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US Big Failures from Caspian Sea to Ukraine

by Oui Tue Jan 3rd, 2023 at 10:19:13 PM EST

Now updated with two articles in The Nation by Stephen F. Cohen published in 2006 and 2008.

Fun to read Eurosceptics in this voluminous writing ... I read part of Chapter 1 - Background.

Europe On €387m A Day - 2009

Before its May 2004 expansion (Poland, Cyprus, Slovenia et al), the EU15 countries fairly closely described the area occupied by the Holy Roman or Habsburg Empires. After the Holy Roman Empire a short man with something of a Napoleon complex - Napoleon - came along. He forged an empire along similar lines to Charlemagne's but, as the noted historians ABBA remind us, "at Waterloo Napoleon did surrender".

Now, the European Union has "united" the continent as never before. José Manuel Barroso, the president of the European Commission, calls the present EU the "world's first non-imperial empire". Looking ahead in 2006 to the accession of Romania and Bulgaria, he called the expansion a "reunification of our European family". If that unification - whenever he may have been referring to (have Poland and Ireland really been yoked together before?) - is deemed a success worth repeating, why did it ever come unstuck? Will it not come unstuck again? We shall find out. In the meantime, how did it come about this time round?

The EU has had more British input than most people realise or acknowledge. Those who seek greater integration seethe that "la perfide albion" had anything to do with their beloved "projet", while British eurosceptics kick themselves. Thinkers and doers as diverse as Dante, Victor Hugo and Leon Trotsky have proposed a "united states of Europe". One man who went as far as calling for a "kind of united states of Europe... to begin now", in a speech at Zurich University in 1946, was Winston Churchill.

If you thought the Cold War between East and West reached its peak in the 1950s and 1960s, then think again. 1945 was the year when Europe was the crucible for a Third World War.

Operation Unthinkable - Churchill's plans to invade the Soviet Union -- May 1945

It's Geography, Stupid: Deciphering the Russian enigma with Churchill | Brussels Times |

I believe the answer lies in the second half - the seldomly quoted part - of Churchill's famous assessment of Russia above: "... but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest".

The borders of Europe that settled after the Cold War add nuance to the current situation, but there is in fact nothing new about what we are seeing. Rewinding back to its Ivan the Terrible origins, the Russian Empire has always been vulnerable to attacks by western powers through the North European Plain, which runs from the Baltic Sea in the north, to the Carpathian Mountains in the south.

A vast stretch of flat land that armies can roll through deep into the Russian heartland without much hindrance save the harsh Russian winter, the North European Plain has delivered a number of existential threats to Moscow: the Poles in 1605, the Swedes in 1708, Napoleon in 1812, and the Nazis in 1941.

In the aftermath of World War Two, the USSR padded this vulnerable artery with the freshly-minted communist satellite states, such as Romania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Poland. The Iron Curtain served as a robust buffer zone for the delicate heart of the Soviet empire.

Iraqi Oil - the $250bn gift to Saudi Arabia and Russia | by Jerome a Paris Sat Dec 24th, 2005 |

Whenever one talks of Iraqi oil, conspiracy theories abound as to the real motive of the Iraq war, or the intentions of the Cheney clique viz. Iraqi oil.

As I have written before, the only theory that vaguely makes some kind of strategic sense is that Bushco wanted to sit on the Iraqi reserves, deny them to everybody else and keep them for the time in the near future when peak oil strikes and it becomes a huge strategic advantage. Not very useful in the short term, but possibly rational in the long run (in a narrow, zero-sum game tunnel vision sense, but hey, that's who they are).

But in the meantime, some other players, and I am not talking about ExxonMobil or the other majors, are laughing all the way to the bank.

From a comment by olexy (Ukraine), translated from Russian ...

From Kravchuk to Yushchenko | Journal Apologia - Nov. 2005 |

The term "party of power", which has firmly entered the everyday political lexicon in the post-Soviet space, appeared in the early nineties. This was the reaction of political circles and the expert community to the weakness of "normal" political parties, which appeared as a result of natural processes of institutionalization of political interests of various public groups. In a broad sense, this term is synonymous with the concept of "ruling elite".

"The Party of Power," Andrew Wilson and Valentyn Yakushyk wrote in 1992, is a political bloc consisting of pragmatically oriented and de-ideologicalized upper circles of the old nomenclature, representatives of the state apparatus, mass media, and leaders of traditional sectors of industry and agriculture.

In a narrow sense, the "party of power" is usually understood as party and movement-type associations, which are directly created by the political elite and play the role of the main exponent of its interests in the sphere of public policy.

In fact, the different understanding of the essence of the phenomenon we are considering reflects different stages of the development of the political system. During the period of formation of multi-party system and electoral democracy, "normal" political parties, arising as a result of natural processes of institutionalization of political interests of various public groups, were too weak.

With the establishment of democracy and the development of multipartyism, the new elite formed around the structures of executive power could no longer act in the sphere of public policy as an independent force independent of society. It was necessary to create the appearance of an expression of the interests of broad sections of the population. And different groups of the ruling elite, trying to legitimize their existence, began to create their own political parties - peculiar political superstructures of oligarchic groups of influence. The differences between them did not consist in different ideological and programmatic orientations, but mainly in the unequal degree of involvement in power and in the different level of access to the distribution of material and other resources.

No surprise Cheney chose Lithuania as location for his memorable speech ... left an indelible mark on anti-Russia rhetoric and pro-NATO stance. Today Lithuania manages to continue with provoking the CCP and China.

Mark Ames: Cheney Starts New Cold War Over Oil by Nomad Sat Jun 3rd, 2006 |

Tipped yesterday by Helen, I read a provocative and insightful piece on the oil politics in Russia and Central Asia by Mark Ames, posted on Alternet. Little did I know then how prolific a writer Mark Ames is, yet with help of poemless I send out an invitation to The eXile asking him to re-publish his story here on European Tribune.

Cheney Starts New Cold War Over Oil | By Mark Ames, The eXile - June 1, 2006 |

Cheney's brazen oil grab strategy in Central Asia has launched a new Cold War with Russia -- and this time we're losing.

[Editor's note: Mark Ames' essay is a lucid overview of what the Bush administration has been up to in Central Asia and former Soviet republics since 9/11. No, not fighting "terror" -- they've been working on a long-term oil grab by supporting dictators and gaming democratic elections in their favor, all while publicly bemoaning Russia's "slide" back to a dictatorship. Ames' lively writing style turns a heavy story into one of the best articles you'll read this month.]

One of the oddest reactions to Vice President Cheney's now-infamous speech in Lithuania, the one which many Russians believe officially heralded the start of a new Cold War, came from the mainstream American media. What was so strange? They actually did their job.

Instead of simply parroting the Administration's latest pieties, they actually allowed themselves to smell a rat.

The Bush cabal with VP Cheney, assistent Vicky Nuland, Rumsfeld, had other ideas for Europe ... a new mission for NATO.

NATO Summit in Bucharest - Spring 2008

Just before the NATO summit in Bucharest, the differences on what and how the Alliance should do in the future seem all but rising on both sides of the Atlantic. The Warsaw conference on NATO's Transformation made fundamental divides clearly visible. (...) The new NATO members seem to live in a Neverland. Professor Kuzniar assessed that the Alliance is the only force of global reach and capabilities. Wrong. There is no such thing as NATO global capability. There is the US global capability and to be more precise it is one of the US Navy.


