte policy supported by Sigrid Kaag and "leader" Wopke Hoekstra.

[Major attacks on prosecutors, human rights workers and journalists in Europe]

Democracy has lost its ideals due to corruption

Chicago gangsters rubbed shoulders with Democrat Mayor Daley ... New York - London - Paris - Rome - Tel Aviv - Moscow and many capitals in between.

Corruption is seen at every level ... nearby in sport clubs, often anonymous, where mob money enters to reach into the high levels of Dutch society and government. We let it happen. We have become witness of our own destruction of individuals, community, country, continent and ultimately our planet 🌎.

Resident from Wassenaar fills the cash of political party 50PLUS | TV West - March 2017 |

WASSENAAR - Real estate company  Metterwoon of multimillionaire Chris Thünnessen from Wassenaar has filled the cash of the elderly party 50PLUS in recent years with a total of 350,000 euros.

Thünnessen is one of the most important financiers behind the late Pim Fortuyn and later Rita Verdonk. The chairman of Fortuyn's then party Liveable Netherlands, Jan Nagel, is now chairman of 50PLUS.

All three political parties have gone from the political landscape or made a new start in a splinter group. Due to lack of members and donations, the larger parties rely on corporate money or wealthy lobbyists.

So our wealthiest corporate persons who do not pay their dues to society are racing to outer space ... as aliens sometimes intersect our atmosphere but refuse to interact. Can only wonder to their reasoning ... has earth become so unattractive?

Incitement every week by Geert Wilders

Dutch-far-right Leader Geert Wilders Tweets, Then Deletes Photo with Senator Lindsey Graham | Newsweek - Sept. 9, 2019 |

    Translation: Not Islam is the biggest threat to Dutch society ... no, it's Geert Wilders.

Populism has gained a large portion of Dutch electorate

Anti-vaxxer Thierry Baudet

Anti-government, provocateur and Trumpian form of populism.

Meet Thierry Baudet, the suave new face of Dutch rightwing populism | The Guardian - |

Corresponding Influence through social media... where do you get your information about Covid-19? ... we don't trust the media (all behind a pay-wall) and find the "facts" on the Internet ... now good luck ☘️ to all 😠

Stupidity and corruption reigns and there is no breath of fresh air in the offing.

After a devastating assassination of Pim Fortuyn and a lawyer Derk Wiersum defending a crown witness ...

See also my previous diary about the attempted murder of Peter R. De Vries ...

Threat to Journalists and Press Freedom


Ridouan Taghi linked to three biker gang murders | NL Times – Feb. 2020 |

Ridouan Taghi was linked to a total of nine ordered assassinations, in which three people were actually murdered, in the Eris trial - the case around motorcycle gang Caloh Wagoh. The ordered assassinations were aimed at 14 people, the Public Prosecution Service (OM) said in an introductory hearing in this case. So far no decision has been made on prosecuting Taghi in this process, RTL Nieuws reports.

Taghi's name was previously mentioned in these proceedings, but the OM is now certain that he is behind most of the ordered assassinations in this case. This conclusion came from investigation into a large number of messages sent on so-called PGP-encrypted phones, the Prosecutor said in the high security court at Schiphol.

This case revolves around 12 members of biker gang Caloh Wagoh. The OM suspects them of preparing for and committing assassinations, threats, extortion, illegal firearm possession, and illegal firearm trade.

While Taghi is not yet being prosecuted in this case, he is one of 17 suspects in the so-called Marengo trial, which revolves around at least nine assassinations.

Ridouan Taghi Network


The EU and vast corrupt member states ...

EU Presidency Slovenia ...

The Legacy of Rumsfeld's New Europe

The attack on Peter de Vries also resulted in a tweet from the Slovenian interior minister Aleš Hojs, himself a journalist and former minister of defense in his country, who currently is chairing the Justice and Home Affairs Council.

(Google Translate: A Dutch investigative journalist was shot dead in Amsterdam. A horrible and reprehensible act that I strongly condemn. The @TimmermansEU will have to start sweeping in front of the home doorstep.)

Our values ...

Recall the Western cry for human rights ahead of the Sochi Winter Olympics ...

Obama rightly joins political boycott of Winter Olympics | Al Jazeera - Dec. 18, 2013 |

Rightly so that AJ, a Qatari owned news outlet, covered human rights elsewhere ...

Of course the boycott was misleading as the effort was mocking Putin and Russia before the Madan uprising well prepared and already in the final stages ... thanking assistant to Dick Cheney, Vicky Nuland, Republicans Lindsey Graham and John "Free Syria" McCain. Next ... bomb, bomb, bomb Iran!

Another former Soviet satellite State as aspiring member of the European Union of capitalism ....

Georgia and equality

    Banking and money laundering

    Real Estate investment by "New Capital" makes cost of living for employees out of reach for middle income

    Lack of investment to  build rental homes for the masses at a fair rate

Corporations fare well by wars against "terror'

Stop the Occupation and Transgression of basic human rights in Palestine ... a stain carried on for 73 years. Shame! A root cause of two Iraq Wars and regime change politics of the Obama administration. Sovereignty of states is guaranteed in the Charter of the United Nations. Follow the Geneva Conventions, expand Arms Control treaties and Nonproliferation. A nuclear free Middle-East.  

Silwan Ethnic Cleansing - E Jerusalem

Selling a very bad product - US democracy through propaganda in the style of Goebbels and German fascism ninety years ago ...

Operation Mockingbird

American Free Press and the Mockingbird Syndrome ...

USA: Subverting Journalism: Reporters and the CIA, Controlling Interest: Vietnam's press faces the limits of reform | Relief World UNHCR - 1997 |

The Subversion Of America's Free Press By The CIA

I Refuse To Be A Mockingbird

  • Role played by war, drugs, soldiers and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
  • Golden Triangle and Vietnam War
  • Latin America, fascist regimes, death squads, corporate America, torture and coke transport by means of DEA/CIA.
  • Afghanistan, corruption and poppy agriculture.
  • Israel and amphetamines
  • Lebanon Beqaa valley and cannabis
  • Rotterdam harbor and drugs portal with role banks in  money laundering
  • Yugoslav gangsters replaced by Moroccan youngsters




Almere's powerlessness with passports causes irritation at the Military Police Schiphol

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee is not happy with the referral from the Municipality of Almere to the military police, now that Almeerders cannot go to civil affairs for a passport or identity card until August. As a result, there is a high demand for emergency documents.

IT problem solving in The Netherlands: 'Till September! 🥺 See ye ...

'Sapere aude'

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