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John Bolton: Proud of A Hard Day's Work

by Oui Wed Jul 13th, 2022 at 03:18:39 PM EST

A war criminal's confession as he was analysing the witness statements of Trump's involvement before the January 6th Commission of U.S. Congress and on America's propaganda outlet CNN ...

No rage, no raised eye brows by leading reporter ...

Critics of Bolton shared a range of reactions on social media.

Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Will Bunch tweeted:

    "I've been investigating U.S. imperialism for decades,
    and ... he ... just ... blurted ... it ... out."

John Bolton on CNN: I've "helped plan coups d'état" -- and apparently Trump's was crap | Salon |

In 2004, while Bolton was serving in the State Department, the U.S. faced allegations of backing the overthrow of Haiti's president. A former French ambassador, Yves Gaudeul, told The New York Times this year that the U.S. and France had "effectively orchestrated" the coup.

Bolton has a long history of advocating for coups and supporting regime change plots. He advocated for regime change in Iraq ahead of a war he helped orchestrate and said in 2018 that the United States should overthrow the government of Iran.

"The declared policy of the United States should be the overthrow of the mullahs' regime in Tehran," Bolton said in a speech.

In 2007, he lamented the United States' apparent inability to orchestrate coups during an appearance on NPR's "The Diane Rehm Show."

"We once had a capacity for clandestine efforts to overthrow governments," Bolton said. "I wish we could get those back."

Former N.Y. Mayor Giuliani advocating regime change in Iran ... a dry run for the 6th January coup d''etat in Washington DC.

Rudy Giuliani calls for Iran regime change at rally linked to extreme group | The Guardian - June 30, 2018 |

Trump lawyer speaks at Paris event staged by MeK, once listed as terrorist organisation and widely seen as a personality cult of Rajavi and the old Pahlavis guard.

Giuliani spoke to the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), an umbrella coalition largely controlled by the Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MeK), which was once listed as a terrorist organisation in the US and Europe and is still widely viewed as a Marxist-Islamist cult built around the personality of its leader, Maryam Rajavi.

"We are now realistically being able to see an end to the regime in Iran," Giuliani told a crowd of about 4,000, many of them refugees and young eastern Europeans who had been bussed in to attend the rally in return for a weekend trip to Paris.

Florida ballot hanging chads and dimples, vote counting and the SCOTUS decision to stop counting votes in November 2000

In 2000, all eyes were on Florida, and Palm Beach County because of the butterfly ballot

Governor Jeb Bush felons screening eligible voters in 2000 CheckPoint former CIA pilot Hank Asher.

In the months leading up to the November balloting, Florida Governor Jeb Bush and his Secretary of State Katherine Harris ordered local elections supervisors to purge 57,700 voters from registries on grounds they were felons not entitled to vote in Florida. As it turns out, these voters weren't felons, at most a handful. However, the voters on this "scrub list" were, notably African-American (about 54 per cent) and most of the others wrongly barred from voting were white and Hispanic Democrats.

Matrix Data Mining - CheckPoint - Seisint Inc. - Accenture  - Hank Asher - DBT Online and voter purge

Republican former UN ambassador Bolton says Romney campaign learned from the "flat-footed" mistakes made in 2000 | JPost - 2012 |

Former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton, who led efforts on behalf of George W. Bush during the controversial Florida 2000 vote recount, has told The Jerusalem Post that the Romney campaign is prepared for any 2012 election "irregularities."

"We got caught flat-footed in 2000," Bolton said on Monday. "The Romney campaign learned from the mistakes we made. This time we have all states covered. We are prepared for any eventuality."

Bolton, a Republican and long-time associate of former secretary of state James Baker, who is also a law firm partner, oversaw the famous Florida recount involving the examination of numerous ballots with "hanging chads" - bits of paper that were still attached after voters punched holes indicating their choices.

Venezuela and rigged voting machines made in USA, 2002 forward ...

Regime Change Iraq and Invasion March 2003 - Disinformation, lies and propaganda

  • new leadership in exile - oil contacts US corporations for "war reparations"

Regime Change Iraq and Invasion March 2003 Iraq oil contacts US corporations for "war reparations" Bush Cheney

Article white-washing the belligerent attack on a sovereign state ...

    As one commentator has observed, `grotesque caricatures of gun-toting cowboys, money-grubbing casino capitalists and oil-grabbing Uncle Sams routinely grace the pages of even serious European newspapers.' There is also the widespread impression in Europe that America's approach represents some dangerous new departure from former policies. These attitudes in part explain the widespread anti-Americanism and contempt for Bush, his administration and his policies. Public opinion polls in France and Germany in particular show widely felt opposition to Bush's policies in Iraq and to his international approach in general.