Odds & Ends: All Russia Lovefest All The Time, Vol.37 | by poemless Fri May 16th, 2008 |

It's just some odds and some ends.

But reading it will make you better informed.  I'm sure of that.  And if we can't make people better informed, then the rest means nothing, my friends.  Nothing, damn it!

Ok.  It's a bit multi-lingual...

The man who brought us the first news about this new cold war situation is back …

    The New American Cold War | The Nation - June 21, 2006 | Contrary to established opinion, the gravest threats to America's national security are still in Russia. They derive from an unprecedented development that most US policy-makers have recklessly disregarded, as evidenced by the undeclared cold war Washington has waged, under both parties, against post-Communist Russia during the past fifteen years.
But that doesn't mean you don't have to read it, just because you read the first one! All twenty times I posted it... More than a concise and poignant explanation of US/Russia relations, more than a brilliant little gem of geopolitical insight, more than a damning criticism of American policy, this article is a cry of desperation!

The Missing Debate | by Stephan F. Cohen - May 1, 2008 |

This article appeared in the May 19, 2008 edition of The Nation.

Even the current cold peace could be more dangerous than its predecessor, for three reasons: First, its front line is not in Berlin or the Third World but on Russia's own borders, where US and NATO military power is increasingly ensconced. Second, lethal dangers inherent in Moscow's impaired controls over its vast stockpiles of materials of mass destruction and thousands of missiles on hair-trigger alert, a legacy of the state's disintegration in the 1990s, exceed any such threats in the past. And third, also unlike before, there is no effective domestic opposition to hawkish policies in Washington or Moscow, only influential proponents and cheerleaders.

How did it come to this? Less than twenty years ago, in 1989-90, the Soviet Russian and American leaders, Mikhail Gorbachev and George H.W. Bush, completing a process begun by Gorbachev and President Reagan, agreed to end the cold war, with "no winners and no losers," as even Condoleezza Rice once wrote, and begin a new era of "genuine cooperation." In the US policy elite and media, the nearly unanimous answer is that Russian President Vladimir Putin's antidemocratic domestic policies and "neo-imperialism" destroyed that historic opportunity.

You don't have to be a Putin apologist to understand that this is not an adequate explanation. During the last eight years, Putin's foreign policies have been largely a reaction to Washington's winner-take-all approach to Moscow since the early 1990s, which resulted from a revised US view of how the cold war ended [see Cohen, "The New American Cold War," July 10, 2006]. In that new triumphalist narrative, America "won" the forty-year conflict and post-Soviet Russia was a defeated nation analogous to post-World War II Germany and Japan--a nation without full sovereignty at home or autonomous national interests abroad.

The policy implication of that bipartisan triumphalism, which persists today, has been clear, certainly to Moscow. It meant that the United States had the right to oversee Russia's post-Communist political and economic development, as it tried to do directly in the 1990s, while demanding that Moscow yield to US international interests. It meant Washington could break strategic promises to Moscow, as when the Clinton Administration began NATO's eastward expansion, and disregard extraordinary Kremlin overtures, as when the Bush Administration unilaterally withdrew from the ABM Treaty and granted NATO membership to countries even closer to Russia--despite Putin's crucial assistance to the US war effort in Afghanistan after September 11. It even meant America was entitled to Russia's traditional sphere of security and energy supplies, from the Baltics, Ukraine and Georgia to Central Asia and the Caspian.

Such US behavior was bound to produce a Russian backlash. It came under Putin, but it would have been the reaction of any strong Kremlin leader, regardless of soaring world oil prices. And it can no longer be otherwise. Those US policies--widely viewed in Moscow as an "encirclement" designed to keep Russia weak and to control its resources--have helped revive an assertive Russian nationalism, destroy the once strong pro-American lobby and inspire widespread charges that concessions to Washington are "appeasement," even "capitulationism." The Kremlin may have overreacted, but the cause and effect threatening a new cold war are clear.

See my earlier writing about the Atlantic Council and Ivo Daalder: “Making Russia a pariah state,” repeated by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. Willfully provoking the Red Bear over three decades!


Citizen ET in Lithuania - Programme by Bjinse Sun Nov 24th, 2013 |

Meanwhile in Ukraine ...

Sen. John McCain will become the highest-ranking U.S. official to visit Ukraine since government violence against street protestors engulfed its capital last week. He will express support and solidarity with the protests.

"Ukrainians should not be forced to choose between a future in the west or the east. They should be free to chart their nation's future as they choose, in the best interest of Ukraine's citizens," he said. "As Ukrainians continue to press their government to take the necessary steps to sign an association agreement with the EU, the Ukrainian government should listen to the voices of its people and respond to their legitimate aspirations."

McCain has a long history of supporting emerging democracies in the former Soviet Union. During the height of his 2008 presidential run, he strongly criticized Russian aggression in Georgia and dispatched two top emissaries, Sens. Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman, to "stand in solidarity" with Georgia's leaders.

Thursday night, McCain spoke at the annual gala of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition, where he called for a more active U.S. foreign policy and introduced honoree Vice President Joe Biden, who also criticized Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych for the violence against street protesters perpetrated by the Ukrainian government.

    "My conversation with Yanukovych just in the past few weeks, I've made it clear that he has a choice. He can choose a path that leads to division and isolation or can take immediate tangible steps to diffuse his country's crisis and start a genuine dialogue with the opposition to agree to a path that returns Ukraine to economic and political health,"Biden said.

    "We hope he leads his country back to its European path, but he needs help. Because it's in the most fundamental interest of the United States that Ukraine succeed, the door is open. And what the Ukrainian people have to know is that the America stands with them on the side of universal rights, democratic principles, and economic assistance and intervention."

Biden's comments follow the visit to Kiev by Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, who also criticized Yanykovych and urged Ukraine to turn toward Europe. Nuland also handed out food to protesters in downtown Kiev.

The Vice President does in fact have a long history of dealing with Ukraine. In a 2009 visit to Kiev, he was reported to have said Ukraine has "the most beautiful women in the world."

Biden said the world was at a transformational moment where the United States could play a role in shaping the international future.

"We have a chance to maybe just bend history just a little bit, and I really mean that. Think about it," he said. "If we were having this meeting 15 years ago, the ability of America to influence the world was considerably less than it is today."

Sen. John McCain introduced Biden and said that the two politicians shared a long friendship and a similar political style despite their partisan differences.

VP Joe Biden has a long history with Ukraine stretching back to the 2004 Orange Revolution ...

Stop infighting, Biden tells Ukraine's leaders | Reuters - July 22, 2009 |

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden chided Ukraine's political leaders, telling them they had to stop "posturing" if the country was to seal its post-Soviet independence and economic development.

In a speech marked by a sharper tone that contrasted with previous expressions of unflinching support from Washington, Biden said Ukraine stood at a historic moment in building on the gains of the 2004 pro-Western "Orange Revolution".

"Literally, you are standing in a moment in history that you have never stood at before, literally," Biden said. "Frankly, your success will bear on the successes or failures of many people in this part of the world."

