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Aukus and the Gold Mountain of West Irian Jaya

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Old Warriors foresaw the troubles of the UK joining the EEC ...

The Fouchet Plan: De Gaulle's Intergovernmental Design for Europe

Former Dutch FM Joseph Luns (1956-1971) had a major dispute with young Robert Kennedy. The latter overruled the Netherlands who wanted Papua NewGuinea to gain independence. The Kennedy's wanted to fight the Communists in SE Asia at any cost ... the infamous domino theory. Suharto murdered over 500,000 countrymen to do the USA a favor ... the empire. Indonesia annexed the Papua New Guinea territory and claimed the mountain of gold. Aukus nations knew of the massacre and gave support.

The Indonesian Killings of 1965-1966

In addition to those killed, 600,000-750,000 people were also imprisoned for periods of between one and thirty years.

U.S. Department of State (95/03/06) Foreign Relations, 1961-63, Vol XXIII, Southeast Asia
Office of the Historian

Elsewhere in the area, the Kennedy administration was attempting to win over Sukarno's Indonesia by facilitating its claim to West Irian, then the Netherlands colony of West New Guinea. Determined not to lose Indonesia to Communist influence, White Houses officials overcame Secretary of State Rusk's skepticism of Sukarno and Rusk's attachment to the Netherlands, a NATO ally. They shifted U.S. policy from neutrality in the dispute toward pressure on the Netherlands to relinquish West New Guinea to Indonesia. The Netherlands had initially insisted on a long-term UN trusteeship and UN-supervised self-determination for the inhabitants. The final agreed plan included only a minimal UN role in the transfer procedures; it was a virtual handover from Netherlands to Indonesian control. President Kennedy and his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, played a major role in this process. During the final stages, the President intervened to insist that Indonesia accept the Netherlands' last best offer and not escalate its guerrilla war against Netherlands forces in West New Guinea.

Australia's Role in the 1965-66 Communist Massacres in Indonesia | Australian Institute of International Affairs |

An estimated half a million people affiliated with the Partai Komunis Indonesia (Indonesian Communist Party or PKI) were massacred by the Indonesian Army, with help from local religious and youth groups. These killings contributed to a reorientation in Indonesian politics, installing General Suharto as president and eliminating the once-strong PKI through violent purges and systematic imprisonment. Declassified documents have shown that the US and its allies played a significant role in these killings, as the US provided weapons, communications equipment and lists of known communists. As an ally of the US, the Australian Embassy and the Department of External Affairs acted in a way that made Australia an accomplice, by helping to create the conditions that allowed the massacres to take place.

Victims of Indonesia's 1965 communist killings tell UK to tell truth about its role in genocide and anti-Chinese propaganda

Declassified documents reveal a UK propaganda unit helped fuel anti-communist massacre that followed failed 1965 coup and led to the rise of dictator Suharto.

UK's propaganda leaflets inspired 1960s massacre of Indonesian communists | The Guardian |

Britain, its culture, foreign policy just has not changed over so many decades. The poisonous propaganda is swallowed by the masses ... I will resist.

The Grasberg mine has one of the largest reserves of gold and copper in the world. It is located in Mimika Regency, West Papua near Puncak Jaya, the highest mountain in the country.

History of the Ok Tedi porphyry copper prospect, Papua New Guinea; I, The years 1966 to 1976; II, The years 1975 to 1978

Many years ago I had a friend who was a government employee and administrator of a province in Dutch New Guinea in the early sixties. A remarkable person who had lived through the terror of Japanese occupation. Was on board of the submarine in a covert action to attack Indonesian naval vessels in the harbor ... at the last moment the operation was aborted.

Forgotten Bird of Paradise has been awarded ‘Best Short Documentary’ at the 2015 Davis International Film Festival in California, USA. More than 1100 films were submitted to the festival from more than 80 countries.

Indonesian documentary about the beauty of birds of paradise in Papua New Guinea and its ecosystems …

My diary …

Berlepsch’s Six-wired Bird of Paradise ¶ A ‘Lost World’ (2006)

Scientists Discover Dozens Of New Species In 'Lost World' Of Western New Guinea’ (photo’s)

Against Torture | by IdiotSavant |

We must all work to erase this ugly stain on humanity's conscience. We must speak out forcefully against all such practices, and renew our efforts to end torture in all its forms.

The irony is that the US was one of the original countries that pushed the importance of the anti-torture laws, and even made them national laws too...but now are one of the worst offenders. I keep hoping the EU will stand to the US on this...but bully US uses intimidation tactics to shut everyone up (plus each countries own skeletons in their own closets...)

"Once in awhile we get shown the light, in the strangest of places, if we look at it right" - Hunter/Garcia

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