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US War Powers, Regime Change -- Part 1

by Oui Fri Jan 20th, 2023 at 11:50:21 PM EST

A long read, however the unrest in the Middle East has not ended. NATO and the EU-27 are all aligned in confrontation with the outside "Jungle" of terror.

Trump policy of the Abraham "Economic" Accords has been extended by Joe Biden and Europe tags along. Israel has received a free hand to suppress the Palestinian movement for independence.

The so-called effort to restart the JCPOA nuclear deal with Iran has been a shameful farce. The White House and US Congress has tightened the sanctions and a new front of the U.S./UK with NATO allies and the European Union have agreed the deal made under Barack Obama U.S. dead. A definite break with further risk of hostilities on the Arabian peninsula and the Persian Guif.

As the U.S. has become an oil and gas exporter, the security around the Strait of Hormuz is of importance for Europe, India, South Korea and especially China.

The unrest inside Iran has all the marking of foreign intervention and acts of violence by terror groups funded by the West such as the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK).

Iran blacklists US officials for supporting 'terrorist' group MEK | Al Jazeera |

Iran says the Americans provided deliberate support to a group that is accused of killing 17,000 Iranians over decades.

The Iranian government has blacklisted United States officials over their backing of a group that Tehran considers to be a "terrorist" organisation.

The Iranian foreign ministry published a list of 61 current and former American officials who it said have provided "deliberate support" to the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK), a group that openly calls for overthrowing the current Iranian establishment.

Several of the individuals, including former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, were previously blacklisted by the Iranian government for other reasons.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Senators Ted Cruz and Cory Booker, and former National Security Adviser Lincoln Bloomfield were among the sanctioned individuals.

The individuals provided support to the group by participating in its events and "offering political and propaganda support", the Iranian foreign ministry said.

Iran Rises Up -- Protests and uprisings in at least 13 provinces so far

Mrs. Rajavi: Iran has risen up for liberation from religious fascism; the world must recognize the national demand for the regime's overthrow

The Iranian people's protests against the religious tyranny ruling Iran has continued for a second consecutive day. It is quickly spreading and so far, in addition to Tehran, 16 other provinces have witnessed protests.

Protesters are calling for the overthrow of the clerical regime in various parts of Tehran and other cities in the country, including Isfahan, Mashhad, Ahvaz, Shadegan, Kermanshah, Sanandaj, Karaj, Sari, Babol, Amol, Semnan, Shahroud, Tabriz, Qazvin, Zanjan, Shiraz, Oroumieh, Gorgan, Arak, Qods and Robat Karim.

They are chanting: "death to dictator," "death to the oppressor, be it the Shah or the Leader (Khamenei)," "IRGC commits crimes, the Leader supports them," "students are awake, they despise Seyyed Ali (Khamenei),"

Several killed in separate incidents in Iran on day marred by violence | Anadolu Agency - Nov. 17, 2022 |

No group has so far claimed responsibility for Wednesday's attacks

Two people were shot dead in Iran's central city of Isfahan, hours after five people were killed in an armed attack in the country's southwest.

The latest incident took place around 9.00 p.m. local time (1730GMT) in the Khane Esfahan area of the city when two motorcycle riders armed with assault rifles opened fire at security forces, according to local reports.

The two slain men were both paramilitary voluntary Basij personnel, identified as 54-year-old Mohsen Hamidi and 30-year-old Mohammad Hossein Karimi.

At least eight others were also injured in the attack, seven of them law enforcement personnel and one paramilitary Basiji.

Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi extended condolences to the families of the victims and asked the security agencies to "immediately identify the perpetrators and leaders of the terrorist incident and hand them over to the judicial system," his office said.

Meanwhile, according to Iran's state broadcaster, quoting local officials, at least three people were also killed in Semirom, another city in Isfahan province, on Wednesday during fierce clashes. Many others were also injured.

In another similar incident Wednesday evening, at least five people were killed and 15 others injured after motorcycle-borne armed men opened fire at a busy market in the southwestern province of Khuzestan.

Among the dead were an elderly woman and a child. At least two others are said to be in critical condition.

A religious seminary was also set ablaze by unknown men in the main market of the city.

Armed attacks against Iranian security personnel intensify | The Cradle |

In the last two months, over 40 civilians, police officers, and members of the security forces have been killed by armed rioters and extremist groups

The Islamic Republic has been witnessing a surge in armed attacks and terror incidents in the months following the death of Mahsa Amini, which sparked protests across the country that have often turned into violent riots.

These riots re-ignited in recent days, as anti-government protesters called for a three-day strike that began on 15 November, marking the third anniversary of what is referred to as "Bloody November."

In November 2019, security forces suppressed and opened fire on demonstrators during mass protests against a hike in fuel prices, leaving many dead.