Infighting has pitched Ukraine into non-stop political turmoil since a heady week of street protests in 2004 against electoral fraud swept President Viktor Yushchenko to office.

Good grief (4.00 / 7)

For those tempted to think that Russian media might be providing accurate information about anything,

I can do it even shorter. Consider their coverage of Chechnya. But of course, that might bring up some - ah - interesting parallels to US press coverage of Gaza and Iraq ...

The US press is full of shit. The Russian press is full of shit. The Danish and British press are full of shit (mostly because they plagiarise the US press with a vengeance - they can't read French or German (nevermind Russian, Chinese or Indian) so their options w.r.t. plagiarisation are limited). What else is new?

The French and German agencies seem to have people on the ground and appear to be willing to actually use their input. Some of the time.

As an aside, if it wasn't such a serious matter, I would find it amusing that you quote approvingly an analysis that argues that the US need counterweights "in the region" of Ukraine and Georgia. Take a look at a map and then try to justify Chinese and Russian "counterweights" in Mexico, Hawaii and Canada...

It's one thing to pretend to believe the "democracy promotion" justification for the US/NATO presence right on Russia's border, it's quite another to baldly assert that it's bad old Grand Chessboard strategy and then defend it on that premise.

- Jake

Friends come and go. Enemies accumulate.

by JakeS (JangoSierra 'at' gmail 'dot' com) on Wed Aug 13th, 2008

Grand Illusions: The Impact of Misperceptions About Russia on U.S. Policy | Carnegie - June 30, 2021 |

United States An Existential Threat to Russia | by Oui Sat Mar 12th, 2022 |

As always a war of choice is about fossil fuel dominance ... America failed in the Caspian Sea basin [Jerome a Paris @dKos in 2005], Afghan campaign for Central Asia, losing its primacy in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia (majority 9/11 plane hijackers and home to OBL).

From the Banana republics of Central America, Kissinger doctrine in South America, to the Pacific Islands and the Philippines. Perceived threats are build upon to increase military spending beyond the scope necessary for human kind to survive. The planet is in mortal danger, yet the coal and fossil fuel lobby managed another, perhaps final, war on the European continent.

Media to explain thirty years of failed foreign policy for dummies.

America and NATO military command knew the national security red lines of Russia, got Putin into a corner, knew it was unacceptable yet failed in honest diplomacy for many years.

US disinformation is all about framing the explosive war in Ukraine. The Washington political bubble and American fantasy.

American Petroleum Institute (API)

Oil Winning the War On Ukraine by Oui Thu Oct 27th, 2022 |

In March there were joyful reactions in fossil fuel lobby community when sanctions on Russian natural gas were announced and the European powers were left without a diversion but coal, LNG and nuclear power. The wreckage of green transition to solar and wind power. Quite unreliable sources for fuel consuming industrial processes and transport sector. The politicians in EU HQ Brussels and member states were caught napping as Joe Biden crossed Europe in his Blitzkrieg boasting promises America couldn't meet.

Enduring American Energy Leadership

History: Renovating Kyiv by eliminating urban planning regulations

East-West "Unity" and Europe's basic values of Four Freedoms ...

The highest share of positive first instance asylum decisions in 2015 was recorded in Bulgaria (91%), followed by Malta, Denmark and the Netherlands. Conversely, Latvia, Hungary and Poland recorded first instance rejection rates above 80%. ...

The highest shares of final rejections were recorded in Estonia, Lithuania and Portugal where all final decisions were negative...

An opening for Donetsk, Luhansk and Crimea? The Kosovo precedent ...

The unilateral declaration of independence in respect to Kosovo did not violate international law | ICJ Advisory Opinion for the UNGA |

The Court first sought to determine whether the declaration of independence was in accordance with general international law. It noted that State practice during the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries "points clearly to the conclusion that international law contained no prohibition of declarations of independence".

In particular, the Court concluded that "the scope of the principle of territorial integrity is confined to the sphere of relations between States". It also determined that no general prohibition of declarations of independence could be deduced from Security Council resolutions condemning other declarations of independence, because those declarations of independence had been made in the context of an unlawful use of force or a violation of a jus cogens norm. The Court thus concluded that the declaration of independence in respect of Kosovo had not violated general international law.

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Wed Jan 4th, 2023 at 04:29:11 PM EST
First World slide-rule of law (women and) minorities edition
by Cat on Wed Jan 4th, 2023 at 05:50:06 PM EST
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legifrance.gouv.fr | Order of January 3, 2023 modifying the order of June 1, 2021 relating to the organizational and operational measures of the health system maintained... RECALLING "strategic autonomy", supply chain discipline, "crisis-related goods", and enhanced mRNA immunity
Having regard to the decree of June 1, 2021 relating to the organizational and operational measures of the health system maintained in the fight against covid-19;

Considering that the tensions in paracetamol-based medicines have been continuing for more than six months, with marked supply tensions for the pediatric forms; that the various measures taken by the health authorities, however effective they may have been, have so far failed to put an end to it; that the uncertainties over the coming weeks related to the health situation in China® pose a risk of aggravation of tensions [LOL!] in the supply of specialties [LOL!] composed exclusively of paracetamol; that in order to prevent them, it appears necessary to suspend their sale by internet until January 31, 2023;

Considering that the availability of the Nuvaxovid® vaccine from the Novavax laboratory and the VidPrevtyn® Beta vaccine, developed by the Sanofi Pasteur and GSK laboratories, as part of the vaccination campaign against covid-19 calls for an update of the effection capacity with [machine translation error; s/b "efficacy of"] these vaccines;

Considering that a precision concerning the dosage of the vaccines is necessary in view of the existence of several forms of the Comirnaty® vaccines from the Pfizer-BioNTech laboratories depending on the age of the vaccine target;

Considering that the evolution of the epidemic [!] situation on the national territory led to modify the cost associated with the detection of the SARS-COV-2 genome; that the associated valuation parameters should be adjusted accordingly
"Art. 4b. - The sale by internet of specialties composed exclusively of paracetamol is suspended until January 31, 2023."

archived "immune-evasive characteristics", Harvesting the EU's health union

xinua.net | China's daily ibuprofen, paracetamol production tops 200 mln tablets, 29 Dec "sick man of Asia" update

...China's daily production capacity of fever and pain relievers ibuprofen and paracetamol has exceeded 200 million tablets, while the daily output reached 190 million as the country strives to expand its anti-COVID-19 medical supply. Besides, the maximum daily output of children's antipyretic medicine reached 1.12 million bottles. The daily production capacity of COVID-19 antigen test kits had expanded from about 60 million in early December to some 110 million.
GT | Better equipment, more experiences help Chinese hospitals treat severe COVID-19 cases, 4 Jan
...The biggest problems, according to Liu Xia, director of the fever clinic of Daxing People's Hospital, is lack of medical staff. "Most hospitalized cases are over 80 years old, they are in need of monitoring. In our infectious and fever clinics, we still need one third more of the staff in order to cope," said Liu. ...
Experts ease public concern over reinfection after detecting Omicron XBB, 4 Jan
Easing concerns caused by the new strains, Hangzhou health authorities released tips to let the public know more about the new strains, and they noted that "foreign data show that XBB's and BQ.1's pathogenicity are not significantly different from previous strains, and the rate of severe illness and mortality has not increased in countries and regions where XBB and BQ.1 are prevalent."

