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EU Energy Policy, Pandemic and Free Market Pricing

by Oui Thu Aug 4th, 2022 at 09:30:14 PM EST

China and Germany should also strengthen cooperation and make efforts to uphold multilateralism, promote international economic cooperation and improve global economic governance.

Angela Merkel said that Germany hopes to enhance communication, coordination and cooperation with China under the current circumstances. I look forward to paying another visit to China in the near future. The German side is willing to explore cooperation with the Chinese side within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative, actively promote the development of EU-China relations, and strive to sign the EU-China investment agreement at an early date.

Nord Stream 2 a pyrrhic victory for Merkel as Biden holds the lever of war in Ukraine ...

Years of sanctions on Nord Stream 2 were led by a bipartisan US Congress

Despite the White House's explanation that the United States sought to restore the true alliance with Germany in this way, Biden's decision on Nord Stream 2 was still perceived in Washington as a surrender of national interests in Kremlin's favor. Neither promises of security guarantees for Ukraine, nor Germany's assurances that Russia would continue to use the Ukrainian gas transmission system, nor vague commitments to prevent the Kremlin from using gas as a weapon added certainty.

America Fills Void Left by Chancellor Merkel

From the era of Big Blue and Large Mainframe Computers, Trojan Horses was America's entry into the EU of Brussels. Today Joe Biden sweet talks VDL for a much better result. #angelamerkel German chancellor a one person power house.

EU-27 to Tackle Economic Powers US and China | Oct. 5, 2021 |

Joe slams Emmanuelle on nuclear subs contract: "I am the boss"

How AUKUS submarine deal was sealed in Cornwall: Australian PM Scott Morrison asked Biden for secret US nuclear tech to take on China at G7 after first getting Boris onboard - then ditched `rip off' $90bn French contract

No Exit Strategy - Dismantling of the European Union | Oct. 7, 2021 |

As Slovenia Summit extends invitation to expansion into the Western Balkans, key countries turn their backs on Brussels.

On all levels the EU has come up short to deliver policy ahead of crisis. The woes are added very few months and patience is running out. More nations are putting in a great effort to undermine the union, no need to look at exterior players like Russia and Putin or the United States and Trump/Biden. NATO and Stoltenberg adds fuel to the burning fires of discontent.

For two decades, the EU Commission and its president(s) have not effectively shown leadership for a stronger bond between EU countries. How to get rid of unwilling nations like Austria, Hungary and Poland. Threats just do not work and power of sanctions are quite limited. The Constitutional Court in Warsaw put a stake into the beating heart of Brussels.

Biden Reset of Diplomacy Solely with Allies | Oct. 18, 2021 |

So NATO and the US suffered a setback by full withdrawal from Afghanistan and left Central Asia to regional powers Turkey, Russia and China. How to get the attention of media and the world.  

NATO expels eight 'undeclared' Russian intelligence officers | AP News - Oct. 6, 2021 |

Merkel sells out German sovereignty on foreign policy ... Biden knows how the brain of Putin works to initiate a war for the Donbas and Crimea ...

Agreement made between Biden and Merkel, a quid-pro quo on completion Nord Stream 2 for Germany toeing the line of Washington on Crimea, Donbass and sanctions on the Putin cabal.  

  • Germany commits to press for European action against Russia in Nord Stream 2 deal with U.S. - official | Reuters - July 22, 2021 |
  • Biden's Surrender to Merkel on Nord Stream 2 | Foreign Policy |
  • Economic sanctions are increasingly being used to promote the full range of American foreign policy objectives. Yet all too often sanctions turn out to be little more than expressions of U.S. preferences that hurt expands American economic interests without changing the target's behaviour for the better.

    Doesn't make a better world, it changes the behaviour of American allies more than the intended targets. Bullying through sanctions and NATO military pressure makes states line-up behind unipolar might of the USA. There will be a moment the imbalance causes a confrontation and war, for now it's manoeuvring to stay on top of the pyre of wealth.

    Why have Europe's energy prices spiked and what can the EU do about them | Center for European Reform - Oct. 28, 2021 |

    Europeans' skyrocketing energy bills are not primarily Russia's fault, though it is capitalising on Europe's vulnerability. The EU's decarbonisation strategy provides the best long-term guarantee of stable energy prices.

