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AI Build In The Mirror of Mensch

by Oui Fri Jul 15th, 2022 at 11:12:36 AM EST

As we have seen in The Netherlands, AI and algorithms were at the heart of immense misery of tens of thousands people accused of childcare fraud. The tax authority and high ranking officials do have immunity from legal action based on criminal intent. Only civil lawsuits can barely compensate for ruined lives, destroyed family unity and hundreds of children separated from their parent(s). It will take up to ten years to finalize the amount of compensation and the whole legal system is clogged with court cases, so the Courts are hiring from legal advisors to adding more judges. The years of mismanagement by Rutte I thru IV is such a burden on Dutch society.

The blessings of automation and the inability of man to manage it as an appropriate tool. In Dutch government most all automation projects failed or the hundreds of millions were waste to develop software. Outside advisors and hiring of external "experts" is the new style of running a government. The experienced civil servants resign and are hired at a double salary by private business doing the same job.

Computers talk to computers where a human being is not recognized and has no role to play in the service industry of the digital age.

The banking system is one example where most branch offices are closed, the cash terminals are limited or being shut down. I recently had a minor problem that in the past would have been resolved bij walking into a branch office and been completed within five minutes in person to person. Now is has cost me over two hours on the phone in an attempt to get the hired worker to understand the problem sufficiently to realize he/she can't solve the problem and needs to find some higher colleague who has time to take the call. Because I realize the ignorance involved I keep my cool 😎 and stay very patient. End conclusion of the last bank official, indeed no one has thought of this matter and it cannot be solved through Internet between customer and the bank.

Artificial intelligence (AI) in society, and the issue of human dignity | University Twente |

What will our digital future look like? What kind of role will man and machine have in it? In the hybrid exhibition Reflections you will find yourself immersed, through the means of online and offline installations, in a story about algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Who are you? Can the machine get to know you? How does AI work? Does your life get better when algorithms `optimize' your decisions? Is your expertise still worth something if machines think faster and search better? What will then be left of you?

This exhibition invites you to reflect on these questions and to take a moment to reflect on the societal challenges we are now facing. AI experts expect that by 2060 the machine will dominate man in all domains. But if people are no longer needed for their cognitive and artistic skills, what are we still needed for then? If machines will soon be able to think, calculate, paint and compose better than we ourselves, if their stories are more captivating and poignant than ours, from where do we as human beings then derive our meaning and what will then be our new role? In order to be happy as a human being in 2060 we need to think about our digital future, the relationship between man and machine and the place of human dignity therein.

Surveillance, privacy and facial recognition software

University of Amsterdam and Online Proctoring

The UvA is implementing online proctoring - the invigilation of online examinations - for examinations for which there is no alternative. In this way, examinations for large groups will be able to take place remotely, allowing study delays to be avoided.

Technology can be racist and we should talk about that

'Proctorio' a popular online proctoring software, uses facial recognition; a technology that has been proven to be racist and sexist (MIT).

This software is discriminatory to people who are darker skinned, and exclusionary to those whose home settings are not suitable.

It is clear that the choice to adopt such technologies as pedagogical tools is actively reinforcing racism and exclusion in our education systems.

Naomi Appelman

Court sides with University of Amsterdam on use of surveillance software

Meta forced to change its advertisement algorithm to address algorithmic discrimination

In his New York Times article, Mike Isaac describes how Meta is implementing a new system to automatically check whether the housing, employment and credit ads it hosts are shown to people equally. This is a move following a 111,054 US dollar fine the US Justice Department has issued Meta because its ad systems have been shown to discriminate its users by, amongst other things, excluding black people from seeing certain housing ads in predominately white neighbourhoods. This is the outcome of a long process, which we have written about previously.

That Meta's housing ad delivery system is discriminatory was already shown in 2016 in a ProPublica investigation and, the company has repeatedly been criticised for similar discrimination, for example, against women in job ads and based on age in credit card ads.

Big Tech Moves into Government and Society

Turning elections as seen in Brexit and US election 2016 ...

Google bombing society

    Digital marketing companies are teaching anti-abortion clinics how to reach young audiences on platforms like Snap, Facebook and Instagram, giving them tips like posting ads with "young people wearing baggy clothing or hairstyles that reflect Gen Z"

Jim Jordan called a 10 year old rape victim a liar

Man charged with rape of 10-year-old who had abortion after rightwing media called story `not true' | The Guardian |

Google and 4th of July Festivities

America Today!


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