BQ.1 and XBB are widely prevalent in Europe and the US, and the rise is significant, Lu Hongzhou, head of the Third People's Hospital of Shenzhen, told the Global Times on Tuesday.

BQ.1 was derived from the BA.5 strains of Omicron, and its sub-variant BQ.1.1 has become a dominant strain globally; while XBB has shown "a strong immune escape capacity," in just two weeks after its emergence, and it has become the main strain prevalent in Singapore [!], Lu said....

archived restrictions on travelers from China, Sat Dec 31st, 2022

US State | 2022 Investment Climate Statements: Ireland

The Irish government actively promotes foreign direct investment (FDI) and has had considerable success in attracting investment, particularly from the United States. There are over 950 U.S. subsidiaries in Ireland operating primarily in the following sectors: chemicals, biosciences, pharmaceutical and medical devices; computer hardware and software; internet and digital media; electronics, and financial services
In addition, the clustering of existing successful industries has created an ecosystem attractive to new firms. The United Kingdom's (UK) departure from the EU, or BREXIT, on January 1, 2021, leaves Ireland as the only remaining English-speaking country in the EU and may make Ireland even more attractive as a destination for FDI.
A formal national security screening process for foreign investment in line with the EU framework is expected to be in place by late 2022, though the original date was 2020 but delayed due to the pandemic. At present, investors looking to receive government grants or assistance through one of the four state agencies responsible for promoting foreign investment in Ireland are often required to meet certain employment and investment criteria....

Who supplies America's Drugs? Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, and India 2019
by Cat on Wed Jan 4th, 2023 at 07:15:55 PM EST
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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning's Regular Press Conference on January 4, 2023
Shenzhen TV: It is reported that US State Department Spokesperson Ned Price said that China lacks transparency in sharing COVID information. He said that China should provide more COVID information, as it is in the world's interest and also in the interest of China. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that the US and other countries are taking health measures targeting people travelling from China to protect their citizens, and China should not take retaliatory measures. What is China's comment?
Mao Ning: ...We have noted that recently some people in the US have made comments on China's COVID policy adjustment. We also noted that quite many people have said if the US had not politicized the epidemic, and had treated it responsibly and put people's life first like the Chinese government, perhaps the COVID situation in the US and the whole world would not have become what it is today.

We truly hope the focus will be on tackling the virus rather than politicizing the COVID issue, and countries can step up solidarity and make joint efforts to defeat the pandemic at an early date.

APsplainin France, Sweden, UK, US, Italy, Austria science-based travel restrictions
Beijing THREATENS response to 'unacceptable' virus measures
Mao [Ning] did not specify what steps China might take.
China has had some of the toughest entry requirements for people arriving from abroad. It is about to drop [8 Jan 2023] a mandatory five-day quarantine for all arrivals but will still require a negative COVID-19 test within 48 hours of the flight [departure or arrival?].

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said "there's no cause for retaliation" by Beijing for countries "taking prudent health measures to protect their citizens" with [or from?] COVID-related restrictions on travelers coming from China. She added that restrictions were "based on public health and science."

"This is something that all of us, (and) other countries are doing to make sure that we are protecting our [omicron XBB, BF.7 infected] citizens here," Jean-Pierre said.

archived "travelers will arrive sick and the chances of mutation increase"
The U.K. will require that passengers from China take a COVID test before boarding the plane from Thursday. Transport Secretary Mark Harper said the requirement is for "collecting information" because Beijing isn't sharing coronavirus data. Health officials will test a sample of passengers when they arrive in the U.K., but no quarantine is required for those who test positive, he said.
"community immunity" mutations are safe and effective for everyone but PRC nationals
"The policy for arrivals from China is primarily about collecting information that the Chinese government is not sharing with the international community," Harper told the LBC radio station on Tuesday.
Chinese health officials said last week that they had submitted data to [BioNTech-Pfizer-Israel!-linked] GISAID, a global platform for sharing coronavirus data. ...
by Cat on Wed Jan 4th, 2023 at 10:12:03 PM EST
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SARS CoV-19 always loved a poule of unvaccinated humans #china

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Fri Jan 6th, 2023 at 11:11:17 AM EST
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'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Fri Jan 6th, 2023 at 11:12:23 AM EST
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'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Fri Jan 6th, 2023 at 11:13:42 AM EST
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A no-nonsense leading Dutch virologist Marion Koopmans ...

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Fri Jan 6th, 2023 at 11:22:20 AM EST
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    "Noussair Mazraoui is out initially after a Covid infection. A follow-up examination in Munich after the World Cup tournament revealed a mild inflammation of the pericardium, which the defender will now cure," Bayern Munich tweeted.

    Mazraoui has been told to completely rest and is therefore ruled out for six to eight weeks.

Even -perhaps especially- top athletes are not immune to complications from SARS CoV-19 infection. Get well soon! Loved the dark horse team of recent Qatar WC.

Myocarditis in Athletes Recovering from COVID-19: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Sat Jan 7th, 2023 at 01:13:34 PM EST
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An alternate view ...

Criminality and Covert Action in Ukraine, 2014-2018 | By Prem Mahadevan - Faultlines New Delhi |

Exploring a controversial topic

This paper is intended as a neutral exploration of the Donbas conflict, focusing on the role of organized crime. It acknowledges Russia's stake in having a friendly government in Kyiv. The author holds the view that Ukraine is a tragic victim, sacrificed as 'collateral damage' in a broader Russo-American conflict. Yet, Russia too is a victim of a zero-sum game forced upon it by certain Western powers.

Sections of the press and think-tank industry in two Western countries in particular, the United States and United Kingdom, have made Moscow-bashing a national rallying point. The goal appears to be to cover up their own governments' lack of success in re-ordering the international system following two disastrous military interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq during the early 2000s.

Washington and to a lesser extent London are, today, being confronted with the fallout of three decades of colonial- style hubris, stemming from their imaginary `victory' in the Cold War. As Ukrainian-American scholar Serhii Plokhy has written in his book The Last Empire, American neoliberal triumphalism in the 1990s rested largely on an a historical fantasy. The Cold War, he argues, had actually ended a full two years before the Soviet Union collapsed in December 1991. Its termination had been the result of an amicable agreement reached at Malta between US president George H.W. Bush and his Soviet counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev in December 1989.

When Gorbachev later ran into political difficulties at home, the reflexive response of the US administration, worried as it was about losing a compliant negotiating partner, had been to attempt to strengthen his position. It feared that his disappearance from the scene would lead to an intra-Soviet civil war and rampant nuclear proliferation.

Once it became obvious that events on the ground were bound to take their own course regardless of Washington's preferences, and that the worst-case scenario of a civil war was unlikely to materialize, the Americans reconciled to the idea of Gorbachev's resignation from the presidency and the Soviet breakup that would follow. Shortly thereafter, in a breathtaking act of political audacity, Bush executed a 180-degree turn in his official stance and began spinning a narrative that the United States had long strived for the Soviet collapse.

