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Wilkerson On the Failed Mission After 9/11

by Oui Fri Sep 10th, 2021 at 06:14:19 PM EST

Previous title: Amanpour On the Lawrence Wilkerson Show

George Bush became President based on lies and voter suppression in Jeb Bush’s Florida. The whole nation and Western allies looked to him for leadership after America’s second Pearl Harbor. Bush was fed lies and Biblical quotes to go into Iraq to avenge Saddam’s plot to murder his dad. The military show of force based on anger was led by VP Cheney and master of evil at the Pentagon, Donald Rumsfeld.


Unbelievable a very astute analysis of the fault lines in the American Empire. So much regret for the role he played in the run-up to the Iraq War.

The Mess the Bush White House Made …

Conspiracy Indictment Next?! - Josh Marshall TPM Agrees | EuroTrib - Nov. 2005 |


Wilkerson Criticizes Bush on Iraq War ¶ “Cheney May Be A War Criminal” | @BooMan - Nov. 2005 |



Torment, Deaths and Wounded @AbbeyGate Kabul

13 U.S. Service members killed …

US Intelligence … Russians offer bounty to Taliban for killing U.S. members Armed Forces in Afghanistan …

In June 2020, The New York Times reported that U.S. intelligence agencies had assessed, several months earlier, that Unit 29155 of the Russian military intelligence agency GRU had secretly offered Taliban-associated militants bounties to kill U.S. troops and other coalition personnel in Afghanistan.

NYT claimed that the policy had been approved by Russian President Vladimir Putin, and that at least one American service member had been killed as a result.

Outrage mounts by top Democrats over report Russia offered bounties to Afghanistan militants for killing US soldiers | The Guardian - June 27, 2021 |

The story first appeared in the New York Times, citing its sources as unnamed officials briefed on the matter, and followed up by the Washington Post. The reports said that the US had come to the conclusion about the operation several months ago and that Russia had offered rewards for successful attacks last year.

The Times wrote: “The intelligence finding was briefed to Trump, and the White House’s National Security Council discussed the problem at an interagency meeting in late March.” White House officials apparently drew up several possible options to retaliate against the Kremlin, ranging from a diplomatic reprimand right through to fresh sanctions. However, the White House has so far not taken any action.

The Deep State and Lisa Pease's Contribution

From Real History Lisa

Truman wanted an information agency. The CIA essentially blackmailed itself into existence (see CIA officer Miles Copeland's veiled account of this in his book "The Real CIA.") So right off the bat, the CIA was doing something Truman didn't want. After Kennedy's assassination, Truman wrote a letter that was published in the Washington Post.

The CIA was created from the OSS, itself a creation not of the government so much as of Wall Street. The top officers all came from children of lawyers, bankers, and other money men. The OSS's nickname was "Oh So Social" due to its high profile roster.

The CIA has often run an agenda counter to what the president wished. This is easy to document in the Kennedy administration - they were at odds at nearly every turn. But it wasn't only the Kennedy adminstration that had difficulty with the CIA.

American Exceptionalism: A List of Intelligence Actions Up To the Iraq War
By Boston Joe @BooMan in 2006

I set out to compile a basic outline of some of the troubling aspects of U.S. foreign policy. I just wanted a list of incidents and operations which might show, factually, the kind of country the U.S. has become in the last sixty years. Obviously this list of acts does not represent the good will of many of us who have lived over those decades. But it is our country’s legacy nonetheless.

From Operations Overcast and Paperclip by U.S. military and intelligence agencies in the 1940s and 1950s that illegally brought ineligible Nazi war criminals to the United States to work on the missile and space industry.