Amazing ... by the same author David Hastings Dunn about pre-emption and the neocon plan of regime change in the Middle East.

'Real men want to go to Tehran': Bush, pre-emption and the Iranian nuclear challenge

Everyone wants to go to Baghdad. Real men want to go to Tehran.

This quip, which was common currency among the neo-conservatives in Washington in late 2002 and early 2003, was emblematic of the attitude of the Bush administration in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq. It captures the essence of the Bush Doctrine, according to which the removal of Saddam Hussein was seen not as a one-act play but rather as the opening scene in the total transformation of the Greater Middle East. The campaign in Iraq was to be a demonstration of American power so that, as Pentagon adviser Richard Perle told an audience not long after the invasion, `we could deliver a short message, a two-word message: "You're next."'

And the prime focus for American concern after Iraq was the regime in Tehran. This is illustrated by another remark, light-hearted in tone but no less revealing. At a meeting with the outgoing Interim Iraq Administrator General Jay Garner in June 2003, Bush thanked him for doing a `great job' and slapped him on the back, asking, `Hey, Jay, you want to do Iran?' The response was equally informative of the mood: `Sir, the boys and I talked about that and we want to hold out for Cuba.'

This context, namely its desire for regime change in Iran, has coloured the Bush administration's approach to the challenge presented by Tehran's apparent desire to build a nuclear weapons capability. Yet the threat of military force either to destroy Iran's nuclear infrastructure and/or to effect regime change has proved counterproductive to the simultaneous efforts to stop the Iranian programme through diplomacy. Indeed, the entire US policy towards Iran of wishing to coerce, undermine and replace the regime while simultaneously seeking to persuade it to abandon its nuclear programme through diplomacy has proved both strategically inconsistent and consistently self-defeating. This article elucidates the rationale behind the Bush administration's approach, demonstrating how, in failing to decide whether its priority is a change of regime or a change of behaviour, it has got neither.

Iraq War: Cheney and Bush Unmasked by testimony Wilkerson | by Larry Johnson @BooMan - June 26, 2006 |

The evidence now on the public record is overwhelming and, if we could have a jury, Vice President Dick Cheney would be found guilty of cooking the intelligence and lying us into war. Three remarkable and compelling pieces of evidence have hit the streets within the last two weeks. Let's start with today and work backwards. The Democratic Policy Committee held a hearing on the pre-war intelligence. Republican Congressman Walter Jones of North Carolina, who requested to attend today's Senate Democratic Policy Committee hearing -- asked (click to watch) Col. Lawrence Wilkerson (Ret'd) how neoconservatives in the Administration gained so much power, and why no one spoke out against their efforts to shape policy toward Iraq in the run-up to war. Col. Wilkerson responded, "The Vice President".

Most of the men who appeared today before Senator Dorgan and Congressman Jones are Republicans. None are partisans. Their words are horrifying when you realize that over 2500 American men and women have died in Iraq based on a lie.

    To call someone a liar, particularly the President and Vice President, is considered stepping over the line of public decorum. However, given the facts on the record, there is no other logical conclusion. Bush and Cheney are liars and because of their lies, Americans are dead and grievously wounded.

From my diary in 2005 ...

I will focus on the aspect that Libby sets up several reporters for the gossip circuit in Washington: Tim Russert and Matthew Cooper and perjures himself in protecting Aspen Leaf Judith Miller. Meanwhile on three prior dates Libby had discussed Ambassador Wilson, Niger forgery and CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson - see the press release - with NYT reporter Miller, who did not publish an article herself. Was she the source for Novak and other reporters in the Bubble gossip circuit?

Senior White House official I. Lewis Libby was indicted today on obstruction of justice, false statement and perjury charges for allegedly lying about how and when in 2003 he learned and subsequently disclosed to reporters then-classified information concerning the employment of Valerie Wilson by the Central Intelligence Agency. Libby was charged with one count of obstruction of justice, two counts of perjury and two counts of making false statements in a five-count indictment returned today by a federal grand jury as its term expired, announced Justice Department Special Counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald.

The defendant, also known as "Scooter" Libby, has served since January 20, 2001, as Assistant to the President, Chief of Staff to the Vice President, and Assistant to the Vice President for National Security Affairs. Libby, 55, will be arraigned at a later date in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

The charges allege that Libby lied to FBI agents who interviewed him on October 14 and November 26, 2003; committed perjury while testifying under oath before the grand jury on March 5 and March 24, 2004; and engaged in obstruction of justice by impeding the grand jury's investigation.