Although many within his immediate circle of advisors knew the claim to be an invention, intended solely to bolster his chance of re-election, the damage to Russo-American relations was done. Gorbachev lamented in 1992 that the narrative of the US having `won' the Cold War was `a very big delusion.' He was right.

Source: Serhii Plokhy, The Last Empire: The Final Days of the Soviet Union, Oneworld, London, 2015. -- Book review U.S. Army

This puts US strategy about "sovereignty" of Ukraine into a different perspective. It was purely national interest to put the Soviet era ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons under authority of the Kremlin. Let the Ukrainians dream on about possessing nuclear weapons to deter Moscow. A dangerously M.A.D. game.

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Thu Jan 5th, 2023 at 08:41:29 AM EST
Ukraine - The Big Push To End The War A Stalemate | MoA |

Russian domestic unity has only grown over the war. As Gilbert Doctorow points out wars make nations. The war does not only unite certain nationalistic parts of Ukraine who still dream of retaking Crimea. It also unites all of Russia. Unlike Ukraine Russia will be strengthened by it. [Conquering Crimea with Sevastopol is also a fantasy of Sultan Erdogan]

Casualties are expected in wars and the Russians, with their steady remembrance of the second world war as their Great Patriotic War, know this well. Screw ups also happen and at times some bad leadership decisions puts people into the wrong place where the enemy can and will kill them. That is what happened in Makeyevka (Donetsk) on New Years day 2 minutes after midnight. Some 100 Russian reservists died.

The Russian leadership pointed out that they were killed by U.S. HIMARS missiles. The former Indian diplomat M. K. Bhadrakumar judges that this was a U.S. escalation which will likely receive a response.

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Think it was Harald #Kujat's last TV appearance: NATO reorganized Ukrainian army, US army trained & delivered weapons for 2.5 billion. #Ukraine keeps coming up with new demands to exacerbate the crisis, blackmail by ambassadors @MelnykAndrij

Interview mit General a.D. Harald Kujat: Wieso hat TikTok dieses Video gelöscht? Wir wissen warum!

Ukrainian counter-propaganda for missed censorship of unkindly facts ...

WhoIs Honors and Merits:

NATO Chairman of the Military Committee -- General Harald Kujat

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Retired Inspector General Harald #Kujat explains that the West (aka the USA) already decided in early April to block negotiations between #Russia + #Ukraine + thus further escalated the war

From the diaries ...

Fascism Expanded On the Coalition of the Willing

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See earlier post about wars and inconclusive ending. Armistice lines and negotiations.

Head of Ukraine military intelligence tells Kremlin to expect strikes 'deeper and deeper' into Russia - as it happened | The Guardian |

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This confirms Biden as Senator is a  old War Hawk with support for Republican foreign policy. Still continues the fallacies of the Trump administration.

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PUTIN is the figurehead of White Russia, which the reds crushed until Reagan felled the wall in Berlin and liberated the republican homunculus cowering in the each of the soviets?
He believes it is his historical destiny -- his messianic mission -- to reestablish the Russian Empire and, as Zbigniew Brzezinski observed years ago, there can be no Russian Empire [sic] without Ukraine.
Informed by Baltic émigrées who fled the ruins of imperial Prussia to be employed by elite institutions to decipher the "post-Cold War" mind of Yeltsin Gorbachev Breshnev Khrushchev STALIN's successor, these two first-class, homicidal revanchists of First World hegemony aver:
For Putin, defeat is not an option. He cannot cede to Ukraine the four eastern provinces he has declared part of Russia. If he cannot be militarily successful this year, he must retain control of positions in eastern and southern Ukraine that provide future jumping-off points for renewed offensives to take the rest of Ukraine's Black Sea coast, control the entire Donbas region and then move west. Eight years separated Russia's seizure of Crimea and its invasion nearly a year ago. Count on Putin to be patient to achieve his destiny.
because ...
the United States has learned the hard way -- in 1914 [PRUSSIA], 1941 [GERMANY] and 2001 [AL QUAEDA-IN-THE-*] -- that unprovoked aggression and attacks on the rule of law and the international order cannot be ignored. Eventually, our security was threatened and we were pulled into conflict. This time, the economies [value chain] of the world -- ours included -- are already seeing the inflationary impact [of "currency manipulation"] and the drag on growth [profit] caused by Putin's single-minded aggression. It is better to stop him now, before more [WHAT?] is demanded of the United States and NATO as a whole. We have a determined partner in Ukraine that is willing to bear the consequences of war so that we do not have to do so ourselves in the future.

so ends an open letter in the Bezos Company Newsletter to the 118th House of US appropriators: send more "money to pay for such reinforcement"

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circumventing Price Cap Coalition circumnaviation
Muscovy Company
In 1553 Sir Hugh Willoughby and Richard Chancellor had sailed to seek out a Northeast Passage to China and the East Indies (Indonesian archipelago). Willoughby's ship was lost, but Chancellor reached Arkhangelsk (Archangel) on the White Sea and established trade links with Moscow.
Exports to Russia included woolen cloth, metals, and Mediterranean goods; the English traders brought back, through Arkhangelsk, hemp, tallow, cordage, and other Russian products. Although the Tsar Alexis ended the company's privileges in 1649, and at home it lost its monopoly of the Russian trade in 1698, it survived as an influential City of London institution and shared in the 18th-century revival of Anglo-Russian trade.
FF>>| 2023
oilprice | India Boosts Imports Of Russia's Arctic Oil, 7 Jan
In China, independent [!] refiners have seen their refining margins jump in recent weeks as they have been able to negotiate STEEPER DISCOUNTS for their preferred Russian crude grade, ESPO, even if [?] they buy it above the G7 [USD-denominated] price cap.

While China hasn't joined the Price Cap Coalition, the fact that a price cap now exists gives the world's top crude oil importer, as well as other buyers of Russian crude such as India, more bargaining power to negotiate steep discounts for the Russian crude even outside the [EUR-denominated] price cap mechanism, [Argus!] analysts say.

GT | Yuan to see increased use in bilateral trade between China and Russia as dollar, euro share declines, 2 Dec

Reuters | Russia's Lukoil sells RARE Arctic crude oil to China: sources, 7 Jan
["]Teapots["] have long favored Russian ESPO crude since Beijing allowed them to import crude oil directly in 2015.
APEC (1989 FTA): CN, CN-hk, CN-tw, RU, ID, SG, VN, TH, PH, MX, PE, CL, BN, PG, MY, KR; US, AU, JP, NZ, CA
SCO (2001 NGO): CN, RU, IN, PK, KZ, KG, TJ, UZ, IR, AM*, AF*, AZ*, BY*, TR*, LK*, KH*, SA*,EG*
BRICS (2009 FTA): CN, RU, BR, IN, ZA; AR*, DZ*, EG*, ID*, IR*, CM*, ML*, SN*, TH*, UZ*, FJ*, ET*, KZ*
EaEU (2012 FTA): AM, BY, KZ, KG, TJ, RU, VN*, CN*, RS*
Varandey Blend is a light sweet grade, similar to ESPO crude. Its sulphur content is around 0.5% and API gravity is around 35-37 degrees, according to Reuters data. crude since Beijing allowed them to import crude oil directly in 2015. Varandey Blend is a light sweet grade, similar to ESPO crude. Its sulphur content is around 0.5% and API gravity is around 35-37 degrees, according to Reuters data.
The price of the cargo was not known. Lukoil declined to comment. Reuters could not immediately reach CNPC for comment.
archived global "intelligence" Crude Oil Differentials versus ICE Brent, Druzhba transit fees, S&P Periodic Table of Oil-symbol identities, TSO, DSO: Casualty
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Only benefits ... Arctic route of the future by ice melt due to GW.