Iranian authorities have blamed foreign powers for inciting violence in a heavy-handed attempt at overthrowing the government. Even former US officials have admitted that separatist groups in western Iran are being trained and armed in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region (IKR) for this purpose.

President Joe Biden on Thursday vowed to "free" Iran, and said demonstrators working against the country's government would soon succeed in freeing themselves. Words spoken during a wide-ranging campaign speech in California.


Rioters martyr 2 Basiji forces in Isfahan, Iran | Nov. 17, 2022 |

Isfahan, IRNA -  Two Basij volunteer Force members were martyred in an armed attack by rioters on Wednesday night, an informed source said.

An informed source told IRNA that eight wounded individuals were taken to the hospital.

The incident took place in the northern part of Isfahan city, the source added.

Also on Wednesday night, at least seven people were martyred and some others were wounded in a terrorist attack in the town of Izeh, in Iran's southern province of Khuzestan.

Iran: Terror Strikes IRGC Forces In Parade | Sept. 22, 2018 |

Attack happened on day the Arab community celebrated Saudi National Day. Last year I was in the Emirates.

Escalation Against Iran Could Lead to Tragedy or an Unintended War | by Martin Longman on Jun 18, 2019 |

BBC Mouthpiece of Pahlavi and Terror Group MEK

A biased piece of "journalism" as I was searched for the incident that led to the death sentence of Majid Kazemi Sheikh Shabani. Very little reporting in Western media besides the standard anti-Iran narrative or propaganda.

Iran has a long history of foreign intervention and terror attacks ever since the Islamic Revolution of 1989.

The very harsh and inhumane sanctions led by the United States is criminal and relentless pushing a sovereign state into hunger, poverty and deprivation. Iran is not part of a flourishing European paradise or "garden".


Iran protests: Two boys shot dead by security forces, family sources say | BBC News - Nov. 17, 2022 |

Two boys were shot dead by security forces during anti-government protests in south-western Iran on Wednesday, sources close to their families say.

State media reported that seven people were killed by gunmen on motorbikes in a "terrorist attack" in Izeh.

But the sources told BBC Persian that security personnel fired the live rounds that killed Kian Pirfalak, nine, and Sepehr Maghsoudi, 14.

At least 13 people were said to have been killed elsewhere on Wednesday.

There has been a wave of street demonstrations and strikes in major cities since Tuesday in response to calls to commemorate those killed in the bloody crackdown on the November 2019 protests over fuel price rises.

State news agency Irna said two gunmen riding motorbikes targeted protesters and security personnel at the central market in Izeh at around 17:30 local time on Wednesday.

Seven people were killed, including a nine-year-old child and a woman, while three police officers and two members of the paramilitary Basij Resistance Force were among the wounded, it added.

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Kurdish human rights group Hengaw meanwhile said that at least 10 protesters were killed by security forces in the north-western cities of Bukan, Kamyaran, Sanandaj and Saqqez - Mahsa Amini's hometown - on Wednesday.

State TV also reported that three members of the security forces were killed in another "terrorist attack" that saw gunmen riding a motorbike opened fire in the central city of Isfahan.

"The enemies have targeted the integrity of Iran and Iranian identity," Iran's Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian tweeted on Thursday morning.

"The security services of the fake Israeli regime and some Western politicians who have drawn plans for civil war, and the destruction and partitioning of Iran, should know that Iran is not Libya or Sudan," he added.

Terror incidents don't get coverage in Western media and led to at least three death sentences for peaceful protestors rioters with a different agenda to overthrow the regime. Outside forces at work here.

If this not a terror attack -- gunmen riding a motorbike opened fire in the central city of Isfahan -- a classical method used by both Israeli operatives and from the terror group Mujaheddin Khalq funded by Western sources.

Isn't the humane rhetoric from most UN Charter nations each state has the right of self-defense. Stop the melding inside the ethnic different provinces inside Iran and stop funding terror acts. The world would be a better place for it.


Biden .. the JCPOA agreement is dead ... the Biden administration

A serie of three articles on outside intervention led by the U.S. [and Israel] supporting foreign terror groups in assassinations and terror campaign of bombings. The sanction regime by the Western nations leaves Iran in an economic poor shape and poverty. The historic ethnic division of Iran leaves multiple opportunities to be exploited by funding opposition movements seeking independence or at least some autonomy. A universal trend for self-identity and nationalism.

The criminal acts by the Jewish State of Israel is not covered in these series as it would be too extensive from the Mossad training the Shah’s secret service SAVAK in methods of oppression and torture.

    The Fall of the Shah — The CIA has lost eleven espionage ground stations along the 1,600 km Iranian - Soviet border. The thousands of US military personnel contracted by the DoD have left.
The 8 years during the Reagan administration could by itself be written in a lively book.

Israeli Intelligence and Assassinations | Feb. 8, 2022 |

Has any major power been using the argument of borders and sovereignty recently? UN Charter provisions. #bansanctions #brotherhood #sisterhood


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