NSC Chief Steve Hadley asked Italy for a Bashar Replacement - 2006

In the aftermath of the 2001 Nine-Eleven terror attacks, ardently pro-Zionist "neo-conservatives" in the Bush administration - who for years had sought a Middle East war to bolster Israel's security in the region - exploited the tragedy to press their agenda. In this they were backed by the Israeli government, which also pressured the White House to strike Iraq.

Interview Netanyahu linking Al Qaeda to PLO terror and Yasser Arafat | NBC - Sept. 13, 2001 |

Netanyahu's Expert Testimony on Iraq in 2002 | C-Span | [Haaretz article has been deleted - Oui]

Following his first term as Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu testified to Congress on Sept. 12, 2002 as a private citizen, and advised Congress that a U.S. invasion of Iraq would be "a good choice."

Senator Joe Biden was complicit in the invasion of Iraq and lies about WMDs that were not found by UNSCOM ..

Just very sickening to watch. Biden knew as did the Bush/Cheney White House. Over half a million people died in Iraq and the US continued with regime change all over the Middle East. The upheaval between Sunni and Shia in Iraq gave Iran more political clout in Baghdad and the Sunni rebellion went  into Raqqa and Syria causing immense terror, deaths and a source for attacks by the Islamic State across Europe.


Stop the bloodletting of innocent lives.

Bomb Before You Buy: The Economics of War by Naomi Klein - May 2004

A couple of days after September 11, The National Post ran a story with the headline "Anti-globalization is so yesterday."2 No one was interested in talking about the ravages of capitalism, we were told. The world was now focused on an entirely new set of issues: war, terror, and the clash of civilizations. Everything we thought we knew before September 11 no longer applied.

It was nonsense, of course. But it is true that many of us in the globalization movement were caught somewhat flat-footed by the military upsurge of the past two years. Yes, many of us instinctively made the transition from trade issues to anti-war activism, but we were not able at first to fully connect how warfare is used to enforce the very economic policies we are fighting against.

The anti-war movement, for its part, faced a similar problem making these connections. The mainstream of the anti-war movement in the United States focused almost exclusively on the visible atrocities of war: the violence, the human rights abuses, and the broken international laws. When explaining why these wars were erupting, rarely did we surpass pat answers like, "It's about the oil." Some even argued that analyzing the economic model that sees war and occupation as market opportunities was "too divisive." Activists were urged to stay on message, to focus on the effects of war, but not its underlying causes.

I believe that this failure to marry the economic analysis of the globalization movement with the moral outcry of anti-war activism ended up hurting both movements. By failing to see the lengths to which capitalism will go to crack open new markets, the globalization movement seemed soft and naive. So did the anti-war movement: attempting to stop a war without directly confronting the economic system behind it is like trying to stop a bomb after it has already been dropped. In this context, peace never had a chance.

Fortunately, these artificial divisions are beginning to break down. This is because, now that the war in Iraq is "over," the economic project behind the attack has emerged, fully formed.

What is that economic project? It is the familiar one we in the globalization movement have been fighting against, the one enforced by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the World Trade Organization (WTO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the World Bank. It is a model that is sometimes called "globalization," but which the Latin Americans call "neoliberalism" and the French call "savage capitalism." I am going to call it "McGovernment," because it is a kind of economic franchise; a globally enforced set of policies designed to make the world safe for multinational corporations.

About CETA and the underlying issues benefiting major corporations, taking rights away from national governments in the EU-27.

Georgia's Roses Revolution November 2003

Saakashvili Toasts Appointment to Ukraine Reform

How the US targeted former Soviet Republics to become part of NATO and angered the Russian Bear which led the US naming Russia as their number One enemy. Today China has the honor of becoming the #1 enemy of the ruling party or parties in Washington DC, Pentagon and NATO HQ in Brussels.

The former Georgian president had been sounded out for the post of deputy prime minister in Ukraine, but that move petered out after he held talks with lawmakers in Zelenskiy's party who would have needed to confirm his appointment.

Bush as poster child of Saakashvili in Tsiblisi, Georgia

Georgia is a "beacon of liberty for the region and the world", US President George W Bush has told a cheering crowd in the former Soviet republic. Georgia's peaceful Rose Revolution set an example for others, including Ukraine, Iraq and Lebanon, he said.

Mr Bush spoke in Tbilisi's Freedom Square - the place where Georgians celebrated ousting the old regime. His trip to Georgia, the first by a US leader, gave new support to Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili.