    After a scorching summer, Europe may face a chilly winter, courtesy of spikes in energy prices. After hitting a low in June 2020, with lockdowns crushing demand for energy, the wholesale natural gas price in Europe had increased more than ten-fold by October 2021, reaching an all-time high. Asia is experiencing similar price hikes. Gas prices have, in turn, pushed electricity prices higher. Should Europeans blame global gas supply and demand fluctuations, sabre-rattling by Putin, or Europe's ambitious climate action plan?

    Much is due to an unfortunate combination of economic and environmental factors. Many countries are reopening after COVID-19 restrictions, which has increased global energy demand, and Europe and Asia are competing to buy gas. Maintenance work on gas infrastructure in Norway has limited Europe's supplies. And a cold winter and spring followed by a hot summer meant more demand than usual for energy for heating and air-conditioning. Lack of wind in northern Europe over the summer led to higher demand for coal and gas to fill the shortfall in wind-powered electricity generation. 

    New ministers in cabinet of President Zelensky for hardline approach towards removing foreign fighters on occupied Crimea and Luhansk-Donetsk ...

    Zelensky pressured by Western powers, domestic rightwing parties refuses to meet the Minsk 2 agreements nor meet for talks.

    Poland Surges Towards Energy Sovereignty

    See follow-up diary ...  

    Biden and US Corps to Compete In EU Gas Deal | by Oui Tue Feb 1st, 2022 |

    [Update on down-time nuclear power plants in France boosting energy prices]  

    Poland shuts down Yamal-Europe Pipeline as it switches to alternate suppliers LNG from Qatar, Norway and USA. Gas spot price surges to new record.

    Joe Biden knows he has the leverage to shut down Nord Stream 2, has Germany in a neck clamp spiraling towards economic disaster. The trafficlight coalition is out of order due to "maintenance".

    Biden and US Corps to Compete In EU Gas Deal | Feb. 1, 2022 |

    Will Nord Stream 2 start/shut-down operations soon?  

    European natural gas prices plunged after Russian shipments via a key route crossing Ukraine rebounded | Bloomberg - Feb. 1, 2022 |

    Benchmark futures slumped the most in two weeks, closing 10% lower, as fuel deliveries into Slovakia through the Velke Kapusany entry point returned to normal, grid data showed.
Higher Russian supply is weighing on prices just as mild weather curbs demand and wind output surges in Germany and Britain, taking pressure off gas-fired plants. 

    "A significant increase in Russian flows, warmer weather and good wind generation are all driving prices downwards," Gazprom Energy, a U.K. unit of the Russian gas giant, said in a daily market note.

    Contract talks interfered with anti-Russia position in Washington DC

    Ukraine asks Gazprom to extend gas transit deal for 15 years | Intelli News - Nov. 24, 2021 |

    Ukraine has asked Russia's gas behemoth Gazprom to extend the current gas transit deal that expires in 2024 for another 15 years and offered to cut transit fees in half.

    Ukraine's Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal said in an interview with Radio Svoboda on November 21 that Ukraine wants to extend the transit contract with Gazprom and is currently negotiating with its European partners.

    The Russian government reported the start of talks on a new transit deal on September 8 held by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak and the German government's commissioner for gas transit through Ukraine, Georg Graf Waldersee. 

    "Germany has been, is and will remain the main partner for the Russian fuel and energy complex in the European direction," Novak said at the time. 

    Joe Biden dictating terms of war to Europe foremost and has full command over Jens Stoltenberg and NATO. Fuck the EU ‼️

    UA Forces Endangering Civilians

    Key words Mariupol | Azov battalion | heroes |

    Qualification as Foreign Minister

    Annalena could give Liz and Nancy a tap on the back for encouragement. Reading the NATO playbook Copyright USA.

    🇨🇳's Foreign Minister #WangYi is in 🇩🇪. The BuReg now has to talk Straight talk: the #security law in Hong Kong, China's pressure on #Taiwan & the oppression of the #Uyghurs must be on the table.
    Without #humanrights and #legal certainty there can be no 🇪🇺-🇨🇳 investment agreement.

    Zelensky in the NATO Echo Chamber

    Nonsense Volodymyr ... you have been used as so many before you ... Mikhail Saakashvili of Georgia.


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