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Fascist Jewish Settlers Murder With Impunity

by Oui Thu Jun 23rd, 2022 at 12:09:35 PM EST

Not politically dead ... reborn.

Hundreds of Palestinians took part in the funeral of Ali Hasan Harb in the West Bank village of Iskaka, after he was stabbed and killed by a settler the day before.

According to eyewitnesses, Harb was stabbed near his heart after settlers attempted to erect a tent on his family's land, which borders the settlement city of Ariel, while Israeli soldiers and police officers who were present did nothing to stop the attack. Following the killing, an Israeli court placed a gag order on the details of the investigation.

Breaking News: Israeli media announce an arrest has been made.

    This month, the Gaza Strip will complete 15 years of siege. Two million people have been imprisoned for 15 years in a small and crowded space, without any basic public services, without proper infrastructure, without work - and without hope.
    for further information:

    A humanitarian tragedy in the Gaza Strip. It is not the result of a natural disaster, and it is entirely the creation of Israel, which imposes on nearly two million citizens of the Gaza Strip a life of abject poverty in conditions that are almost inhumane.

England, Israel Crimes, BDS and Protest

      "We've slammed the doors of Elbit's London HQ shut,
      as direct action has once again permanently closed
      an Elbit Systems site in Britain. Thanks to our brave
      and spirited activists, we are ever closer to the end
      of Israel's arms trade in Britain."

Israeli weapons maker shuts London HQ following sustained protest

American Embrace of Global Security Based on Opportunity and MAGA

What a fu*king idiot ... German's policy is the root cause, don't look for scapegoats across your border. Is Germany a sovereign nation or slowly suffocated by Washington's apron strings. At least Donald Trump was forthright about his intentions. Trade sanctions and split Europe!

Biden will soon follow in Erdogan's footsteps to Riyadh ... compare it to the historic travel to Canossa.

Biden's Mideast Trip Includes Direct Israel-Saudi Arabia Flight | VOA News |

Hush ... Israel is In-Between Administrations

"Tens of thousands" to join Israeli security as part of Border Police revamp

Bennett says this is his "concluding move" as Prime Minister ... he may retire from politics

Biden White House Cares for Human Rights ... Some!


Iran and Qatar

Hazara minority

[work in progress]

Back Home Texas Bans a Palestinian State

Freedom of expression but not for all - St. Louis Mo

Biden seeks a military union in the Middle East joining NATO for Global Security


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