America's attempted coup d'état in January 2021

    During the present impeachment controversy, I have tried to meet my obligations both as a citizen and as former National Security Advisor. My colleague, Dr. Charles Kupperman, faced with a House committee subpoena on the one hand, and a Presidential directive not to testify on the other, sought final resolution of this Constitutional conflict from the Federal judiciary. After my counsel informed the House committee that I too would seek judicial resolution of these Constitutional issues, the committee chose not to subpoena me. Nevertheless, I publicly resolved to be guided by the outcome of Dr. Kupperman's case.

The Story Behind Chris Steele - Ukraine and Nuland

Bush administrations and illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq

Obama administration of regime change in Libya-Egypt-Syria through R2P policy argument … by-passing International law, UN Charter provision of State sovereignty.

Taking WMDs out of Syria is 'nightmare' for Obama

Recent developments are a major blow to the Muslim Brotherhood in the region. The 2nd revolution and the overthrow of MB in Egypt, the link and support of MB for Hamas leadership in Gaza, emir of Qatar abdicates throne to son Shaikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thanii, Saudi monarch King Abdullah regains upperhand in GCC states and downgrading foreign policy role of Erdogan in Turkey. May John Kerry take advantage of these developments in the difficult task mediating the IP peace talks.

Israeli, Palestinian delegations meet in Washington for iftar dinner, July 29, 2013

Joe Biden in Poland …

Ukraine Caught Between East and West, Red and Blue


Harpers Declares It's Over - The 'American Century' Is Gone | MofA |

The lead essay in the edition, by one Daniel Bessner, is headlined:

Empire Burlesque

What comes after the American Century?

For the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States confronts a nation whose model--a blend of state capitalism and Communist Party discipline--presents a genuine challenge to liberal democratic capitalism, which seems increasingly incapable of addressing the many crises that beset it. China's rise, and the glimmers of the alternative world that might accompany it, make clear that Luce's American Century is in its final days. It's not obvious, however, what comes next. Are we doomed to witness the return of great power rivalry, in which the United States and China vie for influence? Or will the decline of U.S. power produce novel forms of international collaboration?

In these waning days of the American Century, Washington's foreign policy establishment--the think tanks that define the limits of the possible--has splintered into two warring camps. Defending the status quo are the liberal internationalists, who insist that the United States should retain its position of global armed primacy. Against them stand the restrainers, who urge a fundamental rethinking of the U.S. approach to foreign policy, away from militarism and toward peaceful forms of international engagement.

Could have posted this in my recent diary ...

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Wed Jul 13th, 2022 at 06:22:05 PM EST
Global outrage when Boko Haram seized nearly 300 girls in Nigeria's north-eastern town of Chibok in 2014 ...

"Bring Back Our Girls"

    It appears the two hostages gave birth while in captivity, as the army said they were both found with children.

    Other victims of the mass abduction have described being forced to convert to Islam and marry the group's fighters.

    The authorities said the ''intercepted Chibok girls and their children" were in a military medical facility.

Western Media and Distortion of Nigeria's Chibok Kidnapping

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Wed Jul 27th, 2022 at 05:18:59 PM EST

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Thu Jul 28th, 2022 at 10:13:17 PM EST

Viktor Bout: Pentagon contract for Bout Airlines Sharjah UAE to Baghdad

Related reading ...

Among the firms holding U.S. government contracts that officials said were using the network's services: FedEx and KBR. The latter, formerly known as Kellogg Brown & Root, is a subsidiary of Halliburton, the Houston conglomerate formerly headed by Vice President Dick Cheney and holder of a massive no-bid contract for reconstruction projects in Iraq.

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Thu Jul 28th, 2022 at 10:14:43 PM EST
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Kremlin to Viktor Bout: Game Not Over | VOA News - April 2012 |

Russian Arms dealer Victor Bout is processed after his arrest in Bangkok, Thailand, on March 8, 2008. Reflecting the value Washington put on Bout, then President George Bush raised the issue of Bout's extradition during a visit with then Prime Minister Samak Sundravei.

A New York judge has imposed a 25-year sentence on Bout, the legal minimum, for conspiring to sell weapons to a US-designated terrorist group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC.

Presumably, the Russians are realistic enough to realize that there will be no horse trading over a Bout repatriation to Russia until the American presidential election is decided. Last month, an open microphone caught President Obama telling President Medvedev about missile defense: "After my election, I have more flexibility."

US has taken FARC off its terrorist list, giving insight into Biden's foreign policy | Jan. 26, 2022 |

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Fri Jul 29th, 2022 at 09:51:53 AM EST
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Waiting for the next insurrection and a successful coup d'état ...

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Fri Jul 29th, 2022 at 08:36:23 PM EST

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