Later Operation Mockingbird that lasts to the present day [https://www.eurotrib.com/comments/2020/2/14/183110/285/29#29]…


Posted in my diary - Collapse of An Empire

White-Supremacy Build On Caste System

Isabel Wilkerson's World-Historical Theory of Race and Caste | The New Yorker - Aug. 2020 |

But the anecdote at once lends a civil-rights hero’s weight to Wilkerson’s bold thesis and provides the model response to it: a lightning flash of insight about the mechanics of white supremacy. In her view, racism is only the visible manifestation of something deeper. Underlying and predating racism, and holding white supremacy in place, is a hidden system of social domination: a caste structure that uses neutral human differences, skin color among them, as the basis for ranking human value.

“Caste is insidious and therefore powerful because it is not hatred; it is not necessarily personal,” she writes. “It is the worn grooves of comforting routines and unthinking expectations, patterns of a social order that have been in place for so long that it looks like the natural order of things.” The caste model moves white behavior away from subjective feelings (what motivates these people to do what they do) and into the objective realm of power dynamics (what they do, and to whom). The dynamic that concerns Wilkerson the most is how a dominant caste stops a low-ranking caste from gaining on it.


US airstrikes killed at least 22,000 civilians since 9/11, analysis finds

Gen Mark Milley, chair of the US joint chiefs of staff, insisted, was a "righteous strike" against Isis-K members who had been observed at points during the day loading what a surveillance team thought to be explosives into the vehicle and visiting a known safe house of the terrorist group.

Afghanistan: US investigates civilian deaths in Kabul strike

American commanders said there were "significant secondary explosions" after the drone strike - implying there were explosives at the scene - which may have harmed people nearby.

The youngest child to be killed was two-year-old Sumaya, and the oldest child was 12-year-old Farzad, the family told the BBC.

"It's wrong, it's a brutal attack, and it's happened based on wrong information," Ramin Yousufi, a relative of the victims, said.

He added, tearfully: "Why have they killed our family? Our children? They are so burned out we cannot identify their bodies, their faces."

Another relative, Emal Ahmadi, told the BBC that it was his two-year-old daughter who was killed in the strike.

Mr Ahmadi said he and others in the family had applied for evacuation to the US, and had been waiting for a phone call telling them to go to the airport.

That included one of his relatives, Ahmad Naser, who was killed in the strike and had previously worked as a translator with US forces. Other victims had previously worked for international organisations and held visas allowing them entry to the US.

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by Cat on Sun Sep 12th, 2021 at 02:18:58 PM EST
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Democrats plot response to Texas ["Taliban"] anti-abortion law
"SB8 unleashes one of the most disturbing, unprecedented and far-reaching assaults on health care providers -- and on anyone who helps a woman, in any way, access an abortion -- by creating a vigilante bounty system that will have a chilling effect on the provision of any reproductive health care services. This provision is a cynical, backdoor attempt by partisan lawmakers to evade the Constitution [citation needed] and the law to destroy not only a woman's right to health care but potentially any right or protection that partisan lawmakers target," Pelosi said.
by Cat on Sun Sep 12th, 2021 at 02:27:42 PM EST
'American Taliban' says prison restricts prayer
John Walker Lindh, 31, who is serving a 20-year sentence for aiding the Taliban "in Terre Haute's Communications Management Unit, which opened in 2006. The unit severely restricts the contact of prisoners with the outside and monitors conversations between the inmates."

The 'American Taliban' Captured After 9/11 Is Being Released
"John Walker Lindh's eyes, dark and wild, were ubiquitous across magazine covers and cable news channels when he was captured with other militants in Afghanistan in November 2001. He was a long-haired guerrilla with a California address -- a traitor to some, a misguided kid sucked into Islamic jihad to others, and to one family, partly to blame for the first U.S. death in the war."

2021 Yours for $4.99/mo

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The succes in defeat of the Taliban, George Bush administration expanded the war on terror to the Axis of Evil ... permanent state of war continuous today.

Global Security after the War on Terror | Oxford Report -  Nov. 2009 |

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* From the same party of Bush, Reagan and Trump

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Corrupt, neocon jackwagon
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