Furthermore no Suez Canal fees or blockage or seizure by NATO bandits.

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Another ship stranded.
Ship Refloated After Getting Stuck In Suez Canal--The Latest Incident Hitting World's Trade Artery, 9 Jan
The MV Glory, a China-bound cargo ship reportedly carrying nearly 66,000 metric tons of corn from Ukraine, has been refloated after briefly running aground in the Suez Canal, according to news reports citing shipping agency Leth and Suez Canal Authority officials.

Around 20 ships stopped from traveling south through the waterway will be able to commence or resume their passage with minor delays, Leth said, adding that "ordinary convoy" will resume at 11a.m. local time.

Suez Canal Authority chief Osama Rabie confirmed the incident and said the vessel ran aground following a "sudden technical failure," according to AFP.

The ship is now being towed away by tugs for repairs, Rabie added.

As is the custom, "key facts" do not include depth of canal, dry weight of the tanker, drought conditions, JCC vessel destinations, or starving Africans.
by Cat on Tue Jan 10th, 2023 at 02:58:21 PM EST
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I recall for an important choice to go to war, Robert Gates opposed VP Biden and SoS Clinton push for war and regime change in Libya in 2011. A million have died and Europe was flooded with refugees ... #StopNato 😡 #peoplesuffer

  • Robert Gates on US action in Iran, Afghanistan and China | PBS - May 6, 2021 | video interview |
  • Robert Gates Oral History | Miller Center - July 8, 2013 |

    I changed my major to history, and as my education continued, I just kept moving east. I wish I could say it was out of intellectual curiosity, but it actually was more out of a perception, particularly as a result of dialogue with my professors, of where teaching jobs were going to be. By then there was a glut of professors of American history, so there were really no job prospects.

    By the time I was through most of my master's, it was a combination of Russian and eastern European history, but really more on eastern Europe. Then my entire PhD was on Russia and the Soviet Union. Out of that master's program is where I was recruited by the CIA [Central Intelligence Agency].

    When I was recruited by CIA, CIA gave no draft deferments. This was at the height of the buildup in Vietnam, the spring of '66. CIA granted no deferments, but they had a deal with the Air Force so that the Air Force would move you to the top of the list to go to Officer Training School. You'd go to Officer Training School and then you would spend a year at an operational base. Then you would be seconded back to CIA for two years. You did three years of active duty in the Air Force and then three years in the inactive Reserve.

    I started at CIA in August of '66, worked at CIA for about two months, until my Officer Training School class began. Then I went into the Air Force and was on active duty in the Air Force for three years, but two of those three, beginning in January of '68, I was back at CIA as an Air Force lieutenant, but in civilian clothes and everything.

    I started my PhD program because I had no intention of making a career of CIA. I wanted to be a college professor. I finished my PhD in the spring of '74 and literally within a few weeks received my first offer from [Henry] Kissinger and [Brent] Scowcroft to come down and take the Soviet desk at the NSC [National Security Council]. I told my wife, "Well, I'll do that for a year or two, and then I'll go teach."

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colony of the Russian Empire
< wipes tears >
by Cat on Sun Jan 8th, 2023 at 02:14:46 PM EST
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I am in good company with my same assertion over many years ... at least a decade.

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The Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) pipeline will be a 1,814km trans-country natural gas pipeline running across four countries.

Also known as the Peace Pipeline and Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline, the TAPI pipeline will begin in Turkmenistan and traverse Afghanistan to enter Pakistan and India.

A special-purpose consortium known as the TAPI Pipeline Company (TPCL) was incorporated in November 2014 by Turkmengaz (majority stakeholder with 85% interest), to execute the $10bn project and leading the consortium.

A stone-laying ceremony was held to commemorate the start of construction of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan section of the TAPI gas pipeline in December 2015 in Mary, Turkmenistan, near the Galkynysh gas field.

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by Oui (Oui) on Sun Jan 8th, 2023 at 02:01:59 PM EST

?????  Enduring Freedom ... Permanent War of Terror

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by Oui (Oui) on Sun Jan 8th, 2023 at 02:03:17 PM EST
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in Afghanistan who'd rather avoid combat duties is on the way!
by Cat on Sun Jan 8th, 2023 at 02:19:06 PM EST
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Flüssiggas: Dreckig wie Steinkohle

LNG-Importe können laut einer Studie den Treibhauseffekt anheizen

Flüssiggas aus Übersee soll künftig einen großen Teil von Deutschlands Erdgas-Versorgung sichern. In der vergangenen Woche wurde am neuen LNG-Terminal in Wilhelmshaven die erste Lieferung von einem Tanker angenommen, es ging um 170 000 Kubikmeter Flüssiggas, womit sich laut Betreiber Uniper 50 000 Haushalte ein Jahr lang versorgen lassen. Dabei wird allerdings immer offensichtlicher, dass LNG allenfalls für eine kurze Übergangszeit eingesetzt werden sollte, da die Klimaschädlichkeit offenbar deutlich höher ist als die von Pipeline-Erdgas.

Joe Biden and his LNG promise to Europe ... benefit to competitor when hell freezes over!

Energie für Deutschland: Fakten, Perspektiven und Positionen im globalen Kontext | 2022

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by Oui (Oui) on Sun Jan 8th, 2023 at 11:49:30 PM EST
Abgeordnete kritisieren Schweigen der Bundesregierung zu Nord-Stream-Explosionen | Die Welt |

100 Tage nach dem mutmaßlichen Anschlag auf die Nord-Stream-Pipelines in der Ostsee kritisieren Bundestagsabgeordnete im Berliner "Tagesspiegel", dass die Bundesregierung bisher so gut wie keine Informationen zu den bisherigen Ermittlungsergebnissen mit ihnen und der Öffentlichkeit teilt.

"Ich habe gerade in Kriegszeiten Verständnis dafür, dass diese heiklen Ermittlungen auch der Geheimhaltung bedürfen können", sagte der Grüne Konstantin von Notz, Vorsitzender des parlamentarischen Geheimdienstkontrollgremiums, dem Blatt, ,,aber in einem Rechtsstaat hat die Öffentlichkeit Anspruch darauf zu erfahren, was wirklich passiert ist."

#sukkels  #putindidit

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by Oui (Oui) on Sun Jan 8th, 2023 at 11:51:53 PM EST
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Two German Quatschköpfe Özdemir + Habeck

Robert Habeck: Wir werden Nordstream nicht bauen (Wahlkampf 2016)

Hello @cem_oezdemir
You should be more concerned with the matter! #Habeck has with his
@Die_Gruenen Ideologie renounced gas from Rus! On Biden's orders, we were forced to order LNG at 5.7 times the price, plus 10 billion infrastructure costs! Think first!

