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Smear Campaign Against Corbyn and Laura Murray

by Oui Sun Mar 20th, 2022 at 01:22:22 PM EST

Ian Austin loyal to Keir Starmer, doing the Jewish community in GB a disservice - shame!

My shame as a Labour MP | Jewish Chronicle - Apr 6, 2017 |

I grew up learning about the Holocaust from my father who had fled to Britain as a 10-year-old Jewish refugee from Czechoslovakia.

I joined the Labour Party as a teenager, determined to fight racism. A few weeks ago, I was tidying out my study and found myself writing the words "Labour Party Antisemitism" on a new folder and couldn't believe what I was doing.

How did the party I joined as a teenager end up in a crisis like this?

Up to 20 Labour members, including one MP, have been suspended or expelled pending investigations into antisemitism. More have been reported or investigated. It has been necessary to hold three inquiries into antisemitism.

[Author Ian Austin is columnist for the Jewish Chronicle]

Ian Austin - Serves You Right

Few who campaigned for the Labour Party at the 2019 General Election, who trod the streets, knocked on doors, leafletted, and canvassed hopefully, will forget the name of former MP Ian Austin, who turned on the party whose endorsement had kept him in the style to which he had no doubt become accustomed for so many years. Austin brutally smeared then leader Jeremy Corbyn and urged voters to support the Tories.

For this, and very little else, he was awarded a peerage by alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. Austin then took it upon himself to liberally dispense the smear of anti-Semitism against others, and in this endeavour he was readily supported by the right-leaning part of our free and fearless press. That is where he came unstuck.

After Laura Murray, who had actually served the party loyally, lost a defamation action brought by minor Sleb and Countdown numbers person Rachel Riley, Austin, in concert with the increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph, saw his chance. In he went with both feet, baselessly denouncing Ms Murray as an anti-Semite.

What a more sensible and circumspect person might have done before so pronouncing would have been to ask if Ms Riley went after Ms Murray because of alleged anti-Semitism. Because she did not. Perhaps Austin and the Tel thought that, as Ms Murray had lost the case, they could make a deduction of anti-Semitism as a free hit, a given.

Sad to say, that thought would have been sorely misplaced: Ms Murray took grave exception to Austin's allegations, and launched her own defamation action, which has now resulted in both Austin and the Tel making the appropriately grovelling apology for their groundless and defamatory smear - just because Ms Murray was loyal to Jezza.

Telegraph apologises for claim former Corbyn aide was 'anti-Jewish racist' | The Guardian |

Laura Murray receives £40,000 damages for untrue comments made in piece by former Labour MP Ian Austin.

The Telegraph has apologised and paid £40,000 in damages for falsely describing a former aide to Jeremy Corbyn as an "anti-Jewish racist" and part of the "vile antisemitism of Corbyn's Labour".

The allegations about Laura Murray, which the Telegraph has accepted were untrue and without basis, were contained in an opinion piece by the former Labour MP and current independent peer Ian Austin, who has also apologised.

Austin, who quit Labour over antisemitism within the party and urged voters to back Boris Johnson at the 2019 general election, wrote the comments about Murray in December 2021 after she was successfully sued for libel by the Countdown presenter Rachel Riley.

Riley, who is Jewish and was a vocal critic of Labour's handling of antisemitism complaints under Corbyn, was awarded £10,000 after a tweet by Murray was found to have wrongly accused her of suggesting that the then Labour leader "deserved to be violently attacked".

In the Telegraph's apology, published on Thursday [behind paywall!!] it said: "We accept that there was and is no basis to suggest that Ms Murray is antisemitic. On the contrary; the court heard in unchallenged evidence [in the Riley case] that Ms Murray devoted significant time and energy to confronting and challenging antisemitism within the Labour party while she was employed there. The Telegraph and Ian Austin apologise to Ms Murray. We have agreed to pay her substantial damages."

After Corbyn was hit by eggs thrown by a Brexit supporter during a visit to Finsbury Park mosque in 2019, Riley tweeted a screenshot of a previous tweet by the Guardian columnist Owen Jones about an attack on the former British National party leader Nick Griffin, in which Jones said: "I think sound life advice is, if you don't want eggs thrown at you, don't be a Nazi." She then added "good advice", along with an emoji of a red rose and an egg

Later that day, Murray tweeted a response that included the words: "Rachel Riley tweets that Corbyn deserves to be violently attacked because he is a Nazi."

Boris off to a bad start

Ian Austin was a nobody who served as an official bag carrier for a year under Blair. He's been working for a Tory think tank for over half a year, having resigned as a Labour MP in spring.

He says "don't vote Corbyn" and the media go apeshit.

Ken Clarke, who was a minister, including Chancellor of the Exchequer, for several Prime Ministers, including Thatcher, Major and Cameron, resigns from the Tory party and its crickets.

Same for Phillip Hammond, May's chancellor. He resigns and the media yawns.

keep to the Fen Causeway

by Helen on Thu Nov 7th, 2019

The gang of 11: A new dynamic?

Hardest decision I ever made - a political sound bite doing well in today's twitter media ...

Ian Austin MP: Why I voted for the Government's Brexit deal

Until today 😌

Dudley North voted 71% for Leave 😢

Key words | anti-semitism | Corbyn | settlements | Palestine |

Jeremy Corbyn: Labour is not a threat to Jewish life in Britain

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