#morons #fossilfuellobby #blackcoal

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Draft Roadmap for production and use of hydrogen in Ukraine | UNECE - March 2021 |

Energy transition is an ambitious strategic choice of Ukraine, which will determine the main trends and directions of development of the national economy over the next 30 years. In order to realize this transition Ukrainian government will face many challenges.

All these questions and many more could be addressed with the help of many new technologies which will be needed to replace the current reliance on conventional energy. One of the most promising modern technologies to deliver the scaled up renewable energy to the economy are hydrogen technologies due to unique hydrogen chemical properties as the carrier of energy. Combined with comprehensive energy efficiency measures and development of renewable energy sources, large scale production and use of hydrogen in Ukraine will allow to decarbonize its energy sector, as well as transport and many other industries. This will contribute to strengthening intersectoral ties and forming sustainable clusters in the economy, intensifying innovation and investment activities, creating new job opportunities, increasing the competitiveness of Ukrainian enterprises, promoting Ukraine in the world rankings to significantly improve the investment climate.

Implementation of recommendations outlined in this Report is meant to significantly improve energy efficiency of the economy with the aim to approximate the average level of the EU countries in terms of energy capacity of GDP, as well as to achieve the increase of the share of RES in the energy mix accompanied by the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, aligning them to the average level of EU countries in terms of GDP carbon intensity. Given the size and anticipated growth of the existing hydrogen market, the development of renewable hydrogen projects could present a significant investment opportunity in Ukraine. Not only does Ukraine enjoy some of the most abundant renewable resources in Europe, but it also is the country that is most in need of new and clean forms of energy to support economic development. Ensuring that the alternative fuels create zero emissions, are affordable, and are convenient to use is essential to avoid locking Ukraine (and ultimately global CO2 emissions) into a trajectory that leads to significant climatic warming by the middle of the century.


3.2. Hydrogen production by electrolysis (page 37)

Electrolysis of water is now considered an ideal technology for producing stable hydrogen. This process assumes the use of electricity on an even schedule. However, the current energy mix, which is still largely coal-based in Ukraine, means that hydrogen production by electrolysis is even more energy intensive than SMR production method using natural gas, although the rapid development of wind and solar projects will change this in the coming years.

Assumption by Ukraine to profit from cheap Russian natural gas streaming across its borders?

International action can scale up hydrogen to make it a key part of a clean and secure energy future, according to new IEA report | 14 June 2019 |

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by Oui (Oui) on Thu Jan 12th, 2023 at 01:43:08 PM EST
Green Hydrogen in Ukraine: Taking Stock and Outlining Pathways | Ministry of Energy in Ukraine - June 2021 |

Published by Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena)
German Energy Agency

Supported by Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy
on the basis of a decision by the German Bundestag Green Hydrogen production in Ukraine

Installed Renewable Energy (RE) capacities and development outlook

Due to its large territory including areas with high solar radiation and strong winds, Ukraine has considerable natural potential for RE generation. According to the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU), the country's natural potential allows the installation of 874 GW of RE capacities, of which 83 GW belong to photovoltaic (PV) and 688 GW to wind power. The
corresponding energy would amount to an estimated 2,717 TWh annually. In its baseline scenario, the NASU predicts an annual RE production of 1,516 TWh, of which a considerable share shall be destined for the production of 337 TWh of green hydrogen.

For comparison, Germany's annual hydrogen demand by 2050 is estimated at 200-450 TWh per year and up to 900TWh including hydrogen derivatives (SNG, re-Fuels etc.). From these estimations, Ukraine's role as a possible producer of hydrogen becomes apparent. However, it remains to be determined to what extent this potential can be developed, i.e., these numbers do not necessarily represent an economically feasible RE development scenario.

Just wondering what scenario the Texas oil barons and lobby groups like API preferred to keep Europe a bit longer dependent on fossils. Ukraine certainly opposed the Nord stream pipeline by-passing wallets of preferred oligarchs in Kyiv. Texas barons can shake hands with the Russian Gazprom oligarchs for a RE delayed future.

In August 2020, Germany and Ukraine launched an energy partnership that includes the development of a hydrogen economy. Ukraine has vast renewable energy resources for "green" hydrogen production and a gas transmission system for transportation instead of Russian natural gas. Based on estimates by Hydrogen Europe, Ukraine can install 8000 MW of total electrolyser capacity by 2030. For these reasons, Ukraine is among the EU's priority partners concerning clean hydrogen, according to the EU Hydrogen strategy. Germany plans to reach climate neutrality by 2045, and "green" hydrogen plays an important role in achieving this target.

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by Oui (Oui) on Thu Jan 12th, 2023 at 01:45:09 PM EST
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Well versed in emissions 🥲 🇦🇪

Authorities nominated Sultan al-Jaber, a trusted confidant of UAE leader Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who now serves as CEO of the state-run Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. That firm pumps some 4 million barrels of crude a day and hopes to expand to 5 million daily. 

Hard to find anyone in the Arab oil states not connected to their wealth ...

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by Oui (Oui) on Fri Jan 13th, 2023 at 08:33:21 AM EST
What's the difference between the EU and the UAE Federation (1971)?
petroleum and natural gas reserve "spare capacity"

Politico.eu.com | Dubai mulls quitting green city club over lackluster climate efforts

Dubai's underwhelming efforts to cuts its greenhouse gas emissions are causing it to consider exiting an alliance of green cities to dodge a PR disaster when it hosts this year's COP28 global climate talks.

Dubai pledged a year ago to cut its emissions by 30 percent by 2030 -- part of the broader promise by the United Arab Emirates to become climate neutral by 2050. Dubai is one of the seven emirates making up the UAE.

Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, and Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah
But the city state now admits that its target, made as part of the C40 grouping of cities, is slipping out of reach, according to an internal government document seen by POLITICO.

The document estimates that to stay within the [2015] Paris Agreement's target of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees, cities belonging to the C40 club would have to cut per capita emissions from over 5 tons to about 2.9 tons by 2030.

2005 - C40 is founded. Mayor of London Ken Livingstone [!] convened representatives from 18 megacities to forge an agreement on cooperatively reducing climate pollution and created the 'C20'....
"While Dubai can meet the net zero 2050 target, it is unable to meet the 2030 (or intermediate) target," the document says, adding it would be "inordinately costly on the city" to meet that goal.

That leaves Dubai in a fix when it comes to C40, a grouping of 97 cities [2021 AR, p 2] founded in 2005. To be in C40, cities must submit a climate action plan, and then once in the club they are grouped into different categories: [1]megacities, [2] innovators, and [3] observers

by Cat on Fri Jan 13th, 2023 at 04:02:49 PM EST
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C40: cities join forces to fight climate change

London mayor as leading? Amazing, the UK by far could not meet the EU emissions and pollution standard. Amsterdam and Rotterdam are mentioned ...  the brochure looks well illustrated, the realization more a desire than hard facts.  

The Emirates with unlimited wealth and RE potential should be leading in ability to meet the goal. I have plenty of doubts by many metropolitan areas in the group.

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by Oui (Oui) on Fri Jan 13th, 2023 at 08:24:39 PM EST
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And so one should.

The Dubai document says the city was contacted by C40 last February to warn that its status in the organization may be downgraded ahead of March of this year to "inactive" because it had failed to meet its emissions reduction targets for 12 months in a row [1 calendar year].

Dubai is not the only nation-state (read: "megacity") nor is it the "wealthiest" which is unwilling or unable to satisfy [1990] emission goals since Kyoto, Copenhagen, Paris, and, gosh darnit, Sharm El-Sheikh loss and damage requiems disbanded. I dare say, however, the honesty of Dubai's liberated sheiks is to be commended. Cooperation is not well understood by the nine heads of the G7.

..."While Dubai can meet the net zero 2050 target, it is unable to meet the 2030 (or intermediate) target," the document says, adding it would be "inordinately costly on the city" to meet that goal....
archived wasn't realistic in the first place
by Cat on Fri Jan 13th, 2023 at 10:49:34 PM EST
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To be honest ... the Dubai emirate is debt ridden ... the beauty of an harem is quite costly especially with an unwilling merry .. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum had a bit of bad luck .. not his camel race or the Arabian race horses at Ascot although he will miss the Queen ... Camille is no match.

Could be Mohammed may not take a chance to visit London again ...

Ruler of Dubai ordered to pay divorce settlement that could exceed £500m

The attempt to overthrow his wife's half brother was not appreciated in the White House. 😡

Abu Dhabi Bails Out Dubai with $10B | CBS News - Dec. 2009 |

Dubai will lose its status as Middle East's financial hub in return for Abu Dhabi help

and today ...

The UAE is the UK's largest trading partner in the Middle East

Sharjah is known for fundamental Islam .. quite religious, so limited holiday fun.

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by Oui (Oui) on Fri Jan 13th, 2023 at 11:29:10 PM EST
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Forgiveness is so un-Christian ... a long history from the Crusades and the European colonizers and slave trade. The latter is very well practised in the Middle-East.

Saad Sherida al-Kaabi, Qatar's energy minister and head of the state gas company, said he was sure Russian gas would eventually flow back to Europe, as the Continent would "forgive and forget" Moscow for its invasion of Ukraine.

"We're all blessed to have to be able to forget and to forgive. And I think things get mended with time ... they learn from that situation and probably have a much bigger diversity [of energy intake]," al-Kaabi said on Saturday, during an energy forum in Abu Dhabi.

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by Oui (Oui) on Tue Jan 17th, 2023 at 11:55:43 PM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Mon Jan 30th, 2023 at 11:24:09 PM EST

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by Oui (Oui) on Mon Jan 30th, 2023 at 11:25:03 PM EST
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Caitlin Johnstone: What MSM Can No Longer Say | Consortium News |

The other day I stumbled across a 2014 opinion piece in The Guardian, "It's not Russia that's pushed Ukraine to the brink of war," by Seumas Milne, who the following year would go on to become the Labour Party's executive director of strategy and communications under Jeremy Corbyn.

I bring this up because the perspectives you'll find in that article are jarring in how severely they deviate from anything you'll see published in the mainstream press about Ukraine in 2023.

It places the brunt of the blame for the violence and tensions in that nation at that time squarely at Washington's feet, opening with a warning that the "threat of war in Ukraine is growing" and saying there's an "unelected government in Kiev," and it only gets naughtier from there.

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Mon Jan 30th, 2023 at 11:26:00 PM EST
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Milne wasn't purged from the Guardian. In fact he took a year's leave from the Guardian, where he was an editor, to become Corbyn's press secretary. Apparently he contemplated returning to his old job after a year, but stuck with Corbyn until the end, in 2020.

I have no idea whether Milne would write the same thing today, post-invasion. Probably he would; he was pretty close to Putin. But I can't find any of his recent writing.

It is rightly acknowledged that people of faith have no monopoly of virtue - Queen Elizabeth II

by eurogreen on Tue Jan 31st, 2023 at 10:52:53 AM EST
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Richard Silverstein blogger of Tikun Olam was uninvited from The Guardian, not Milne ... in many ways the year 2014 was pivotal.

I prefer to be linked to Corbyn and would keep the opinion of Dearlove a lightyear away. Evil Genius

So you are in the same corner as fu*king spooks ... McCarthyism. A sad state of affairs in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 The empire of disinformation and war propaganda.

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Tue Jan 31st, 2023 at 05:11:16 PM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Tue Jan 31st, 2023 at 07:12:09 PM EST
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It's not Russia that's pushed Ukraine to the brink of war | The Guardian - Apr. 30, 2014 |

The attempt to lever Kiev into the western camp by ousting an elected leader made conflict certain. It could be a threat to us all

The threat of war in Ukraine is growing. As the unelected government in Kiev declares itself unable to control the rebellion in the country's east, John Kerry brands Russia a rogue state. The US and the European Union step up sanctions against the Kremlin, accusing it of destabilising Ukraine. The White House is reported to be set on a new cold war policy with the aim of turning Russia into a "pariah state".

That might be more explicable if what is going on in eastern Ukraine now were not the mirror image of what took place in Kiev a couple of months ago. Then, it was armed protesters in Maidan Square seizing government buildings and demanding a change of government and constitution. US and European leaders championed the "masked militants" and denounced the elected government for its crackdown, just as they now back the unelected government's use of force against rebels occupying police stations and town halls in cities such as Slavyansk and Donetsk.

"America is with you," Senator John McCain told demonstrators then, standing shoulder to shoulder with the leader of the far-right Svoboda party as the US ambassador haggled with the state department over who would make up the new Ukrainian government.

EU denounced by rightwing neo-Nazi's

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by Oui (Oui) on Mon Jan 30th, 2023 at 11:28:38 PM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Mon Jan 30th, 2023 at 11:29:48 PM EST
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Explicit promise from VP Dick Cheney ahead of 2008 Bucharest Summit #georgebush #johnmccain #scheunemann #ukraine

Archive Saakashvili @BooMan and @EuroTrib

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by Oui (Oui) on Thu Feb 2nd, 2023 at 08:16:24 AM EST
No concern with human rights moral values of Eastern Europe, Baltics and the State of Florida.

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by Oui (Oui) on Thu Feb 2nd, 2023 at 08:17:54 AM EST

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by Oui (Oui) on Thu Feb 2nd, 2023 at 08:18:23 AM EST
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 America is a true christian nation of white supremacists ... Trump political territory #DeSantis

America's choice in 2024 Ted Cruz - Ron DeSantis - Nikki Haley - Marco Rubio - Mike Pompeo - Donald Trump ... democracy at work

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by Oui (Oui) on Thu Feb 2nd, 2023 at 08:20:17 AM EST
Profitability surges from higher energy prices paid by European consumers ...

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by Oui (Oui) on Thu Feb 2nd, 2023 at 12:51:27 PM EST

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by Oui (Oui) on Thu Feb 2nd, 2023 at 12:52:51 PM EST
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Hard work increases Exxon output and earnings

  • Delivered industry-leading 2022 earnings, cash flow from operations, total shareholder return, and return on capital employed
  • Generated earnings of $55.7 billion and $76.8 billion of cash flow from operating activities in 2022 by leveraging an advantaged portfolio and delivering strong operational performance
  • Achieved best-ever annual refining throughput in North America and the highest globally since 2012

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Thu Feb 2nd, 2023 at 12:55:01 PM EST
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'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Thu Feb 2nd, 2023 at 12:55:59 PM EST

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